Introducing the New Club Pogo Homepage!

We are excited to announce that Club Pogo has launched a brand-new homepage. Designed with you in mind, the new page is streamlined for ease of use, and modernized for a fresher look.


While the new design is straightforward and should be easy to navigate, we want to call out some of the highlights:


Most Recently Played Games Bar. Placed at the top, this bar allows you to add these games to your “My Favorites” list by simply clicking the little ‘heart’ icon in the upper left corner. Now you can quickly get to your favorites, and add new favorites to latest discoveries!

Bigger Spotlight and News Section! See top Pogo News stories as soon you as visit, and preview Spotlights using the icon bar, or just wait for them to scroll through on their own.

Member’s “My Stuff” on the Middle Left! Find your Mini, your token and gem counts, and other important account information.

Challenge Information on the Right! Find all your current activated challenges and recent badge information

Navigation Tabs! Choose between “Favorites”, “Categories” and “Games A-Z” We’ve added game icons to the “Favorites” tab so you can see the visual representation of those games you like best!


Learn more about the New Club Pogo Homepage!


Read about how the Pogo community helped shape the new homepage in our Find Out about the New Club Pogo Homepage with Rochelle E interview!

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  • stop complaining about the new homepage it’s not going way like it or not pogo doesn’t give a dam about it’s players it shows stop complaining and just play the games yes the new homepage does suck we are stuck with it

    • I have been with pogo for 7 years, but I hate the homepage so much I have cancelled my subscription. When my time runs out I will find some where else to play. I agree, if ain’t broke please don’t fix it.

      • I agree with you.I hate it also and my renewall is due in January.I have all kinds of trouble trying to play games.Not worth all the trouble to play games that you pay for and as always pogo has lots of problems with there site.They are to busy and don’t help with the problems.

        • I left a reply arlier and I hope Pogo understands that I am not renewing in Jan. I have already cancelled my credit card with this account.

      • I agree with you completely… the new home page is definitely NOT user friendly and whoever thought it was a good idea to change things up should be fired. But, since POGO sold out to EA and no longer cares about customers (just TRY and get help, these days…) those of us who have been around since the beginning can do exactly what you did to make our point. CANCEL.

        Since the home page switch, I can no longer ACTIVATE the daily games. WHY? Who knows… POGO insists there are no problems with this format per their note I read somewhere! I use FIREFOX and it is not compatible with the daily games. I’ve no problem activating weekly challenges UNLESS they are in the older format with no additional opportunity to ACTIVATE.

        And, finally… since POGO took away the opp to win some money, there really is no reason whatsoever to offer tokens. Tokens for WHAT?

        I find it totally inexplicable that in order to play games with episodes, that we HAVE to BUY episodes with gems. But, to get gems, we have to pay actually money.

        If this gang of thieves wanted to do something that was user friendly, we should be able to use tokens for something other than looks!

        My renewal date is April and I won’t be renewing.

        Sorry this is so long, folks but POGO has no other place to available to complain!

    • I will complain if I want to complain. It is one way to show displeasure with something. The other way is to stop paying for pogo and stop playing the games!! Just because you like to let people walk all over you doesn’t mean everyone does!

    • I don’t like the new homepage either. It looks tacky and much too “busy”. I doubt that Pogo spent money on good web designers. I’m extremely frustrated finding help when games fail. Instead of using time redoing the homepage, they should have spent time helping with customer issues. Another gripe: when renewing subscriptions, there is a $1.00 service fee. Why? Also there is a state tax added – I’m going to check with Washington state to be certain they are receiving the tax.

    • Since the new homepage is in use, I noticed it is impossible to activate daily challenges. Any time I click on “activate” it refuses to activate. FIX THIS PLEASE!

    • Whinners my gosh grow up and read. It is hard to contact Pogo with problems I agree.

    • am i the only one who hates to pay for something that sucks? i really hate the change, and, when the time comes for me to renew, pogo can continue to forget about what we care about and i will not renew.

    • I dislike the new home page, I’ll admit I don’t like change. Although,I know its here to stay.

  • I don’t care for it but I will get used it.

  • were do u find the 3 bonus challenges for thurs. there is people out there like me 62yrs old and older, that r still learning computer. i don’t know how to find things in new places. if it’s not broke don’t fix it. please e-mail me in pogo please if u care about me as a paying customer.

    • the challenges are on the far right hand side….as for your personal challenges you can always go to Badge Central and choose your personal challenges or your other badges there. My mom is older too and she is also blind in one eye. This new page is great for her to find the games as well as the other things. If you ever can’t find something ask a roomie, they will help. Most are always nice and willing to help.

      Just go down each side on the left and on the right and see where the new things are like I showed my mother, hope this helps.
      Merry Christmas

      • I love the new Home Page! It’s quite user friendly, a great format for accessing both existing as well as new links to games and player preferences. The new updated look is very appealing. I understand how change can bring frustration, yet I believe that pogo has addressed many players’ issues and is working at making the entire site a pleasure to log on to. I believe that a Pogo Membership is still a good value, yet I’d love to see more perks offered to consistent players. An example of this would be to allow gem packages to be purchased with tokens that players earn in the games and/or to offer gems as game awards.

        I’d like to suggest that Pogo add a link to the Home Page for players to have the opportunity to contact Pogo, to address players concerns. There have been several occassions where I’ve known that reaching someone at Pogo was imperative. Here, an “Editor” would be able to address issues as they present themselves. It would lessen the frustration we players have when we know that Pogo does take our concerns seriously.

        In doing so, it may require that an employee be available for live chat. Even for a selected time period per day. Costs are incurred with changes, I’m sure. Something as important as this may be the positive change most needed and paid for with memberships and other purchases that are made by players annually. Pogo would give back to its players, it’s life sustenance an opportunity, the ability to contact Pogo. Thank you for listening and kudos on a job well done!

  • Don’t like it much…but oh well

  • i liked it the way it was don’t like the new look

  • i am completely lost
    cant find thurs bonus games

  • don’t like the new homepage wish there was something that could be done about it but am sure pogo doesn’t listen

  • What is not working on this new home page is how to activate the daily challenges; in the case of the games that use flash player, no problem, as a thing comes up to activate the daily challenge. However, when the game runs on the java platform, there is nothing to click on to aactivate the daily challenge like there used to be. If I click on Lottso (one of today’s daily challenges) at the top of the home page, I go to Lottso and the game comes up as usual, but nothing to activate the daily challenge. So I have missed getting tokens for playing these daily challenges this week on several occasions.

    • This is also happening to me and I use Firefox.

      I switched to IE to try and activate the daily games and it works fine.

      There is nowhere to even let POGO know that there is a problem.

  • It is hard to find stuff that used to be easy to find on the old home page. Want to get to the “earn tokens” stuff that is somewhere in pogo news, can’t find them.

    • Look under promotions on the right hand side.

      POGO is making everything more difficult with their fancy pants new design that looks like it was done by a novice web designer who used a template.

  • I don’t like it at all. I have been with Pogo for years, and resent that I have to sign in every time , plus the add (popups) that knock off trying to get in.


  • From editor: “please keep in mind that we are a business.” So in other words, profit over people. It’s not about what pleases us the payers, but it’s about what pleases the payees.Such is the world we live in. Take something enjoyable and reduce it to the bottom line. The homepage before was great. This one; not so much.



    • I saw that, Kevin. I guess they’ve never heard that “the customer is ALWAYS right.”

  • People, get over it, take the tutorial, I enjoy the new homepage. Change is good

    • Gee… thanks Ray. Such wisdom you apparently possess.

      Any thoughts on why the tutorial you loved doesn’t address the fact that many of us can’t activate the daily challenges any longer.

  • So……How much does Pogo Pay You ?????
    If you enjoy the Changes Pogo has Made for the “New Homepage”
    Why arn’t you Playing instead Reading what others are saying
    on the “Comment Page” or should I say the “Complaint Page”…….

    • Change for change sake is a waste of time. Change for the sake of necessity is good. this change was not necessary so therefor it is not good.

  • i love pogo but sometimes i have trouble downloading games so i just go to another so i hope someday they get it figure out

  • what happenedn nto our 3000 Bonous games once a week on thursday?
    I also dislike the home page now
    Alyce Loehr

    • You can still get them. Go to the POGO NEWS page, then look for the light print on the right hand side that says “promotions” and when you get to the promotion page, scroll down until you see the Thursday token games.

  • do not like new home page lost all my points on this home page

  • i see these wankers that are running pogo have stuffed up more than the home page this site is turning out to be a waste of space like the operators and a waste of money thank god for yahoo games and fbook and if you realise they havent even got the balls to reply to the criticisum
    just take money and run

  • Instead of being so rude and saying, oh I am going to cancel this blah blah…send a letter like they have said. They have said before they no longer support IE so if it’s not working in IE then use what they told you they are support like firefox and google. I have been doing my daily challenges I use fire fox and have no problem. I do know last week I was having trouble running Pogo and I updated firefox and rebooted and my problem was solved so maybe that will help you.

    As for the home page haters, send an email for the love of Pete instead of being so hateful about it. Can you imagine how hard it is to please everyone? My mom isn’t thrilled with the new page but she is legally blind in one eye and she can see it better so she has a love hate relationship but once I showed her where everything was and its features she is growing to like it.

    For once if you have a problem try and remember the manners your momma gave you, I am thankful Pogo and “no I don’t work for Pogo nor do they pay me” I am just thankful for when I laid up I had Pogo to keep me busy and it gave me my best friend who stood by me when my husband was in a coma. Remember it’s Christmas season and be thankful for life and happiness.

  • I do not like the new’s hard to read, and things seem scattered..

  • I certainly do not like the new home page either. Exactly which “members” had input into its development because no one I know was asked, and ever since they changed to the new page and updated their facebook connections I have not been able to access any of the games. They won’t load at all and I do not intend to pay for a service I cannot have! I am going to officially cancel my membership and request a refund of the unused balance of my membership fee for services not rendered!


  • From The Editor
    Editor: We read all the feedback on the homepage. We will not, however, be going back to the old page. The new page is actually performing better than the old page in terms of players navigating to the various areas of Club Pogo.

    (Read the feed back I don’t think so. Why was there no beta testing done first?)

    While we do aim to please (WHO), and I understand your point about it being your homepage, please keep in mind that we are a business, and from time to time in order to grow, we need to make changes. We understand that a lot of our players do not like change, and we do our best to address the bigger issues. Some issues players will adjust to over time.

    (Please keep in mind that I am a Customer and that’s why you have a business and don’t forget that! I’m not the only one of your customers that have pulled there credit cards. As addressing your bigger issues, your customers should be your biggest issue.)

  • hate this new home page

  • I will not renew my pogo in march. Ihave a hard time tring to find what games i want to play . This is a shame on you pogo I spent alot of my hours on this.this is my 3rd time of telling you this.

  • I have cancelled my subscription. While I realize that this will probably do nothing about the homepage situation, I will at least know that I did not stand idly by. It’s a matter of principle.

  • Way too eye busy! Hard to read.

  • I Love the new home page. Keep up the good work.Don’t worry about haters. some people are never satisfied.

    • I was very satisfied with the old page as were many others. I guess they would be the so called “haters”. You have a right to compliment Pogo as I have a right to criticize. Stop hating the “haters”. It truly is good that there are those who enjoy the new homepage. Pogo just has to take the good with the bad.

  • I hate the new homepage it is harder to locate what you are loking for. What was wrong with the old one.

  • New home page — hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it!

  • Yes I hate the home page also and I can’t get help with a game like I could before.

  • Still not into the home page and so far I’ve noticed for myself spending less and less time here on pogo. Ah well … onto new and better things.

  • I do not care for the new home page. I also find I constantly have to reload game I am playing. We pay $40.00 to play pogo and so far I have not found one person who is happy with the changes that have been made recently.I have been trying for at least 6 months to notify Pogo but never get a response to my questions.

  • ok please change it back because there is a few or more than a few that has seizures and i have been getting the worst migranes and it is not fair to us at all :(

  • HELL I don’t even have page to go to.BE NICE TO JUST SEE THE NEW ONE.

  • Would like to have the recently played games on the top gone. Would like to be able to SEE my MINI when logging on.

  • I do not like the new POGO home page! I have my screen resolution set low so print is big enough for me to see. Since they have put the challenges over on the right hand side, I have to scroll over to the right every time I want to access the challenges. I can no longer just see them at a glance when I want to. Inconvenient and frustrating! And you cannot even contact POGO any more to tell them. I WANT THE OLD HOME PAGE BACK!

  • I Still DO NOT like the new home page format. It is difficult to read, Especially for a lot of us seniors as well as other sight impaired persons. And there are a large number of us in the 50+ group. I do not like the order of it either. I liked being able to see my mini without having to scroll to it.

  • I personally like the new homepage.

  • pogo isnt like it used to be these days and the ads are even worse and you got BUGS in your system if you dident know FIX dont add more

  • wow Pogo sent me a response from an e-mail I sent complaining about the new home page. And it is just as I said Pogo really doesn’t care all the person said was that there are some who like and some who don’t …well I went through all those comments….and found very few who liked…..You know you guys just don’t get it…when people buy a service they expect it to stay the same formats etc…..This is the second time you have done a big change and again no one liked it but did you care….well now I am cancelling my subscription for sure when the time is up….this is the last straw for me… don’t care at all about your customers or fixing it back. And I am sorry but it is not easier to navigate…it is HARDER. What is wrong with you guys anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never recommend you to anyone else to join ever again….ever

  • I have a question for all of yall do you remember the retired pogo games? I have always wondered why Swashbucks wasn’t retired I remember that game was suppose to be retired did any of you say you wanted to keep it? I don’t know about yall but I miss Nascar Web Racing Sims Pinball EA Sports Web Soccer Quick Shot Vert Skater and it’s outta here why did Swashbucks have to stay and those games had to go i wish pogo still had those games those were my favortie games to play on here I don’t know about you but I really love to see those games came back pogo should add chinese checkers and go fish 2 more games I really love to play would you love to see pogo add chinese checkers and go fish to its site?

  • Here is a Question for your programers and the Lady with the letters to her name R.E.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? if you enjoyed that then i can see why the new home page looks like it is.

  • I dont like the home page they can stick it Not to sure just because I have a lot to loose I might just give it up any ways Pogo or who ever doesnt care they have what they want money but when it starts going down maybe they will resoect us a little moreyou have to reciecev respect before you get it why arent the player ask first oh no do it Customers always should come first.

  • pogo u have too many screwed up with the page like it is i wish you would put the page the way it was to begin with. i do not like it at all!

  • I don’t usually voice my thoughts, but in this case I would like to state that I also am not happy with the new Pogo Home Page.

  • First time comm. Been playing on pogo 11 years been paying almost 4. So much trouble, no prizes and tokens for what. And to make me buy a game with gems that they want money for.UH NO.Sorry POGO . Not a happy customer

  • forty dollars a year is far too much to lack many “user friendly” perks…my family, same household spends 120.00 a year so we all have accounts.I personally am accustomed to change and am computer saavy, my father 75 years young is not. This site is published in the aarp magazines as well as pushed in some of the senior citizan clubs. I am thinking if we consumers are not satisfied with the change, these areas of publisizing should be written. I personally could care less about the home page, but my father has stopped playing because of all the changes this year. I am quite sure the demographic age target on this site is over 50. So if the company wants to change maybe they could give font choice, full screen games and for goodness sakes stop charging their paying customers for episodes. Thank you for reading

  • I wish pogo would do something with the homepage looks like something a 7yr old did. Pogo we are not little kids. Looks like the non members homepage. Pogo said they were going to change some things. What a shame. Pogo is slowly going down hill. When you put your favorite games on it looks so big and baby like. It looks so bad. I took all my favorite games down. It is a big big pain. Pogo you ask for feedback and we give you our feedback and nothing happens. When i finish a mix and match album i get the super badge about 2 minutes after i finish the album. I have to look at my badges and then i see that i have the super badge. I always get the wrong count in tokens. When i play the daily games, I get the wrong count of tokens.

  • Pogo, Pogo, Pogo…What have you done? Yes, change can be good, but the comments are growing far more against the new format than for it. I have given this new format 12 days now to “grow on me” and it hasn’t. I used to look forwards to logging into my Pogo account…Not anymore. I actually think about it now. Do I really want to? Last night it was No, don’t think so.
    It’s become obvious that you, Pogo, don’t care about the customer base otherwise all the negative comments would be taken far more seriously by Pogo. Who’s the grinch in R&D who convinced you that this change would be good? Boy, did they pull a fast one on you Pogo…Appears that you have a mole destroying your good company, one happy to one unhappy customer at a time.