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Service Update: Jet Set Solitaire Level Updates

Hello Pogo Community,

We really appreciate your feedback on Pogo’s games. I read the feedback in the forums and due to this, saw there were a few issues with Jet Set Solitaire and passed them along to the team.

  • The difficulty with the Maiden’s Tower level in Jet Set Solitaire. The team became aware of this issue and worked to altered this level to make it less difficult.
  • We also heard there were card flipping issues with Marrakesh 2: Tajine 2. This has now been fixed.

You will find both of these changes are now live in Jet Set Solitaire. Thank you for your reports of the issues and your patience. The Pogo forums are always a great place to go to get tips from fellow players and to leave feedback.

Enjoy and have a fun weekend here in Pogo!



Pogo Llama

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