Royal Wedding: One Year Later Spot the Difference

Hi there Pogo players,

Pogo_John here! In honor of the new Secret Builders title Royal Wedding: One Year Later, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite aspects of our hidden object games, the ‘spot the difference’ levels.

You may have noticed that in some of the hidden object games on Pogo there are some levels that are not like the others. These special levels come up at the end of episodes and have two images of the same scene lined up side by side. At first glance these two images may look similar, but they’re actually quite different. If you look closely, you’ll notice that several of the objects are different from each other. The objective of these special scenes is to make both left and right match in order to complete the scene.

Take a look at the image below:

As you can see it can be quite difficult, but there are 12 different objects between these two copies of the same scene. In order to progress you can choose to click on the object that is different. If you click on the correct object it will then change to match the other image. You can click on either side the left or right sides to remove the difference.

Here is the same scene above after a few of the differences have been found:

Each of these “spot the difference” scenes have 12 different objects that you’ll have to find to succeed. It may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry! There is a hint button you can use to help you out in a pinch. Just be careful, because if you use the hint too many times your score will drop and you may not get all three stars for completing the scene.

Royal Wedding: One Year Later, the follow up to Postcards from Britain is available now on Pogo. Get ready to explore the beautiful United Kingdom. Happy object hunting!

Play Royal Wedding: One Year Later now on Pogo!

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