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Follow the Clues and Win New Badges in the First-Ever Treasure Chase

A playful pachyderm has run off with the key to a treasure chest loaded with a new animated Badge and power-up pack. Join the search by completing new secret free Challenges every week to win Badges that reveal Ella the Elephant one piece at a time.

Here’s how the Treasure Chase works:

  • Every Wednesday during the event, three new secret Challenges will unlock. The Challenges are freely available to all Club Pogo Members.
  • Follow the clues from the Treasure Chase page to figure out the games and Challenges.
  • If you’re on the right track, you’ll see your progress revealed in the game as you finish levels. It may take a couple tries to find the right game, or right goal to complete.
  • Complete each Challenge to win a Badge. The Badges form part of the larger picture.
  • To win, you’ll need to finish all 12 Challenges by July 30, completing the picture and unlocking the treasure chest.

If you succeed, you’ll walk away with 12 Badges from the secret Challenges, a brand-new animated Badge and a pack of helpful power-ups.

Join the Fun 

Good luck and happy gaming!

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