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Explore the Depths with the New Deep Sea Creatures Badge Collection

Meet the exotic denizens of the depths in the new Deep Sea Creatures Badge Collection, featuring 50 mysterious ocean dwellers. Inside you’ll find fanciful fish, cuddly cephalopods, merry mollusks, charming crustaceans, jolly jellyfish and more. Each Badge is paired with a fun gaming Challenge.

Shop the Deep Sea Creatures Badge Collection

You can get the whole collection in five packs of ten. Packs are only available for a limited time, so make sure to check out the release dates below.

Here’s what you’ll find in each pack:

  • Deep Sea Creatures Pack 1 & 2 – Swim with the Swordfish, Dumbo Octopus, Morning Sun, Dragon Fish, Leafy Sea Dragon, Red Lipped Bat Fish, Thornback Cowfish, Port Jackson Shark, Deep Red Jellyfish, Yeti Crab, Sawfish, Colossal Squid, Japanese Spider Crab, Frilled Shark, Flamingo Tongue Snail, Chimaera, Comb Jelly, Squirrelfish, Angler Fish, and Sarcastic Fringehead. Available November 10 through November 16.
  • Deep Sea Creatures Pack 3 & 4 – Swim with the Pufferfish, Giant Cuttlefish, Sunflower Sea Star, Pycnogonida Sea Spider, Pink See Through Fantasia, Deep Sea Hatchetfish, Coelacanth, Goblin Shark, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Pinkeye Goby, Beluga Whale, Ghost Octopus, Royal Starfish, Black Swallower, Christmas Tree Worm, Fire Dartfish, Sea Pig, Gulper Eel, Crab-Eyed Goby, and Orangethroat Pikeblenny. Available November 17 through November 23.
  • Deep Sea Creatures Pack 5 – Swim with the Box Fish, Piglet Squid, Crown of Thorns Starfish, Snaggletooth, Ribbon Eel, Purple Queen, Polkadot Grouper, Giant Isopod, Mariana Hadal Snailfish, and Moorish Idol. Available November 24 through November 30.

Deep Sea Creatures Badges are only available in packs and cannot be purchased individually. Happy Collecting!

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