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The Story of Sherlock Holmes Is Coming to a Close

After several years and well over a hundred episodes, Sherlock Holmes is wrapping up with one final story. We know many of you are fans and have followed along this game since the beginning. We can’t even imagine how many objects you guys have spotted over the years!

The final Sherlock Holmes episode arrives on July 16. The game will remain available even after that, so you can still play older episodes or even complete the entire series. We intend to keep it available for as long as we can.

Sherlock Holmes is coming to an end in part because it is an older title built in Flash. As many of you know, support for Flash is being depreciated across the Internet. Please understand, we have no control over how web browsers handle Flash support, and many are planning to stop supporting it entirely in 2020.

As always, we are very dedicated to updating games to HTML5, a newer and more accessible technology. With Sherlock Holmes being a third-party title, we are not in a position to update it. We are definitely planning to bring you many more games, including more hidden object games. Stay tuned – we’ve got a lot in the works!

Thanks for all your support and for helping Holmes and Watson solve so many cases!

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