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Update to Coin Bucket Refills

On December 8, changes are coming to Pogo’s Coin Casino games to make getting Coins easier. Finally, you won’t have to check your Coin Bucket every 4 hours. Instead, stop by once per 24-hour period to get refilled—anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 Coins.

The exact amount of Coins will depend on if you are Club Pogo Member or not, and what your current Rank in that game is. To get the most Coins, you’ll want to refill your Coin Bucket in the game you have the highest Rank in. If you have fewer than 30,000 Coins, you will be eligible for a larger refill.

Here is a handy chart for your reference:


Refill amount award if Coin balance less than 30,000. Non Club Pogo Members get 8,000 Coins

Already have 30,000 Coins? Come back once every 24 hours for a nice infusion of 5,000 Coins. It’s always worth visiting daily!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to give our Coin Casino Games a spin!

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  • Not that I mind change, but a little advance notification and how it’s gonna would would have been nice.

    Played last night and everything worked as previously.

    Came in today and saw this notice about having to wait 11 hours and 55 minute for a rank collection of coins. WTF!!!!!

    And of course there’s no way to figure out what rank you are in Peggle. Such a deal POGO. Make a change and run and hide.

  • So, apparently you will no longer be able to build up your coin wallet with free coins. Does not make much sense to play if you do not already have a bunch, as the payout rate on spins is typically lower than the bet. If just starting out you will get 30,000, and before long turn them into 0. If you do manage to get some good spins, and end up over 30,000, then no once daily refill coins.

  • i would like to know how to rank up it don’t tell but i don’t like the 24 hours to get coins i usually use the coins when i get em try to get more so now instead of waiting 4 hours i have to wait 24 and i didn’t get any today i have to wait til tomorrow. that’s not very fair.

  • Does not like your new way of giving refills. I feel as if I’m being punished for playing
    the games well. Please go back to the way it was, it wasn’t broke, so why change? Also,
    where do you find your ranks in all of these games. Have enjoyed playing for many years, hope to continue. Please put it back the way it was, Thank you in advance.

  • So, if I am understanding this correctly, anyone who has more than 30,000 coins will not receive any additional coins. Sounds like a punishment for those who have bought larger quantity of coins. Also, at rank 47, I was receiving 9,000 coins every 4 hours. So 6 times a day at 9,000 coins would be 54,000 coins. Now it is 18,000 coins per 24 hours. How is 36,000 less coins a better option??

  • In other words, those of us that have come back every 4 hours(as I have to build up my coins) did so for no reason!! Now I will only get 5000 coins every 24 hours??? if thats the case its totally messed up, way to go once again POGO, you messed up another fun game. Like the coins are costing pogo anything, They are just trying to get people to buy coins that run out is all this amounts to!

  • The only think “easier” about this method is Pogo itself not having to give out coins anymore to the vast majority of users. So, for most of us, it is simply a loss – no free coins anymore unless your total is less than 30K? That is how it reads to me at least. Please clarify if I’m wrong. Thanks.

  • The other way was better. At least I could get between 6-8,000 tokens.
    The new system I’ll lose. Also, fix Zuma Slots, that game is awful. You set it up
    for total loss. We don’t have a chance in that one.

  • the new way is fine but it didn`t give me any coins period. what`s up with that?

  • I don’t like the new system/change it back

  • If I understand the new way of awarding coins, it will not be of benefit to those who have played and used the coins collected every four hours so they can build up a “stash” of coins for use when/if there is a weekly challenge on the parlor slots. And if this is the case, there will be no need for me to continue playing these games as I have amassed a nice stash of coins – so I won’t be using these coins any time soon unless there is a weekly challenge for one of these games. I am not sure of your intent with the new accounting method. I have played free slot games elsewhere on the internet and most games award a daily coin allotment or a set allotment throughout the day whether or not the player “uses” any of their stash. I was actually beginning to enjoy Peggle slots and sometimes using coins from my stash even though I knew that I had already spent the required amount to obtain my bonus collection every four hours. Oh well, that won’t be happening now.

  • I don’t like the idea of only getting 20,000 coins per day (i’m level 50 on peggle). Considering if I refill my bucket 3 or 4 times per day, i’d be getting 10,000 per refill or more each time. So basically you’ve more than halved what I’d normally be getting. The payouts better be more frequent if pogo wants people to continue playing these slot games. It should have been:

    level 1-9 20,000
    level 10-19 30,000
    level 20-29 40,000
    level 30-39 50,000
    level 40-49 75,000
    level 50 100,000

    for the most part those that are higher levels bet more.

    I have no qualms about only getting one refill per day but in my opinion it should have been much more!!!

  • Since I rank 50 in all games except Zuma, I could easily refill 5 times per day at 10,000 each for a total of 50,000. Now it is limited to 20,000 per day. What benefit is that to people that have actively played? I get to play 60% less? Even for people that were just starting they could have refilled several times a day at 5,000 and receive much more. Sorry POGO, I never complain, but this one I just don’t understand. Why can’t we see the hundreds of other comments?

  • I have ranked out in all the other three slots but zuma. that one seem impossible to do. you don’t even know what you need to finish a rank and all you do is loose coins. I have bought a lot of coins and it doesn’t seem to be right that we will only get 5000 every 34 hours . we loose our coins just as fast as anyone else. Eveline

  • So why are you penalizing those of us that have worked so hard to accumulate coins? Yes, it was hard work. Some days I would get a little ahead and other days I lost, but I was consistent with coming back as often as I could. I’m at rank 48 on Bejeweled Slots. Last night Dec 7 at 10:18 CST I received my 9,000 coins and have 229,925 coins remaining. The new program started today Dec 8, so why have I not received ANY coins and am told I have to wait 13 hours? The way I read it, I should have received at least 5,000 coins this morning since I have over 30,000. The new bucket didn’t start until December 8 remember? This is a slap in the face for all the time I’ve taken to build up my supply to play longer. This sucks.

  • So, does this mean since I am rank 26 that I could have gotten 28,000 if I went to my bucket 4 times in a day as in the past, but now I get 14,000 in a 24 hr period OR since I do have over 30,000 coins, I only get 5,000 coins?

  • Oh…. by the way ive been playing all day (Chuzzle Slots) and the payouts have dropped 40% of what its been in the past…go figure

  • The new updates to the Coins Bucket refills doesn’t seem to work for me. Has anyone got it to work for them? I went into Chuzzle and it gave me mesage “Must be under 30K coins for Rank Collection”. From the email above, I thought it was based on rank and if you had under 30K coins, you’ll get a larger refill? Mine didn’t give me anything.

  • I dont know where to look to see what my rank is???

  • will not be playing these any more