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Share the Love! Gifting Is Now Available for Premium Badges on Club Pogo

Sharing Challenges with your friends just got a lot easier on Club Pogo! Now you can gift any Premium Challenge to one or more friends. Naturally, as a Club Pogo member, you can also receive gifted Premium Challenges from your friends.

Gifting only works with Premium Challenges and amongst your Club Pogo friends. You cannot gift Daily, Weekly or Free Event Challenges, as those are available to all members already.

Receiving Gifts

When one of your friends sends you a gift, you’ll see a Message Center announcement like this:

Click or tap OPEN to claim your gift.

You can also click or tap on your avatar in the top-right corner of the navigation menu. From there, you can access “Message Center” to check out your gifts and messages.

While viewing your Message Center Inbox, any gifts you receive will be highlighted with the gift icon instead of the usual envelope icon.

You can activate gifted Challenges whenever you want. Once activated, you will still need to complete the Challenge goal in time to receive your Badge.

How to Gift Challenges

The easiest way to send a Challenge to a friend is to look at each Challenge Card. Near the bottom-left side of any Premium Challenge Card, you’ll see a new Gift button.

This button is also accessible on the back side of the Challenge Card, which you can see by clicking or tapping the “i” button in the top-right corner.

Click or tap the Gift button to bring up all your gifting options. You can send gifts to multiple friends at a time, or just one.

After selecting the recipient(s), you’ll have the option of including a custom message before completing your purchase. As always, you’ll have the opportunity to review everything before completing.

We hope you enjoy sharing Challenges with your Club Pogo friends! Stay tuned – more great features, games and improvements are on the way.

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