Weekly Badge Tips 6/13 – 6/19

Did you already earn the badge or did your badge progress reset? If so, please check your badge album or Profile’s Badges tab first. The information displayed on the Home Page may differ from your actual badge progress.

Phlinx II  -God-like Powers Badge

Drop 50 power-up stones this week!


  • There are 5 different power-ups that can appear in the stone stack. Release them to get credit!
  • Finish the level (a Day and a Night cycle) to see progress on the badge.
  • Aim, fire, and bounce stones to create matches of 3 or more.
  • You can store one stone in the Reserve Slot in column on the right.

Jet Set Solitaire – A Higher Plane Badge

Complete 42 levels this week!


  • Discard any card that’s one higher or lower than the Tour Card (card at the bottom of the screen).
  • Aces are both high and low – use them to clear either a King or a 2.
  • Clear all the cards on the table and finish all other Goals to complete the level.
  • Power-ups can help you move forward if you get stuck.
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