Service Update: New Email Confirmation Question Coming Tomorrow

As we get ready for our transition to a new sign-in system, we’re reviewing accounts for any potential problems. As such, many of you will see this screen starting tomorrow, June 19:

If we’ve already detected a problem with your email address, you will see this screen instead:


If you see either message, please take a moment to make sure the address on record is current and one you have access to. If you ever run into any problems signing in to Pogo, it’s critical to have a valid email address on record to ensure a swift account recovery process. We want to get you back to your games as fast as possible!

If the email address on record is out of date or one you can no longer access, it’s a good idea to visit your My Account page and update your email address.

For more information on the upcoming Pogo sign-in changes, please review this handy guide.

Thanks for your understanding!


-The Pogo Team

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