Win a New Badge in Sweet Tooth Town’s First-Ever Event!

Hi there, sweet lovers!

Pogo_John here, letting you know we have a brand-new event going on right now in Sweet Tooth Town, exclusively for Club Pogo members!

If you’ve visited Sweet Tooth Town in the last two days, you may have noticed a sweet surprise – the new limited-time Spring Sweets event.

In this event you’ll need to help Antoinette fill the big Spring Sweets order. This is a tower-style event, which means you’ll need to complete the levels in order. Your hard work helping Antoinette will be rewarded with an exclusive Badge available only to those who finish all five levels! Naturally, you’ll also win Chocolate Coins for every level completed. Remember to aim for three-star victories to get the most coins.

Let us know on the forums or social media what you think, and happy candy matching!

– Pogo_John

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