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Explore Your Pogo History with the New Classic Library Tab

Early Access is all about taking Pogo into the future, but we set aside a place to showcase your history of winning on Pogo Classic.

On March 10, look for the new Classic Library tab in your profile on Early Access to…

  • Check out your final token count and see just how many you racked up over the years.
  • Access your Mini and inventory of items.
  • View your collection from Badge Central.
  • See all the Ribbons you earned in Club Pogo Tournaments.
  • Redeem older EA Game Cards for Pogo Gems or Club Pogo subscriptions.

 Here’s how you can always get to the new Classic Library tab:


Click your avatar in the top-right corner of Early Access.


Select the “My Profile” link.

Look for the “Classic Library” tab, located next to the “About Me” and “My Rewards” tabs.

You can also follow the link below to your profile and select the tab from there.

View My Profile 

 We’re continuing to expand Early Access with more games and features, so stay tuned!

-Your Friends at Pogo

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  • I see from chats EA now has chat – where or what games have it, if at all.
    Thank you Pogo_Llama for all you do. The reading must be a chore, but we appreciate all you do.

  • I like this feature ,job well done

  • This feature is to remind us of all the great things we’ve lost in the transition to the new site?

    • Hello randomwordx,
      This feature is to help you get to what you enjoy on Pogo Classic while we develop even more for Early Access. :)

  • When I look there I see no Library yet??? I see everything else, however. Hmmmm ~ Have I not yet been updated for that feature? I have looked several times for this.
    I am puzzled.

  • Thank you for mapping this out ahead of time, it gives us a little time to explore. We know you have been working hard changing over old technologies to modern day. No one likes to say good bye to those things we loved about the old pogo, however, with change, new brings a fresh start, just like spring is an awakening from a long sleep., All is looking up and I can find myself accepting the changes.

    • HI LChirstens,
      Thank you for your message and I’m glad you let me know how you feel. All I ask is we give it a chance and you did and it’s a beautiful thing. :)

  • i just wonder how pogo can continue to be the place to find new friends. I am having trouble even finding current friends with the new format. It makes me sad was such a big part of my life that I have lost

    • Hi dessertcoffee,
      I have great news for you because Chat is currently in development! Please read here for more information. Thank you!

  • There is ONE thing that I really do like about the new format..U got rid of that awful WHITE background on the home page. As an older player, that STARK background was hard on my eyes, so this is way better for me personally..I hope some others notice this as well.

  • Guessing the gray haired avatar is the only nod to all the older adults that used to enjoy the old POGO left on this site and the “history” tab is some sort of memorial to those that were here before it became a kiddie site?

    • Hi DlDjava,
      I am sorry you feel that way but that is definitely not how we see it. We embrace all and are working hard on features for all demographics.

  • You say we will be able to access our Minis and inventory (closets?) of items in the Classic library. Does that mean we will be able to change our minis, backgrounds, clothing, etc when Early Access is in Phase 3?

    View your collection from Badge Central.. …Does that mean we will have access to all badges to replay in Early Access as long as they are H2 games, not just viewing them? Will our badges still be in albums? Will we still get the Super Secret Badges for completing all 20 badges in a MnM album when Phase 3 sets in?

    Will there be a new version of the Guestbook in Early Access? How do we communicate when non-members can’t use Pogo mail? I DO NOT give out my personal email.

    I have many more questions, but that’s it for now.

    • LKdale3_

      Thank you for your question regarding the future of Badges, messaging and Minis. Please keep an eye on the Pogo Insider and Blog page for all of the most up to date information on all things Pogo. Thank you


  • ok I thought they was not getting rid of minis am I wrong? or they just be a while till we have them? and one more ? where can we find all the badges for games that are no longer on pogo? I might have missed that.

    • Hello sapphire5662,
      Minis are available to use as your Early Access Avatar. Badges can be found in Challenge Central and by clicking on My Profile and My Rewards. Thank you!

  • I hope that you will be fixing all the games that are SO SLOW. Pogo Bingo, Crossword Treasure are only two of them. Please, Please, please help get these games working properly. Thank you and I look forward to the comments.

  • one more ? sorry I forgot it on my post will badges we bought on classic for games already on the new pogo site still be there to finish or are them the ones also we need to finish up?

    • Hello Sapphire,
      Unfinished Badges for the Flash games that are retired will be auto-awarded to you. Thank you!

  • i think its cruel to show us how great pogo used to be and not the thing made for kids joke ur trying to sell us

    • Hello Two4Texas,
      I’m sorry you feel that way but I am here for you and listening.

  • The knowledge of a library and it’s usages will be a relaxing welcome to many members. They will not be subjected to anxiety over possible losses. Thanks for easing the nerves and keeping Pogo in the
    know. Herc

  • i sorry have to tell you all this but we all like the old pogo and our tokens when we play games we like to earn tokens and chat ty but wish to go back the way it was

  • yesterday ,i send 2 questions ,sad 2 see theres no answer .
    must be something wrong with me.
    i feel sad i just renew my membership.

    • Hi Laikaplayer100,

      I do love and appreciate your comments so much! They are an excellent source of feedback and I love interacting with you all through these comments. However, I do receive hundreds (yes, hundreds) of comments and I do like to take my time and read each one.
      This means that blog comments do take some time to be approved, however, as it takes a lot of time for me to read through the comments that I receive.

      Please have patience and understand that I will get to the blog comments each week, though not always on the same day that the blog is published as I need to take time to go through all of them, on top of my other work tasks.

      Also of note: I moderate blog comments just as all other blogs moderate comments, from major publications like national news outlets – and Pogo is no different. Moderating comments allows for a safe space where people can share their thoughts without threat of repercussion. Additionally, moderation also ensures content published is of high quality and is helpful in nature. From there, I strive to do my absolute best to represent a balanced perspective (both positive and negative). Repetitive comments (meaning multiple players are posting the same comment), or unhelpful commentary (meaning it’s not actionable and no good can come from it), are not publicly shared. Again, I do read each and every comment that we receive as I go through to moderate them.
      Thank you again for all of your feedback. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to hear from you, and I really look forward to reading your comments on the blog each and every week.

  • Almost 20 years of Pogo History for me! Should be interesting!

  • this quinn game is so hard how do you expect people to win anything ive played around 400 games and only got 10/120 i dont know why its so hard.Take it off

  • ////what are club time rewards

    What are club time rewards?

  • I like this feature, too, but why can’t Guestbook messages be included rather than us having to screen shot to preserve them?

  • Hello Pogo the NEW POGO keeps getting better and better. You are doing an awesome job. Keep up the great job. Plus the NEW EVENTS YOU ARE OFFERING SOUND WONDERFUL. I LOVE THE NEW POGO.

  • I can’t wait for the new HD slots game on March 10th! It looks like a lot of fun and will make losing Peggle Slots a lot easier.

    I also love the new Snowbird and Blitz solitaire games. However, are there any plans of something similar to Solitaire Gardens? Creating, adding to, rearranging and sharing our gardens on the forums was so much fun.

  • for the most part happy with changes. However it would be nice to be able to access my friends list in the Early Access.

  • It appears Player Joyce has a nice avatar, will we be able to have avatars that resemble ourselves as well as hers soon? I’m not keen the the ones displayed at present. Thanks! :)

  • IF I pay each year for the ability to play games, Why am I being charged to play certain games ?? Isn’t this called “double dealing” ??

    • Hello MrSyl and thank you for your question about paying for a Club membership and using Gems for power ups in games.
      Regarding the use of Gems and Power Ups within games, I do understand that not all are able to purchase them. The Power Ups are available to those players who choose to use them but are not necessary to win any game on Pogo. I realize it does make things faster and easier, but they are not essential to win here on Pogo.

      Thank you!

  • Iffa ya give me my mini and my closet and let me make her my avatar then ya done good in my book Pogo, and I will be a happy camper. Carry on.

  • I’m interested to know what happened to my gems. I had over a hundred, please explain that to me please. Thank you

    • Hello Kathy,
      I am so sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue with your Gems. Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot here on the blog. Please reach out to EA Help and they will be able to assist you. Thank you!

  • Awesome, I can not wait to use this feature. Thank you !!

  • Wish you would add points like we have here. It is fun to watch the increase of points earned. That’s an incentive to play Pogo!!

  • I was completely devastated when it was announced that Club Pogo was changing at first. Then I got up the courage to play on early access and found it to be much better than the classic Pogo. The screen is bigger, the graphics are amazing and I am navigating everything. It’s not easy for those of us that are over the hill to accept change, but change is a part of life. You either adapt or get left in a ghost town. I thank you for explaining each change that has or is about to happen. It makes this a lot easier. I commend Pogo for what they have done and continue to do. IMO there is no better game site anywhere on the internet. I’ve played on this site since 1998 and I intend to continue playing for as long as the good lord above grants me another day. Thank you Pogo! 😊

    • Hi kentuckykitten2,
      Thank you for giving Early Access a chance. It just goes to show that sometimes change really isn’t always so bad. I appreciate your comment and knowing what you went through to get here means a lot. Thank you so much for being a part of Pogo and let me know if you have any questions. I’m here for you!

  • I would like to read the 196 comments on this topic, yet I only see two comments. Where can I read the rest of the comments?


  • I can’t help but think this is another treat to make us forget all that you are taking away from us.

  • are you gonna get rid pogo classic if you it will a sad day i have been member for 20 years and will think of cancel out

  • Hi Pogo Llama. Is there a way to put my “classic” avatar in the picture on Early Access? There is no avatar in the selection offered that is me.

    • Hello bnp2,
      Yes, there is now a way but the feature was not rolled out until 3/10. Let me know if you have questions. Thank you!

  • What does it mean redeem older EA cards for… What are older EA Cards?

    • HI M,

      This means if you have a purchased an EA card, you can go there to use that card. Thank you.

  • I play for badges, tokens, and fun.
    Over 13 years I have been a loyal POGO member but with the loss of my tokens and most of my favorite games I will probable not renew.

  • While I appreciate that we are in flux right now with the switch from POGO to EA, but you guys KILLED Jungle Gin for me. It was one of my favorite games and I had a lot of friends that I regulatory played with. Now, I rarely see any one I used to play with. You “solution” to rooms and tables and finding friends just is to timely and difficult.
    I agree with Cimarron440. Ive been playing these games for 20+ years and when my subscription comes up for renewal, I will not be continuing POGO. It’s just not fun anymore so why play???

  • This is the worse mess POGO has made yet. When my subscription is up, I quit. No fun anymore.

    • Hello oral475,
      It is my hope that you do not cancel your Pogo membership. You’re an appreciated part of the Pogo Community and it would be a heartfelt loss to us.
      I appreciate your feedback on Early Access. Thanks again for reaching out. I am here for you!

  • Why is jungle gin in casino as it is a card game

  • I am finding the cost is getting to much for me to go forward in the games..gems..gems is all they want ..so many of my friend lists are gone ..not many playing the games like before..then the rooms were full and you had to use the back door to get in..40 gems for a game is unreal..to rich for me

  • My renewal is due on March 12th. I have been a member for about 15 years, have got about 165m tokens. I regularly play games such as Monopoly Slots, this being one that will be “retired” soon. I have decided I will renew, but only for 1 month, and if I decide there is no point in continuing when my tokens are removed, along with many games, I will simply cancel. I realise that much of this is beyond Pogos control, however my own suggestion is to continue awarding tokens (this must be within Pogos control) and transfer as many Flash/Java games as is possible to the new system.

    • Hello MickJohnston25,
      Thank you for renewing. It is my hope you stick around and see all that Early Access has, and will have, to offer.

  • This is some of the best news I’ve heard in a LONG time 8)

    One thing I’d like to say though is even if Mini releases have stopped you guys should consider doing a vault release every month so newer players can join the fun the rest of us have when it comes to creating a mini and expressing ourselves

    This would also make it possible to bring back all the mini contests in the forums that have always been so popular and so much fun over the years

    Minis are one of the reasons I joined Club 9 years ago…when I saw the pets and all the exclusive items along with the games and no ads I pounced on my subscription and never looked back so seeing the fun return even just a little and new players being able to enjoy what I and so many others have over the years would be wonderful

    • Hi doglvr2010!
      Thank you for your suggestion on Minis! (and thank you for being a part of Pogo for the last 9 years!)
      Thank you!

  • I don’t care for the new format at all I will be leaving and not renewing My favorite games will not be available and I like the tokens. Most of your new games seem to be Majhong or some version of it and are very hard to win without using boosters which are too expensive It is not fun anymore

  • Thank you for all you do. I still prefer the Classic Pogo site though. It’s easier to find the games alphabetically and everything else by tab.

  • can we use badges from games for our favorites of games no longer on the new pogo? it was cool to find all of them but I tried to put one on profile but it is the same one I have on classic and I couldn’t

    • Hello Sapphire,
      Yes, you are able to use an older Badge to use for your Favorites on Early Access.

  • You have taken all the fun out of Pogo, making new friends, playing for badges, etc. Many friends were made through the years, now You can’t chat with anyone now during the games. Dominoes was great. I have been a paid member for many years but I see my subscription coming to an end very soon.