The Great Egg Hunt FAQ

Hello Pogo Community,

We’ve heard a few questions you’re having regarding the Great Egg Hunt so we wanted to take a minute to answer them.

Q. What Album are the Badges in now? 
A. The Great Egg Hunt Badges that can be purchased are currently located in the Mix n Match section. Additionally, you can find the free Great Egg Hunt Badges under the All Wednesday Challenges section on the Find a Badge page. Please remember that once you complete a Badge, you can view them on your profile under the Badges tab.

Q. What Album will the Badges go in? 
A. The Great Egg Hunt free Badges will go into the Special Edition 2019 Badge within a few weeks once the event has ended on April 28. The Great Egg Hunt Badges that you have paid for will stay in the Mix n Match Album.

Q. Do we get to keep the Badges? 
A. Absolutely! You get to keep all the free Badges that you complete. You also get to keep any Badges you pay for. If you do not end up completing the paid for Challenges before the event ends, you can still work to complete the Challenge and earn that Badge. Please understand that any Badges completed after the event ends will not count towards the rewards in the Great Egg Hunt.

Thank you for reading and have a great time in the Great Egg Hunt!

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