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Solitaire Blitz Q&A with Pogo Akash!

Pogo Llama: Hello and thank you so much for joining me here for Q&A about Solitaire Blitz! Can you please tell the Pogo Community and I a bit about this game? What is the main objective?
Pogo Akash: Happy to answer! Solitaire Blitz is a fast-paced card game where you are a sea captain exploring the Caribbean for valuable treasure. You find treasure by clearing all the cards before time runs out! You clear cards much like similar solitaire games – making long streaks. What sets us apart is the need to be both clever and quick! So play solitaire, go on adventures, and be a daring treasure hunter!

Pogo Llama: I love the sea theme going on here and the combo of both clever and quick.  I also really like the art design in this game. Can you please speak to the art direction of the game?
Pogo Akash: I believe the game depicts the beauty of the Caribbean. The player is the captain of a vessel, so all the island destinations look not only enticing but also welcoming! This is not the Caribbean of our world, however. Mermaids, talking fish, and other fantastical elements all bring the game together. There are also several Card Backs to earn to make the game your own.

Pogo Llama: And who is this worm?! I must know the name.
Pogo Akash: That would be Otis! He will be your constant companion as you journey from island to island. He’ll be sure to watch the clock so that you can win the game on time! He is just one of many wonderful friends you can meet in Solitaire Blitz. You have Pearl the royal mermaid, Jacques the brave one-eyed starfish, and many more.

Pogo Llama: Otis is a good, strong name. I like it and look forward to his constant companionship during my adventure at seas. So, Solitaire Blitz has been around for how long now? What was the process like to recreate it for Pogo?
Pogo Akash: The original game launched in 2012, believe it or not. My team and I realized that it was a very good fit for Pogo and recreating it has been a blast. We made sure the game feels as good as the original version, and added some new additions just for Pogo! We know our players love earning Ranks and beating Challenges so we made sure to make those elements feel great. It’s definitely not just a new coat of paint, and I know the Pogo players will enjoy it!

Pogo Llama: I appreciate that you kept Pogo players in mind as you recreated the game! What is your favorite part of the game?
Pogo Akash: I love going on quests in the game! I get to travel the seas, find treasure, and even learn about the history of the Caribbean as I do it! Also, helping the characters with their interesting and sometimes funny problems is a treat. There is even a quest where you get to rescue dogs who are wearing scuba diving gear. I’ll let the players find that one.

I also really like how the Card Backs turned out. You earn them by completing quests so they are good reminders of the adventures I went on. My current favorite is the orca whale. We have a lot of varied ones, so I expect the players to find their favorite amongst them.

Pogo Llama: Do you have any game tips for our players?
Pogo Akash: Absolutely! Players, don’t worry too much about making the perfect play! Since there is a timer to worry about, playing cards quickly is the most important path to victory. When you can be both quick AND clever is when you will find the best success. Keep your pace up and you’ll become an expert in no time at all.

Pogo Llama: Is there anything else you’d like to say about Solitaire Blitz?
Pogo Akash: The team is super excited to have this game set sail, pun intended. :) We’ve been hard at work to get this out and very proud of how it turned out. Now, I can’t wait for the Pogo players to play Solitaire Blitz and go explore the seas!

Play Solitaire Blitz now!

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