New on Early Access: Play Spades HD

One of the most-requested game updates has arrived on Pogo Early Access! Spades HD brings an elegant new look to the beloved card game classic, including an expanded cast of colorful canines competitors.

Spades HD features the same great gameplay as before, with improved performance across all modern browsers. Up to four players can square off in teams of two, making bids and winning tricks. Those of you looking for a more solitary experience can partner with and play against bots. Spades HD even features customizable rules, so you can play your way.

Play Spades HD
Read Spades HD Q&A with Pogo Sean!

Jump in and start climbing the ranks! If you’re looking to make your wins more rewarding, the first Mix-n-Match Challenge is on the way, along with a new Weekly Challenge.

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  • My question is where do we see the badges for the new spades?? How are we supposed to pick out which one we want., & also to show off ??? I don’t want to lose what we had on the
    classic pogo., why go for badges if we can’t show them or see what we earned???

    • Hello NicePatsyP!
      Great question! Please click on My Profile and then My Rewards to find your Badges for Spades and you can then select them as your favorite. You can also go to Challenge Central and click on Browse All to find your badges there.

      Thank you!

  • why do all these new and improved games have to be made for 10 year olds.. I liked the old adult games, don’t need cute and cuddly just want to play the game… you took away all the good you had my worthless tokens are really worthless… this is not any fun . this is why I won’t renew my subscription.

  • I like that Pogo chose to convert Spades to the new HTML format. However, I find the robot characters very flat and one dimensional and the format is kinda Clunky. I want my avatar to show and not just an initial. The Forum explained it better and easier on how to customize the table. I DO like the HD conversion of Jungle Gin which was more like the Flash Version, except for the part again about the Avatar not showing just the initial. Spades HD needs more work!!!

  • I like this version a lot better than the old one! Graphics are larger and brighter and cards move faster!

  • Spades and Jungle Gin, my two favorite games. Ruined. You can’t search for a table to play with anyone. You make a table, no one will find you. None of my friends are even on the list. A couple I don’t even know. This is wrong. I probably will not renew.

  • I(t is a little strange but once I get use to it be no problems.

  • i don’t like the new spades game at all! the old way was better because it was easier to play with other people. if possible you should go back to the way it was before. also, if somebody doesn’t play a card or if you want to boot them you can’t and there are enough people who OFTEN refuse to play a card and stall the game. since i only play spades and pogobowl don’t know if i’ll be renewing my subscription! also while playing one of the games froze before it was finished. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTEDLY YOURS,

  • Please listen . we want to play rated games and we want a lobby to call out for players . and our mini at the table next to us not a letter . you look in spades every one there ok 98 % play rated games and you go look in lobby people call for players . please pogo we want rated and our lobby back . you took all our fun away . i hope canasta not going be like that . and we want our mini mall back . and what happen to poker and bowls and pool . i hope you read this not just brush it off .

  • Spades belongs in classic. I truly dislike early acces

  • can someone please tell me how to connect with my friends on pogo games,and not just anybody playing.

  • I have read everything you put in on your new spades game, and nowhere do I find a way to play with friends. their name does not show up on the page to join a game or anywhere else. Did I miss something, if I did please tell me how friends can play.
    Thank you

  • We have Paid for our MINI Items many want their Mini GOODIES BACKGROUNDS we BUY GEMS for MONEY & many bought MINI ITEMS LOSING them is UNFAIR as we bought them for GEMS ( MONEY ). MAKE IT easier to Find GAMES MIX & MATCH ALBUMS BADGES Fix The JUNGLE GIN as it is now we can not put the cards as we want in our HAND the are difficult to control.Many of us Older GENERATION are havinhg a very hard time
    NAVIGATING ON THE NEW POGO SITE PUT Things the same as they are on the OLD VERSION Would be much better for EVERYONE easier to find MIX & MATCH BADGES as it is On the new version no way to find them.

  • Spades is one of the games that I love to play. I hope you aren’t offering it in the early access experience (very childish to me). Just the games please…

  • what happened to the old spades game that you played with the dogs

  • It is impossible to find your friends on the new spades. You can only see them if they have made a table and are waiting on players. I hate this part.

  • bring back the old game the new one is terrible

  • When do you expect skill levels will be available? It is important to the members who play spades a lot.

  • why can’t i see my friends tables in these games? meaning scrabble gin and spades. When I check my friends list i see they are there when I go play I don’t see teir table

  • i see that i have friends on. but cannot find them pls me

  • What have you done to Spades? You have taken all the fun out of the game. We can’t join a table if it has started, we can’t pick our partner therefore we are stuck playing with whoever if we wait to get a full table. there is no lobby so WE can make the decision on where and with whom we play. I really hope you are still working on the game because as you can see nobody is playing, why is that you ask…because you have butchered the game, very disappointed!!!!

  • I am so sorry, but without a lobby and picking table you wish to play at, its’ just not right. I do not wish to invite friends for every game, but I do want to see if friends are here in the lobby. I want to see who is at the table before I join, I don’t mind friends or strangers, but I do want to see who is there. You took away our choices…it seems to me, that we either play with friends that we must invite, or bots or strangers, no mixture of the two……that is just not right for me..and if you do the same to canasta, well I guess we shall part ways….Please understand, that we really want and need our lobbies, to converse, check on each other, have a little fun, decide if going to play or not…..PLEASE GIVE US OUR LOBBIES!!!!!!!!

  • PogoLlama,I tried the new spades and it was ok. The only thing I saw was that it would not always allow you to bid 0 in a game. I like to play the bots, especially on a badge as they move fast like me. Doing that I also don’t like to up the bid for my playing partner so i just always bid 0 or nil depending on my hand. In several hands it want me to start the bid at one or two and no zero. This is not a good thing in my book.

    Also i have accumulated a lot of pogis but am a bit disappointed as from the way it was explained while we were waiting for the new rewards system, I and a lot of other player were thinking that we would be awarded pogis for every game we played and not just the challenge games. You said time and time again when we complained about losing the tokens that we would be awarded a new system. We took that to mean FOR ALL GAMES. Now there is no point in selecting any personal weekly badges because there is no reward for doing so. Please rethink some of your choices Pogo Llama. We players are so disappointed. Thank you for listening.

  • Welcome back Spades and a big well done Pogo !
    Game play to me was the same although I did only play the bots, but the new graphics are really good thank you.

    Really nice to see this game back and updated !

  • letting you know i do not like pogo slots i do not buy gems I pay enough to play on this site if you keep on doing this I will no longer join the next time Thank you

  • like THE OLD spades.

  • Spades update is terrible. Why cant pogo upgrade everything the same? ugh

  • love this game
    the sooner it returns the better

  • Is there a place I can leave comments related to new game – there are some issues.

    • Hello Cardmb4,

      You can leave them here on the blog or you can go to the appropriate game section on the forum. Thank you!

  • I can’t get games started with people….there’s no way to ask people, looking at the settings takes forever because they’re on 3 pages now instead of 2. I really don’t like it so far!

  • Will we be able to access where our friends are in the new HD games?

  • comment faire pour rejoindre ami sur spades hd

  • i so hate the new set up on spades. I’ve been a club pogo member for 10+ years and i just cancel my pogo. it sucks. bye pogo

  • I like the game, thank you Pogo, now we just need Canasta to complete the 3 main card games. Good job Pogo

  • Hi you need to make it so we can watch our friends play cause we like to hang and chat especially since there is no lobby(which I love no lobby was so much drama there)You also need to give host more control like the yes or no option to allow players to sit And you also need to make it easier to join friends table even if its from joining from friends list like b4 would take us right to the table A lot of my partners have went to another site cause it has a lobby and can join table with friends If u can come up with fixing some of those issues maybe I can get em to come back Thanks Bobbi

  • Here is my new comment. Ignore the last one. I apologize for not handling change well. It would be good if you listen to those of us that play. Otherwise what is the point? The new Spades is awful. I cannot even see my cards. Make the cards easier to see. Why are you not using real cards? We do not want silly dog faces.

  • put clue back on here .if dont i wll pa for this no more pleas,

  • Just played Spades….prefer the previous version. Same goes for Jungle Gin.

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