New Pogo Sign-In Experience FAQ

The following are questions that have previously been answered by the Pogo team thus far regarding the upcoming new sign-in experience. If you have a question about this, please reference the questions listed below first and, if your question has not yet been answered, please click here to leave your question. Thus far, we’ve posted three articles about the upcoming new sign-in experience. You can find the articles here, here, and here.


Q. Can you please explain why this change is necessary?
A. This is part of a major upgrade that will improve account security. Please read the original article, “Service Update: Upcoming Changes to Pogo Sign-In Experience” for more information.

Q. Why does my e-mail address have to be posted? I like my privacy.
A. Your e-mail address will not be displayed for others to see. Other Pogo players will only see your screen name, and you will only see their screen names. The only time you will supply your e-mail is to sign in to Pogo.

Q. After the transition, you state that an e-mail account and password will be required to sign in. For clarity purposes, do you mean our Pogo account password? I would not be comfortable providing my e-mail account password.
A. This means your Pogo account password will be used to sign in. NOT your e-mail password.

Q. I do not want to give my e-mail password to anyone. Does this mean I can no longer play Pogo which I have paid for?
A. Pogo and EA will never ask you for your e-mail password. The password you will have to provide will be your Pogo sign-in password. Again, you will NOT be asked to provide us with your e-mail password. For safety’s sake, you should always use different passwords for different sites.

Q. Because I can change my EA Public ID name often, will I be able to change my Pogo screen name every once in a while as I see fit to do so?
A. Based on feedback, there will be no screen name changes required for any Pogo accounts. For those of you interested in changing your screen names, that option will be added later in the year. We will provide details on that when it becomes available.

Q. Will the new sign in process also be happening in the Pogo App?
A. Yes, the new sign in process will indeed be happening to the Pogo App as well.

Q. I have several Pogo accounts. May I merge them into one?
A. Please understand we will be unable to provide this service to players. Each account will have to be registered to a different e-mail.

Q. Is Pogo now selling our e-mail addresses for money???? What would be another purpose??
A. Pogo is not selling anyone’s information, including e-mail addresses. Pogo already has your e-mail on file from when you registered, all we are asking is for you to log in using e-mail instead of screen name. The changes are being done to improve the security of your account. EA does not share personal information that directly identifies you with third parties without your consent. For more details, take a look at the EA Privacy & Cookie Policy.

Q. Will we have to put in screen name then e-mail then password?
A. You will sign in using your e-mail and password only.

Q. I have 5 Pogo accounts and they are all under my only e-mail address. Does this mean I will lose 4 of my accounts if I cannot have the same e-mail address?
A. You will need to register each of your accounts to a separate e-mail address in order to keep your other four accounts. There are many services that offer e-mail addresses, and we’ll include instructions on how to go about doing that as the time nears.

Q. Can one Pogo acct have 2 user names with the same e-mail?
A. No. Each Pogo account needs its own e-mail address.

Q. Will my e-mail remain private? I don’t want Pogo sending me e-mail?
A. You will have the option to opt out of all Pogo and EA e-mails about products, news, and promotions during the transition. You can also opt out at any time after the transition from your account settings. If you would like to know more about EAs privacy policy please click here to read.

Q. Will my e-mail address show up in Chat?
A. No, your screenname will be what players see in Pogo, just as it is now.

Q. Will logging in be complicated after the transition?
A. The new sign-in process will make logging in super easy. The transition is designed to make things simple for you. You will not have to log in every time you come to Pogo if you select ‘Remember Me’ when logging in.

Q. Will I be able to use my current e-mail that I have on my Pogo account?
A. Yes, you may use the e-mail already registered to your Pogo account. If you have more than one Pogo screenname, you will have to register a different e-mail address for each screenname.

Q. If I already have an EA account and it’s the same username I use here on Pogo. Will it stay the same?
A. Yes, if you already have an EA account with the same username, this will be the same name you will use here on Pogo.

Q. Will Pogo still be the company processing our yearly Club payment? Also will the amount stay the same or will the price go up?
A. Pogo is still in charge of payments. Fun fact: EA acquired Pogo 17 years ago so we’ve been a part of EA for a long time now. As of right now, there will not be an increase to the price of Club Pogo.

Q. My wife and I both play on Pogo with different screen names but the same e-mail address; does this mean one of us will have to change our e-mail address?
A. Yes, one of you will have to register their account with a different e-mail address.

Q. I have had my password for Pogo on automatic for so long I do not remember it. In order to change my password I have to know my current one. What will happen when I have to do the new changes? I’m afraid to mess with my password now and losing everything. What should I do?
A. At this time, you can click on “Forgot password or Screen name” when signing in and you will be walked through the process of setting up a new password. You will not lose anything during this process, don’t worry!

Q. I don’t want my e-mail to be posted for everyone to see!
A. Your e-mail will never ever be posted for any player to see. This change is in an effort to make Pogo more secure. Your e-mail will only be used to log in, instead of using your screenname as you currently do now.

Q. I only have a Pogo account. I do NOTHING with EA, though I do know that EA owns Pogo. I don’t own a mobile phone, not on ANY social media. I love being able to just click the short cut to Pogo. With all these coming changes, how will that affect MY account?
A. Between July and October, you will be prompted to sign-in on Pogo using the new sign-in process. Whereas right now you sign-in using your screenname and password, you will now be signing in using your e-mail address and password. You will also need to register with a new password and set up a security question. This is a question that will be referenced if you having difficulty remembering your password or e-mail address in the future, and it will help keep your account more secure. You will be able to request your password by answering the security question. This is all for tighter security measures and no one will have this information except for you.

If you have more than one Pogo account registered under one e-mail address, you will need to make sure that each account you have has its own unique e-mail address. Please note, this will not result in a loss of any of your Pogo items or ranks.


Q. I have 3 screennames that I use for Pogo. They are all registered under 1 e-mail address. Are you saying I will need to have different e-mails for all 3 of those accounts, for example: Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail?
A. You must provide one unique e-mail address per account/screenname. It does not have to be three of any type of provider. You can have three Yahoo e-mail addresses as long as each e-mail address is different.

Q. Why must you do this? Why can’t you leave things alone? It’s not broken, don’t fix it!
A. Great question. Many of you have asked why this must be done. This new sign-in process will make all of your accounts safer and easier to navigate once this transition has been completed. Please understand, we will be walking you through this with instructions every step of the way. If you have questions, we are here to answer them.

Q. I use as my home page. Will this change if I have to always sign-in?
A. This will not be changed. You can still use as your homepage. You will stay remain signed in the same way you are now. You may be prompted to sign back in after 60 days, however.

Q. I’m not computer savvy. I’m afraid I won’t be able to follow the instructions for this new format.
A. I am here to help you through every step of the way. My team and I are here to walk through this with you, too! I also give my word that this will not be hard. We’ll get through it together and once we’re out the other side, everything will be smoother and better and more secure for you!

Q. Updating your account will be handled via signing in to Pogo. If you are unable to visit Pogo during the June-August transition, you can still sign in any time after October to update your account.
A. What this means for you is if you’re on vacation, or unable to visit during this transition period, you’ll still be able to sign in once you come back. It does not mean that you won’t be able to sign in during this time period. Pogo will not have any downtime during this transition, you’ll always be able to sign in and play regardless of what group you are scheduled to transition in. Also, I’d like to point out that the dates we published have changed. It’s actually scheduled for July-October. The original article has since been updated.

Q. Are we to understand from this that we may not be able to sign in to Pogo from July to October?
A. You will be able to sign in as normal. There will not be any Pogo outages.


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