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Celebrate the Season with the Holiday Cards Badge Collection

Just in time for the holidays comes a festive new Badge Collection, featuring 50 new papercraft-inspired card designs. You can get the new Holiday Cards Badge Collection Packs every week throughout December. Inside each pack you’ll find ten Holiday Cards paired with a fun gaming Challenge.

Shop the Holiday Cards Badge Collection

You can get the whole collection in five packs of ten. Packs are only available for a limited time, so make sure to check out the release dates below.

Here’s what you’ll find in each pack:

  • Holiday Cards Pack 1 – Celebrate with Tex Snow Swinging, Snow Fight, Parrot In Tree, Gifts Falling from Sky, Jazzy Holiday, Ornament and Cards, Niles in Snow, Cool Holiday Nestor, Tree and Tile, and Santa Over City Holiday Card Badges. Available December 1 through December 7.
  • Holiday Cards Pack 2 – Celebrate with Plane and Deer, Dragon Sleigher, Surfing Holiday, Gem Treasure, Tree in Spades, Cutie with Bell,
  • Jack Giving Gift, Sir Burnaby with Stocking, Ornament and Bird, and Nestor Holding Ball Holiday Card Badges. Available December 8 through December 14.
  • Holiday Cards Pack 3 – Celebrate with Winter Fish, Tiki Santa, Snowy Day Spider, Holiday Layover, Clyde in Snow, Cat and Ornament, Holiday Cabin, Gift Box for You, Giving Christmas Card, and Airline Holiday Card Badges. Available December 15 through December 21.
  • Holiday Cards Pack 4 – Celebrate with Holiday Love, Nestor in Forest, Bye Santa, Ship of Dreams, One for Tiger, Jazzy Gift, Spike Carol, Pilot with Snowflake, Gifts for Nestor, and Wreath Holiday Card Badges. Available December 22 through December 28.
  • Holiday Cards Pack 5 – Celebrate with Spades Ornaments, Chameleon Catching Snowflake, Flying Home for Holidays, Holiday Season Snake,
  • Nestor Delivers Holiday, BeatNick Present, Where is Santa, Gift from a King, Surprise Gift, and  Gift for Dad Holiday Card Badges. Available December 29 through January 4.

Holiday Card Badges are only available in packs and cannot be purchased individually. Happy Collecting!

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