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Poppit! Party and Crossword Cove HD Game Updates

Recently, a series of changes to Poppit! Party and Crossword Cove HD went live. The team was alerted to the fact that there are some issues with these changes; these have since been taken down and the team is working on correcting them. Thank you to the community for reporting these issues on the forums!

Here is what you will now notice:

  • Poppit! Party – Jumping power-up at end of game has stopped and will be addressed.
  • Poppit! Party, Pogo Sudoku, and World Class Solitaire – Image quality will revert back to what was seen last week.
  • Crossword Cove HD – The pop-up seen when completing the last word of a puzzle to confirm submit will revert back to auto-complete until a future update.

Once the fixes are made and they are ready to be re-implemented in the games, we will post here on the blog to keep you all informed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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