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6 Games Like Bananagrams You Can Play for Free

Bananagrams is a fast-paced word game that combines elements of other popular games like Scrabble, Upwords, and Pick Two. Gameplay in Bananagrams is straightforward: all players draw letter tiles from a common pool, and then they simultaneously create their own individual crossword puzzles. The letter tiles in Bananagrams have no values on them, which means the most common letters (E, N, etc.) are worth the same as the rare ones (Z, X, etc.). When one player uses up all of their initial letter tiles, all players must take an additional tile from the pool, introducing an element of time pressure to the game. The game ends as soon as one player completes their puzzle and there are no tiles remaining in the pool. A typical game can last as few as five minutes.

Pogo features a wide variety of word games you can try for free, many of which have at least some of the same gameplay elements that fans of Bananagrams will enjoy. Here’s a brief summary of some of them.

1. Scrabble

Since its creation in 1948, Scrabble has been one of the most popular games in history. As in Bananagrams, players create a crossword puzzle using individual letter tiles, but for the most part, that’s where the similarities end. In Scrabble, all players combine their words into a single puzzle on one game board. Each letter tile has a point value ranging from 1 to 10, based on how frequently it’s used in standard English. Each word is scored based on the combined value of its letter tiles, giving players added incentive to make long words, preferably with multiple high-value letters. In addition, certain spaces on the board can double or even triple the value of individual tiles or entire words, which means there will be times when players won’t necessarily play their best possible word because doing so would set up an opponent to take advantage of a bonus space.

Play Scrabble for free!

2. Word Whomp

In Word Whomp, you are shown a group of six letters. You must form as many words as you can from those letters before the clock runs out. To score points, your words must be at least three letters long, but the longer they are, the more points you’ll score. At the top of the screen, you’ll see placeholders for all of the valid words which you can make; if you fill in one of the words listed in gold, you’ll score bonus points. In case you get stuck, you can click the Mix Up button to put your letters into a different order, which just might help you pick out a few more words. Word Whomp’s ticking clock and the need to come up with many different words quickly certainly should appeal to fans of Bananagrams.

Play Word Whomp for free!

3. Anagrams

In Anagrams, you’ll be given a root word, and you’ll need to use its letters to create a specified number of other words. However, not all valid words will be on the list the game is looking for, so you’ll often need to come up with more than the number specified in order to complete the level. A number of power-ups are available to assist should you run into trouble, and each level contains a bonus word which will provide extra points. Anagrams has a number of game modes, including a timed challenge which will appeal to fans of Bananagrams, where the limited game time provides additional pressure to think quickly.

Play Anagrams for free!

4. Boggle Bash 2

Boggle Bash 2 puts a cooperative twist on the classic dice game Boggle. As in the original, players try to form as many words as they can from a grid of lettered dice. A valid word is formed by linking the letters on at least three adjacent dice. In Boggle Bash 2, up to four players work as a team to complete the goals for a particular level before time runs out. Goals typically involve completing a specified number of words containing a minimum number of letters. To add to the fun, players may employ various power-ups (selected at the start of each game round) to assist in their word-hunting efforts. As you complete levels and goals, you’ll gain access to even better power ups. Fans of Bananagrams will enjoy the simultaneous gameplay offered by Boggle Bash 2, as well as the need to come up with many words while under the pressure of the clock.

Play Boggle Bash 2 for free!

5. A Way With Words

In A Way with Words, you’ll place colored letter chips one at a time on a board in order to form words that are at least three letters long. Words can be forward or backwards, orthogonal or diagonal, or even “inside” of other words. For example, spelling ‘SPAT’ will give you credit for ‘SPAT’, ‘PAT’, ‘TAP’, and ‘TAPS’. Bonus points are earned for any word whose letters are all the same color. To complete a level, you’ll need to complete the required number of words before you run out of letters. Unlike many word games, an individual letter need not be placed next to existing letters; it may be placed anywhere on the board. Several single-use aids are available to help maximize your word count! Bananagrams players will feel right at home with the one-letter-at-a-time style gameplay of A Way with Words, and both games reward players who are skilled at being able to leverage the use of a single letter to score big points.

Play A Way with Words for free!

6. Word Search Daily

Word Search Daily is a puzzle game in which you’ll need to find the listed words contained within the displayed grid of letters. Words can be placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally, as well as backwards. Bonuses are awarded for completing a puzzle without the benefit of the word list, and a hint system provides help when needed. Four basic difficulty levels are available, as well as daily themed puzzles and custom challenges. Bananagrams players should excel at the basic gameplay element of Word Search Daily, which involves quickly surveying the entire board in order to find possible starting points for their next word. Word Search Daily is exclusive to Club Pogo members.

Play Word Search Daily! Note: This game requires a Club Pogo membership, which gives players access to a handful of Club-exclusive games.

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