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Service Update: Upcoming Changes to Pogo Sign-In Experience

Over the coming months, Pogo will be transitioning to a new sign-in experience shared across all EA games, sites and services. These upgrades will improve the safety and security of your Pogo account(s), and make it easier to access other EA services.

What this means for you:

  • Your Pogo account will become an EA Network account, and will work across all EA sites, including the Origin Store.
  • Your Pogo screen name will become an EA Public ID. Some users may have to change or choose a new EA Public ID if there are any existing name conflicts.

What you should expect:
Most of you will see only minor changes to your overall Pogo experience, but there will be a few steps to go through to get your account(s) ready.

  • March: Signing in with Facebook Connect will no longer be an option. If you use this feature, we will update you on how to change to an EA Network account once we get closer.
  • July– October: The new sign-in experience will guide you through the account transition and get you up and running. After that, you will sign in using the email address associated with your EA account to log in to
  • July– October: If you have multiple Pogo accounts tied to a single email address, you will be required to update our system with a unique email address for each existing Pogo account. We will provide helpful instructions on how to do this in the coming months.
  • July– October: As part of the security upgrades, you will need to provide a new password and set up a security question.

The changes should be completed by the end of October. Once everything is all done, signing in will be just as quick and easy as before!

To make this as smooth as possible for you, we will be providing updated news and help every step of the way. We’re also going to be addressing the most common questions and concerns.

Feel free to send questions about this in the comments section below. Pogo Llama will be answering questions in upcoming Pogo Insider blog postings.

Thank you for your understanding,

-The Pogo Team


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