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Word Search Daily Q&A With Pogo Terry!

Word Search Daily HD Q&A With Pogo Terry!

Seeing how today marks the arrival of Word Search Daily HD on Club Pogo, what better time to talk to the producer? I sat down with Pogo Terry to ask him some questions about this newly updated game.

Pogo Llama: Thanks for answering questions about the HD version of Word Search Daily! How long have you been working on transferring this game over to HD?
Pogo Terry: No problem. Glad to answer your questions. So yes, we’ve been working on transferring this game to HTML5 since last fall.

Pogo Llama: What’s the best word you’ve found, as of yet, in Word Search Daily HD?
Pogo Terry: Guffaw – A word that life needs more of.
Pogo Llama: Ooooh that seems like a fun word. What does it mean?
Pogo Terry: According to the dictionary, it means “a loud and boisterous laugh.”
Pogo Llama: I think the last time I guffawed was when you dressed up at Capn’ Pinchers!
Pogo Terry: Haha! Yeah, that was definitely a moment of great guffaw!

Pogo Llama: There’s a new owl character in Word Search Daily, so I must ask: what’s the name of the owl?
Pogo Terry: This is going to be fun as the owl is currently unnamed so we’d like the Pogo Community to help us name it. Some members of the Pogo Creative Team gathered up a list of names and we’re asking all Pogoians to vote for their favorite.
Pogo Llama: That sounds like a fun and creative poll. I bet the team guffawed a lot while coming up with some of those names. Okay folks, please vote for your favorite name for the Word Search Daily owl. We’ll post the winner in the next Pogo Insider blog on April 30. Click here to visit the Pogo Insider and participate in the poll. 

Pogo Llama: Next question: Are there any hint features in the game?
Pogo Terry: Yes, the game does contain a hint feature in the game. Just select the word and click the HINT button.

Pogo Llama: What improvements will players see from the Java version?
Pogo Terry: One improvement is the player can customize the look and feel of the menus, backgrounds, and fonts. Also another feature is if you double click a particular letter on the board it will now show where all those same letters are located to help you locate words faster. Players can also hide the word list and play blindly for more bonus points!
Pogo Llama: That sounds great! I noticed when I clicked on the options menu and saw the many choices to customize the background and font! I like that it’s called Make Me Pretty. Will players have to reach any levels to access these backgrounds?
Pogo Terry: Actually this feature has no level requirements. All of those customization features will be available from the start when the game launches.

Pogo Llama: Is there anything else you’d like to say about Word Search Daily HD?
Pogo Terry: We know our Pogo players love word puzzles and this game will continue to put out new word puzzles daily as well as offering some great challenges and potential badges for players to enjoy seeking for their collection. Please remember Word Search Daily HD will continue to be a Club Pogo Exclusive game. Not already a Club member? Click here to sign up.

As always, please let us know in the forums any constructive feedback and things you would like to see more of in this game.

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