Treasure Chase Event Q&A

Welcome to Treasure Chase! We know you may have some questions about this new Pogo event so we took a minute to answer a few that may pop up. Have a great time!

  • Where can I find the Treasure Chase Badges during and after the event?
    • Once you finish one of the Treasure Chase Challenges, you’ll see the Badge appear on the Treasure Chase page, filling one of the squares that make up the picture you are trying to complete. After the event ends, all the Badges you collect will appear in your Special Edition Album.
  • When will I get my rewards Badges?
    • They will be awarded shortly after the event ends on July 30.
  • How do we know what the Challenges are?
    • The clues give hints at both the game and Challenge goal. You’ll know you’re on the right track if you play a level or two and see updates about your Challenge progress. If you don’t see any, check the clue again or try another game.
  • How do we activate the Treasure Chase Challenges?
    • You don’t have to activate them for this event. Once you think you have figured out the clue, just hop in the game and start playing. If you figured it out, the Challenge will automatically activate.
  • I’m stuck! Do you have any tips or hints?
    • Check out this forum thread for hints and tips from fellow players. Feel free to share any discoveries you make!
  • When do new Treasure Chase Challenges unlock?
    • New Treasure Chase Challenges unlock Wednesday at 4:00am PT each week. Complete these Challenges to earn new Badges and fill in more of the Treasure Chase picture.
  • Can I go back and complete a Treasure Chase Challenge from past weeks?
    • Absolutely! Just follow the clues to find the right game. You have until July 30 to finish all the Treasure Chase Challenges, win the Badges and complete the picture.
  • How long does the Treasure Chase event last?
    • It starts on July 3 and continues all the way until July 30.
  • Where can I share the answers?
    • We ask that you please do not share the answers to the clues. Half the fun is in solving the riddles and we’d love for everyone to have the chance to solve them on their own.
  • How can I check my Badge progress?
    • We hope you’re having fun chasing down that mischievous elephant in Pogo’s first Treasure Chase! Remember, once you follow a clue to a game, your Challenge will auto-activate, and your progress will be measured as you play. Want to see how you’re doing? Be sure to look at your Challenge Progress here:
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