Tumble Bees HD Rank Points and Bonus Round

Now that the pollen’s begun to settle after our release of Tumble Bees HD, Boogie Bear, Kiki & the rest of the gang wanted to let you know about a few small changes we made to gameplay.

Royal Jelly Tiles

The green “Royal Jelly” tiles that you see in each game don’t just count towards bonus points, they also count towards your Rank Points. Each Royal Jelly tile cleared is equal to one Rank Point, which is all the more reason to aim for spelling a Buzz Word and filling your game board up with Royal Jelly tiles so you can rank up faster!

Bonus Round

Tumble Bees HD’s Bonus Round is all about spelling longer words! In order to reach the Bonus Round, spell three words that have five letters (or more!) in them. Once you’ve reached the Bonus Round, spell an additional three words with five or more letters to grab some bonus points. In the Bonus Round, only those longer words count.

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