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Follow the Clues to Win the Picture Perfect Treasure Chase

Grab your cameras and shutterbugs — the new Picture Perfect Treasure Chase has started! In this new Treasure Chase, your goal is to reveal each of the 12 photographs to complete the larger picture and unlock the grand prize: an animated Reward Badge and a pack of power-ups.

First, you’ll need to follow the clues to uncover all 12 Challenges hidden in some of your favorite Pogo games. The clues give subtle hints at both the game to play and the goal to achieve, so make sure to read carefully. It may take you a few rounds, but once you’re on the right track you’ll start seeing Challenge progress updates.

To get started and track your progress, just follow the link below. Four new Challenges unlock each week, so make sure to return for more clues throughout the event. If you need any help, you can find tutorials and tips on the Treasure Chase event page.

Join the Corn Maze Treasure Chase

Good luck, Treasure Chasers! Remember, all hidden Challenges must be finished by 11:59 pm on March 12 to complete the event and unlock the treasure.

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