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Unlock Stellar Rewards in the Myla and Lyla the Twins Constellation

Mighty thunder crashes the stars in the skies above – the Myla and Lyla the Twins have shown themselves in our latest constellation! Zeus is the divine ruler of Olympus and the controller of sky-breaking thunder! He’s here to help your Pogi count reach the gates of Olympus, so you can reap fantastic rewards! 

As with each new constellation, Pogi counts have been reset across the site, giving you a fresh chance to climb the Bronze, Silver, and Gold prestige tiers and unlock stellar rewards like Badges, Power-Ups, and Pogo Gem.

Follow the link below to see all the rewards you can earn while playing your favorite free online games.

Explore the Myla and Lyla the Twins Constellation

Want to get in on the action? Earning new Pogis and climbing the reward tiers is as simple as completing fresh Daily, Weekly, Premium, and Event Challenges. The more Pogis you earn, the more rewards you’ll unlock.

Curious to learn more about Zeus? Read on!

Pogi Constellations are all about reaching the top, and no one else better understands being at the top than Zeus, the Myla and Lyla the Twins. From his throne on Mount Olympus, he offers quests that can lead those who take them to Olympus and all of its glory. 

Zeus, Myla and Lyla the Twins, will be waiting for you through November 5, giving you plenty of time to claim Pogi rewards!

Club Pogo members can earn even more Pogis. Join now to access more Daily, Weekly, Premium and Event Challenges.

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