Weekly Badge Tips 2/7 – 2/13

Did you already earn the badge or did your badge progress reset? If so, please check your badge album or Profile’s Badges tab first. The information displayed on the Home Page may differ from your actual badge progress.

BOGGLE Bash – Unique Speller Badge

Find 100 unique words this week! (Unique words can be found in additional point bonuses.)


  • Unique words are words only you find.
  • Keep an eye out for words that can be made plural using an “S”.
  • Use your keyboard instead of the mouse, as typing is quicker. Just hit ENTER to submit your word.
  • Finish a round to receive progress on the badge.

Space Hunt – 50 Shades of Red Badge

Eliminate 1100 red planets this week!


  • Swap planets to create a line of 3 or more matching planets to eliminate them.
  • Matching 4 or more planets creates a special tile (Rocket Ship, Star or UFO), click on this tile to activate it.
  • Making matches quickly and without mistakes increases the score multiplier.
  • Finish a game to receive progress on the badge.

Sweet Tooth 2 – Zodiac Pig Badge

Zodiac Badge: Win 8 Jackpot Spins this week! (Finish 8 or more Zodiac Badges by 5/1 to get a special Badge.)


  • Win 3 levels in a row to get a Jackpot Spin.
  • Click on adjacent candies to swap them to make matches of 3 or more candies in a row.
  • You can play in either mode – Classic or Caramel.
  • Caramel Mode gives you power ups and allows candies to be moved diagonally.
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