Coming Soon: Newly Updated Trizzle

A new and improved HTML5-powered Trizzle is on the way! The new version will deliver the same adorable doll-matching gameplay with improved performance and optimized graphics. The change in technology will also ensure Trizzle remains playable even after support for Flash is dropped from major browsers next year.

With the old version of Trizzle being replaced, there are a few items to note.

  • Any free power-ups you earned will not transfer over. It’s best to use ’em now!
  • If you purchased any power-ups and haven’t used them, those will transfer over and be available to you in the new version.
  • At this time, you will be unable to purchase any bundles containing multiple power-up types. You can still buy power-ups individually, though.
  • Completed Badges will remain in your collection.

Look for the update to arrive in late February. We can’t wait to see you guys fill your trophy shelves with delightful Trizzle victories.

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