Introducing the New Club Pogo Homepage!

We are excited to announce that Club Pogo has launched a brand-new homepage. Designed with you in mind, the new page is streamlined for ease of use, and modernized for a fresher look.


While the new design is straightforward and should be easy to navigate, we want to call out some of the highlights:


Most Recently Played Games Bar. Placed at the top, this bar allows you to add these games to your “My Favorites” list by simply clicking the little ‘heart’ icon in the upper left corner. Now you can quickly get to your favorites, and add new favorites to latest discoveries!

Bigger Spotlight and News Section! See top Pogo News stories as soon you as visit, and preview Spotlights using the icon bar, or just wait for them to scroll through on their own.

Member’s “My Stuff” on the Middle Left! Find your Mini, your token and gem counts, and other important account information.

Challenge Information on the Right! Find all your current activated challenges and recent badge information

Navigation Tabs! Choose between “Favorites”, “Categories” and “Games A-Z” We’ve added game icons to the “Favorites” tab so you can see the visual representation of those games you like best!


Learn more about the New Club Pogo Homepage!


Read about how the Pogo community helped shape the new homepage in our Find Out about the New Club Pogo Homepage with Rochelle E interview!

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  • I am not happy with the new home page.
    All that bright white makes for an unpleasant assault to the eyes.
    This sterilized version of Pogo seems to be set up to sell things. The top of the page is pretty much dedicated to buying things, mini”s, badges, that you have to BUY gems for, Clair Heart,
    Clue, etc. are just ad’s trying to get members to buy. I am pretty sure that Pogo is getting a kick-back for presenting outside games as a promotion.
    We are forgetting the care and pleasant artistry that Pogo used to create, games
    like Jungle gin, or Mahjong garden. The games that are being churned out now are cartoonist,
    bare- boned. Newer members are not so lucky to have played when Pogo appreciated members and cared about their product.

    • VERY well said. I’m not going to renew my membership unless they go back to the Pogo I used to know and love. I’ll just go to other sites and play for free. I PAY MONTHLY for POGO and loved it. A PAYING MEMBER SINCE 2002, and they are losing me due to everything you wrote. What iced my cake was the changes to the home page.

    • The new home page needs color , the white is very hard on the eyes. It’s to bad we can not move things around on the home page. I liked it better with our mini at the top.

  • I hate it. Change it back. I will NOT renew my membership.

  • The new Home Page is not all that bad. I mainly don’t like the extra large space given to My Favorites. Could be cut by about half.

  • I don’t really care for the new home page. It seems to be Pogo is taking many steps backwards as far as graphics goes. I would have expected this bland of a homepage years back, not this far into pogo’s existence. It is rather uninviting, actually quite sterile. I liked the feature that told me how many people were playing in my favorite games. I enjoy chatting with people and I usually went to my favorite game that had the most players in it so I could find plenty of people to chat with. I would also like to see the next week’s challenges put back on the home page. A suggestion that might make the home page more inviting and cozy is perhaps the first five of your friends online playing could be put on the homepage. Just a thought.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Don’t like the new home page. I am having alot of trouble playing daily challenges since we are near the new milestone. Been a member for long time and I agree will not be renewing this time. Kathy

  • well i think i will not renew ,, i am freezing up ind 3 games and i have a brand new computer there server down ,, alle time i dont care for the new home page my java is working i clean cookies so pogo that is it or you pay may for one month

  • There seems to be a consensus in the comments concerning the new Pogo homepage…they are too confusing, too white, too busy, too many ads which have displaced the paying members info, minis, etc, and last but not least the new homepage doesn’t look that much different from the FREE Pogo homepage. These are my thoughts exactly! This last year Pogo has gone downhill and that saddens me because I really do love Pogo. It’s almost as if Pogo is being sabotaged by someone who doesn’t hope for its continued success and is deliberately trying to destroy it. I hope that is not the case. Pogo get your act together. Please! Between Pogo, our browsers, Java and Flash updates you are all updating yourselves right out of compatibility. You can’t keep up with each others changes so how do you expect us paying members to? I feel sorry for those that aren’t computer savvy. In order to keep playing the games I have to use an older version of Java, the latest version of Flash player, an older version of my browser and shut off updates. I hope for Pogo’s future.

  • Still not happy with this homepage….miss the old one. It was easier to navigate.
    Too bad you are not listening to the majority of the comments.

  • Pogo please change the homepage. Way to bright. The last time you guys changed it, it was to white and you fixed it and now you guys redid the homepage again and the same thing to white. I did not think you guys would do it again. That shows you don’t listen to us. I want my favorites games back, the favorite page looks like a little kid did it. I don’t like the BIG BIG pink hearts. We are not kids. This morning i went to buy gems and it said WHOOPS you can’t buy gems you need to live the u.s and it said other country’s. This is getting to be a big headache. Pogo used to be bug free. I never had any problems until a year ago and that is when i had problems. A couple of hours i was able to get gems. What a BIG PAIN.

  • I play pogo on a laptop and since you made the last changes I do NOT get a full screen of the games. Can’t play any of the daily challenges. I have changed my display settings with no luck. I didn’t have this problem before.

  • If I known that Club Pogo had changed this much I never would have paid for it again.
    This will be my last time to pay.9+years

  • Well how is the new page working for ya? Most all the posts I read tells me either You don’t care or your not reading these post. I don’t like your new page and would rather have old one back.

  • I’ve been a member for about 10 years. This is the first time I’ve sent in a reply like this. I hate the new page. Wish you’d program it so we could have either the new or old.

    Very unhappy long time member here.

  • I have been a member for a long while now and feel confident in saying the new homepage is not up to Pogo standards. I am so unhappy with it I play alot less than I used to. It has taken out so much enjoyment and just leaves me cold.I play Pogo for relaxation and now all it does is frustrate me.

  • Well said, I totally agree. I have been a member since 2001 and will not be renewing my membership this year. The homepage is certainly not up to Pogo standards that I am use to. Very unhappy long time member :(

  • Hate the new homepage. Also since change have trouble loading games and is not my computer of Java. Why change just to change….is not even good format to navigate. Either go back to old format or improve it….Would not have renewed if had seen this coming. Long time member and very unhappy.