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Future Updates on Pogo


Hello Pogo Community,

Thank you all so much for your feedback regarding Pogo and Early Access. We appreciate how passionate you are about Pogo and love you being a part of this community!

The Pogo team and I understand you are upset due to some of your favorite Pogo features and Flash games retiring. This decision was made as Java and Flash are being phased out across the Internet. While the retirement date of Flash is stated to deprecate by the end of 2020, please understand that the makers of Flash, Adobe, are retiring features within Flash prior to that. These features may be needed to play Pogo games. The Pogo team is working overtime to transfer over player-favorite Flash and Java games before this happens. This also means they need resources to do so and supporting Java and Flash games is not conducive to that.

We’d like to address a number of your concerns: 

  • Minis: We’ve heard your feedback and understand your love of Minis. We love them too! There are currently no plans to get rid of your Minis.
  • Games: More games are in development. The team and I are here listening and reading your game requests for potential future HTML5 transfer. We are releasing Jungle Gin in January 2020 and we are also working on porting over other fan favorites including Canasta, Spades, and Dice City Roller. I will keep you posted on the Pogo Insider with all game developments.
  • Tournaments: As stated previously, Tournaments will be retired on February 27, 2020. You will still be able to see all of your Tournament ribbons on Pogo Classic.
  • Badge Albums: As stated previously, Premium Badge Albums will be retiring in March 2020. All Badges and Badge Albums are still fully available on Pogo Classic while the team works to develop new features on the Early Access site. Badges are also found on Early Access under the My Rewards tab on My Profile. We’re working hard to build a brand-new Pogo, complete with new ways to view and interact with your Badge collection.
  • Chat: Chat is currently in development and on the way to Early Access and will be available in 2020 as part of our Phase 3 efforts.
  • Tokens: The new reward system is in development and on the way. We will have a preview for you in early 2020.

Thanks again for reaching out and sharing your feelings. We are here and listening to you all. Thank you for being a part of Pogo and we appreciate your support!

– Pogo Llama and the Pogo team

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Thank you for being a part of the Pogo Community!

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  • how about qwerty

  • I had decided to leave in March 2020 and not renew my subscription.
    However, upon reading that the Mini’s will stay, I may do so also!

    After losing so much from POGO, I am glad to see that at least we get to keep our mini’s and not those Avatars!
    If I wanted to look like everyone else, I would not have created my Mini to reflect me.

    Looking forward to Spades..Canasta…Jungle Gin, and hopefully in the very very near future High Stakes pool!

    Will be keeping an eye out and make my final decision in March if nothing has changed.
    Here’s hoping for the best :)

  • I am so glad that we wont lose Canasta
    it is a Game enjoyed by so many People
    Merry Christmas to all


  • Please allow Boggle Bash to be ported in. It is the best game on Pogo, and there are so many of us who have been playing together for years. We friends help each other through hard times and congratulate each other during good times. It’s not a game, it’s a community!

    • I’m hearing you. Thank you!

    • I agree. All my Pogo “friends” are from Boggle. I look forward to chatting with them every day, actually many times each day. Boggle will be the reason I leave Pogo if not available. Many of us play often.

  • I’M so HAPPY to hear Dice City Roller is come back love than game!!! I’M super happy to know Canasta will be back, I was missing it already :'( . Glad Jungle Gin is reinstated also. Thank you for your hard work AND all the December gifts :)


  • POGO Please be Santa for me this year and bring back KENO POP i loved it so much,it would be a very merry chirstmas for this 64 year old lady to be able to play this wonderful game again in her hoilday season days. THANK You AND merry christmas to all.

  • I am sooooooo happy to see Canasta is going to be ported over and love the new pogo
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year

  • In an earlier post a little bit ago, I mentioned how over the top happy I am about keeping Canasta. Thank you a million times over. But I forgot to mention thank you for keeping us up to date on specifics. It means a lot. And also, a very Merry Christmas to you Pogo_Llama. You made my day with a new Canasta and other card games like Spades. Merry Christmas to ME. LOL

    • Merry Christmas to you too, mtb232323!

      • from what i see about the future of pogo. not happy. it appears that half
        my games are going the drain.
        I figure i will see how it ends up and if not happy, will drop pogo membership.
        Merry Christmas to you and all your hard wir. Air

  • Hi Llama and Merry Christmas to you…..

    I have a quick question and comment concerning the new site. Have gone and played there, currently not happy with it, but will reserve judgement till its finished.
    You have added some info today, that makes things seem better. Fingers crossed

    My question is this: Will badges be giftable and can we buy more than one at a time?????…..neither of those are possible on the new site currently
    My concern is if we can’t gift them thats the end of contest and as you know those contest bring a lot of fun and pleasure to the players as well as the host.

    Also will minis as we currently have and our closets be available on the new site or are you working on something new……..we love our minis, as you know…….if we have new minis will there be a mall to buy. If so, can we gift??????

    thanks and look forward to answers…..have a great one

    • Hiya Diva,

      I really wish I could answer your questions but I do not have info on that right now. I now these are some great follow-up questions to the post and once I have more details, I will definitely share with you all. Thank you for asking and for your support of Pogo throughout the years!

    • I so agree with you about the new pogo. I feel as if we have lost pogo. No tokens, no jackpot spins, no drawings and the loss of half the games. Not to mention your rank in the games replaced. Especially when you purchased gems to use and the ranks you used them to earn are lost too. It may not all be Pogos fault but sad anyway. I too will wait and see what next year brings and decide if this new “Pogo” is to my liking. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Thankyou for this service update, nice to know you are hearing us.

  • Merry Christmas & a Happy Festivus to all! I sure hope Shuffle Bump makes it to the new Pogo eventually!


  • I play Trivial Pursuit daily, it keeps my mind sharp. If it goes I will have to go too.

  • Boggle, boggle…boggle – boggle *Boggle*. Sure do hope to see Boggle come along to the future as well.

  • will our tokens be converted into whatever the new reward system is?

  • i have a question, is Vaults of Atlantis Slots is staying or will you be removing it also?
    my friends and i play the game everyday !
    so i hope its staying if not I Hope You Bring IT Back! alot of players have left pogo
    due to the games they played and are no longer available!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Are there any plans to work with third party sources to convert any of their games? I’d like to see Big City Adventure and Undiscovered World make a return, but I believe those are both Jolly Bear games. The graphics alone in those games would make them worth saving.
    And, I still hope beyond hope that you’ll update Word Whomp Whackdown, which was my favorite game here…..

  • Thank you very much for working on spades and canasta to convertthem over.

  • Are there any plans to bring back pogobowl?

  • Can’t believe that MAHJONG ESCAPE is on the disappearing list. That still seems like quite a recent game and I love trying to keep up with all the destinations — seemed like all the Mahjong games were safe. (Still having trouble with Mahjong Garden stopping loading at 85% though.) I love Jungle Gin and Canasta and so glad they are staying…also like Dice City Roller. It is hard to believe all the Slots games are going – they are a staple of game sites. I would like the older games to be fixed and have fewer of the new games, especially the silly ones. I also like the old classic POGO look and not the busy new locale. I come to play the games and not watch all that background. Please tone it down and keep the games all working.

  • Is there anything in the works to keep Trivial Pursuit? That is the first thing that I go to in the morning to get the brain up and running…lol. Would really appreciate keeping Trivial Pursuit or something very similar to it. Merry Christmas everyone and all the best in the coming year

  • Pogo Bowl is the one and only game that will keep me interested in staying. I sure hope multi-player games will be considered.

  • The comment about our Minis, “There are currently no plans to get rid of your Minis,” sounds promising however, plans can and do change. Would feel better about it if someone would say emphatically we are keeping our Minis. This is very important to us.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas :-)

  • Boggle Bash has been my favorite Pogo game for many years. I’m sincerely hoping you’ll be able to convert this wonderful challenging word game to HTML format. Thank you.

  • Happy Holidays to you all. Please remember us slot- aholics in bring a game back as close to Mono. Slots as possible. Adore that fun game. And chats are so important too. Also some form of payment on playing the games makes for more interest in playing them also. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Thank you so very much for porting over the above games. I realize this is not an easy thing for you to do but I greatly appreciate all the work you have done to give us a better site. I have been a member since September 18, 2001 & will continue to stay a member. Thank you once again & I wish you & your families a very Merry Christmas & a Joyful, Healthy & a Happy New Year! Happy Holidays!

  • Hi I been a member since 2003 and loved pogo.
    please make sure you leave the chats alone many old people play here.
    We are like a big family, we like to play with friends and chats
    are any good if you place them at the bottom of game .
    They have to be on the side , I am sooooo happy you bringing back canasta
    gin and domino spades my favorite games Thank you for trying your best

    • And thank YOU for your continued support and understanding. All the best to you this holiday season, Blackeyes!

  • I love my pogo been a longtime member.I really like all the tokens i have earned.Are Tokens going to be apart of the new site?I havent seen any indication of that

  • the info here is finally answering many questions asked and i am very happy to see the mini’s will be staying! it was also great to hear of a few other flash/java are in the works. this has been very helpful and encouraging. thanks for posting!

  • I’d like to take a little time to thank you for answering my post. you know a few answers is exactly what we pogonians needed to reassure us that you aren’t trashing or getting rid of all the things we care about. Patience we have. if you just let us know that it’s gonna happen. everyone understands the problem, it’s the being in the dark that angers everyone. Dates and times are important to us all, so please share it as it becomes available at your earliest opportunity.
    thank you
    Dirty Don 1111

    • I totally and 100% agree with you Dirty Don 1111. I will keep my promise and do just that when I have dates and more information. You have yourself a happy holiday season and let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Well, I was really thrilled to hear our minis were going to be retained, until I read your response to MomsBassetHound. I said much the same thing, minis and closets being kept, and you didn’t say I was wrong. Now I read that you told Moms that you would get back to her when you have more information. What the heck? Now I, again, don’t know what to believe what you say.

    • The Minis are being kept. How they will appear on Early Access I do not have details yet. Thank you for your patience, as85382.

  • I am not happy with new Pogo…sorry about that!

  • Cool!!!! I can keep my mini and all the little items that were gifted or purchased.

    To all the POGO Team, Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year.

  • I realize you are working hard to try to do your best and I do appreciate your hard work. That said, I do hope you will be bringing over Pogo Bowl in the future. Thanks muchly! I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.

  • Boggle Bash – the only good Boggle game on the internet for friends to play that any of us can find. (We’ve been trying to find alternatives since the notification that it’s ending). Please let us know that you can keep it for us 20+ year POGO members that play daily and love each other!

  • Thank you for addressing many concerns players have. It’s good to see that the Pogo team is listening to all of the comments, both positive and negative and working to implement many of the features Pogo currently has. I am a 20 year member, been through all the phases of change and this one has by far been the toughest for members to embrace. I look forward to all the new games released.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year Pogo!!! :)

    • Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too, Beebopping. Thank you for being a part of Pogo for 20 years. Here is to (at least) 20 years more!

  • I hope POGO BOWL is being transfered to HTML or i’m retiring from POGO.

  • ❇❉❄❅ 🎄❆ 🎁 ℳ𝒆𝓻𝓻𝔂 2019 𝓒𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓶𝓪𝓼 ❆ 🎅❅⛄ to you!! Thank you all so very much for your diligent efforts; and how well we’ve been kept informed as this transition transpired. Sincerely, AuTuMN

  • Hello All

    Sunday & Thursday token bonuses and the tournament have been ignored lately (since we’ve been SO busy), so their discontinuation isn’t that big of a deal for “us” . . .

    Premium Books going away are a disappointment. Furthermore, we REALLY need more time to complete Mahjong Escape and Solitaire Gardens. Plus WHY is Pogo wasting time doing new releases in the games that are retiring?!? In Big City Adventure-Auckland hasn’t and isn’t working–even though this has been an issue since it’s release.

    I appreciate that Pogo is trying to “help” us finish the retiring games, but it’s not enough–especially with the marathon coming up. (I am NOT expecting it to be on the retirement games, but we’ll see.)

    The only other thing we really need to know is if the classic version is being discontinued.

    Answering in the next blog is fine . . . enjoy your holidays.

  • I’m glad that canasta, jungle gin and the others are making it over. I was hoping that I would have seen something about Fortune bingo. I really miss it.
    Happy holidays to all.

  • I love BCA. I have almost all the cities. I have hesitated buying the last few since there was uncertainty about them continuing.Is there any chance it may be ported over like CH Classic. POGO did a really great job converting the original as well as the new version. Hope everyone at POGO has a great holiday season.Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Can you PLEASE bring back Lottso too? I know so many people who really loved that game as well!!!!

  • I hope you change over monopoly world and monopoly slots. I know its a licensed game, so are those makers working as pogo team does or are they going to drop it? If it does change over, I hope it’s a lot looser on moving around the board. I appreciate you letting us know what’s coming up. Knowing that favorites are in the works help ease our growing pangs. Thank you and Happy Holidays to the Pogo Family.

  • I’m sure glad to hear that DCR might be coming back, hopefully it will happen and I won’t have to leave pogo. I’ve enjoyed chatting with friends on a daily basis for many many years in DCR and enjoyed it so very much, kinda been lost without having it. Hopefully you will be able to make DCR chat friendly like it was before, most of the HD games you have rolled out aren’t compatible with actually playing and chatting at the same time. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • I am a current host and player and am not happy that tours are going away.I will probably close1 out1 my subscription in March even though it was renewed til August of 2020.This is very upsetting for me and my players that love to play in my tours.So very sorry that it has come1 to this.Best of luck in the1 future.I,for one,will not be back unless things change in a positive way. Respectfully yours,Clint Fein

  • Hi LLama, Above it mentions that chat is currently in development and will be part of phase 3 efforts. Do you know if private chat will be a part of that and what kind of time frame are we talking about for phase 3? Thank you.

    • Hi Sissyannr,

      That is a very good question. When I have more details, I’ll definitely let you know but I do not have the answer to that at this time.