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Explore a Botanical Bounty with the Tropical Flowers Badge Collection

The brand-new Tropical Flowers Badge Collection is blossoming on Pogo, featuring 50 colorful and exotic Badges. Each Badge features a beautifully rendered flower paired with a fun gaming Challenge. 

Shop the Tropical Flowers Badge Collection

You can get the whole collection in five packs of ten. Packs are only available for a limited time, so make sure to check out the release dates below.

Here’s what you’ll find in each pack:

  • Tropical Flowers Pack 1 – Features Amaryllis, Paperflower, Garden Cosmos, Flamingo Flower, Bush Lily, Blood Lily, Jewel Pagoda Ginger, Ohe Naupaka, Hawaiian Hibiscus, and Bird of Paradise Tropical Flower Badges. Available May 13 through May 19.
  • Tropical Flowers Pack 2 – Features Sacred Lotus, Hanging Lobster Claw, Scarlet Sage, Starflower, King Protea, Indian Shot, Christmas Cactus, Persian Cyclamen, Damask Rose, and Wild Lantana Tropical Flower Badges. Available May 20 through May 26.
  • Tropical Flowers Pack 3 – Features Florist’s Daisy, Bromeliad Tropical, Tropical Milkweed, Mamane Tropical, Blanket Flower, Barberton Daisy, African Violet, Rose Grape, Purple Moonflower, and Large Red Iris Tropical Flower Badges. Available May 27 through June 6.
  • Tropical FlowersPack 4 – Features Powder Puff, Molokai Ohaha, Kadupul Flower, Arabian Jasmine, Peace Lily, Angel’s Trumpet, Golden Mallow, Forest Gardenia, Blue Passion, and Allamanda Tropical Flower Badges. Available June 3 through June 9.
  • Tropical FlowersPack 5 – Features Mussaenda, Begonias, Crown Imperial, Flame of the Woods, Aloe Vera, Brazilian Jasmine, Paperbarks, Plumeria, Flowering Banana, and Canna Lily Tropical Flower Badges. Available June 10 through June 16.

Tropical Flower Badges are only available in packs and cannot be purchased individually. Happy Collecting!

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