Sweet Tooth Town: Player Q&A

Greetings everyone! Thank you for your questions regarding Sweet Tooth Town. We’d like to take a moment to answer some of them that we received in the Pogo Insider Blog and the forums.

Q.How do you get to level 31 in the Bakery?
A. To get to level 31 in Antionette’s Bakery you will first need to either purchase the Chocolate shop or Candy Shop in Construction Mode. Once you’ve purchased either of these shops you’ll need to upgrade to tier 2. Once you’ve upgraded to tier 2 in either one of these shops and you have enough coins (50,000), you will be able to upgrade Antionette’s Bakery in Construction Mode.

Q. Why can’t Sweet Tooth Town be returned to the way it was when it was introduced?
A. When Sweet Tooth Town was released there was an unintended issue that was allowing users to continuously replay previously completed levels for chocolate coin currency. This led to some being able to unfairly work around the intended design of the game to get a leg up on completing levels and progressing through the game.

We have since fixed this issue in order to make the game fair for everyone so that you will earn the appropriate amount of coins based off the number of stars you receive. Users will no longer be able to repeatedly play levels that have been completed to earn infinite coins.

We are continuously working on further adjustments to make the overall experience of Sweet Tooth Town fun and fair for everyone. Please rest assured that we do hear your feedback and we are investigating. We will have more information to share with you soon.

Q. Do you have to use up all of your Power-Ups before purchasing more?
A. Currently the game allows you to purchase more power ups once you’ve used up all your stock for the items that are purchasable. We will continue to work on improving the game and periodically release updates. Please stay tuned to the Pogo Blog for more information!

Q. Is there a store in the game?
A. Currently there is no store that can be directly accessed in the game. As with the power ups question, we continuously make updates to our games and are always thinking about great ways to improve it. We appreciate your feedback and do take it into consideration as we plan game updates. Please keep your eyes peeled on the Pogo Blog for more information about when new content or updates become available.

Q. After reading your post about Sweet Tooth Town HD, I realize something isn’t right. I have gotten to level 30 (replayed all levels to get 3 stars) yet, I can’t access any other higher levels. There are signs on each new spot that says OUT OF STOCK. Nothing happens when I click on them or any other spot on the map. I also haven’t been able to change Shop Keepers. Is there something wrong on my end?
A. It sounds like you might be experiencing some difficulties with Construction Mode. You should be able to add more levels to your shops through the construction mode icon in the upper left corner of the map. To upgrade your shops, click on the shop you’d like to upgrade in Construction Mode to see the cost and requirements. Once you’ve met the requirements and have enough chocolate coins you should be able to unlock more levels if they’re available.

We are aware that some users are having difficulty using Construction Mode, so we’re currently investigating what we can do to help. In the meantime, please refer to these articles about how to use Construction Mode:

Sweet Tooth Town Badge Tips

Sweet Tooth Town: Game Updates and Getting Started Guide 

Q. I have reached Sweet Tooth Town level 10. When will you add new levels?
A. It sounds like you’re ready to upgrade your shop to a higher tier. Upgrading shops in Sweet Tooth Town adds more levels to the current shop and gives you more chances to earn chocolate coins to spend on further upgrades! To do this you’ll need to enter Construction Mode and purchase an upgrade with your hard-earned Chocolate Coins.

We got a couple of great blogs that may be useful for reference:

Sweet Tooth Town Badge Tips

Sweet Tooth Town: Game Updates and Getting Started Guide 

Once you’ve made your way through all the levels available for purchase in Construction Mode, keep your eyes peeled to the Pogo Blog for more information about upcoming game updates which may include new levels and other improvements to the game.

Q. Would someone please explain the two candies which show up in some games. They look like they have some air movement, into one and out of the other, so as to create a movement. But what do they represent? I’ve been unable to get them to affect the game at all. What are they doing?
A. We call those red and green candies “portals” in the game! The green candy is an “entrance,” and the red candy is an “exit.” Whenever candy falls into the red exit, that means it will go out with the green entrance that matches it. Sometimes the entrance is far away from the exit, sometimes they’re pretty close by; it helps to watch where the candies come out once they go into the exit, as it will often help you to plan your moves!

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