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Service Update: Pogo Prize Drawing Retiring & Jackpot Spinner Updates

Hello Pogo Community,

As a reminder, Club Pogo Prize Drawings have been retired. If you won wallpapers, please claim them by 10/22/19. After this date, the claim feature will not longer be available.


Here is the original messaging which was published on August 29th, 2019.

As we make room for the future of Pogo, we’re retiring some older and lesser used sections of the site. As such, the Daily and Club Pogo Prize Drawings are coming to an end.

  • You may continue entering the Daily Prize Drawing and the Club Pogo Prize Drawing up until September 30, 2019. The final winners will have seven days from the date of notification to claim their prizes. The Prize Drawing page will no longer be accessible after October 22, 2019.

The Jackpot Spinner found in older games is also being adjusted and will be awarding only tokens.

A lot of big changes are in store as we move toward a new and improved Pogo experience this year. New games, features and more are on the way throughout 2019… and beyond!

Thanks for your understanding,

-Your Friends at Pogo & EA


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  • I will truly miss the jackpot spinner. I had been guessing what I would get and sometimes what I guessed was exactly what I got. It was kind of fun. I even received gems once. Oh well, onward and upward.

    • Oh wow…I have never won anything here….Guess it is what it is!

      • I did. Something like $3100+ in 2009, and it was paid. Had my 3 grandsons and it sure came in handy!

  • will you be offering gems in the jackpot spins still….i sure hope so….at least we feel like we are getting something…so we can send gifts to our friends……just wondering…..

    • Hi Funnyldy4u,
      Thank you for your question. The Jackpot Spinner found in older games is also being adjusted and will be awarding only tokens.

  • So sad to hear this. The Daily Prize Drawing and Jackpot Spinner was a big draw, especially in the beginning when I first joined Pogo. :( And that little Jackpot Spinner animation with the sounding horns; I will be sad to see that go. It always brought a smile to my face.


  • Looking forward to the future of Pogo. I have always loved my pogo for many years and intend to continue on with all thats in store for us…Thank you Pogo, i appreciate you!

  • too bad, sorry to hear this.

  • Glad to hear about new improvements with upgrading pogo. time for certain things to retire to a better looking games and features

  • I am excited and looking forward to the future of Pogo, and so far just love the new games, thanks Pogo for everything!

  • I am also saddened to read the latest updates. The Daily Prize Drawing and Jackpot Spinner have brought many happy moments. I have never won a cash drawing but remember winning the wall paper and more recently gems. Lots of changes we POGO veterans have had to accept. Some very good, yet, some not so good. Thank you for not completely doing away with the jackpot spinner.

  • Awww to bad about the spinner. It was exciting when you won gems. Im a senior so on a limited set budget so winning a few gems here and there was always a nice treat. Thanks Pogo but no matter what I love love love the games and info you always provide….

  • I’m really sorry to hear this — I’ve been playing the daily prize drawing for a couple of years, and even though I’ve never won, I feel like I always had a chance to win. Now nothing! I have won gems in the jackpot spin a couple of times – sorry that will end too!

  • Change can be hard sometimes but I’m looking forward to seeing what it will be. I, too, enjoyed the horns and confetti of the jackpot spinner. I plan to stay with Pogo… but I sure hope they bring a backgammon game you can play against robots like canasta! I’d never leave the site…lol

  • hopefully everyone will get to win , at one time are another. 11 years and won 1 time.

    • Lots of years for me with POGO (over 13) and I never even won wallpaper or gems! Oh, well, nice to see others have won!

  • Hi Pogo! As you know so many of us love and enjoy the Jackpot Spinner. I will miss it. It’s one of those thing’s that make me smile and give Pogo that fun feeling compared to many sites that are so generic.

    I really hope soon we can find out what will replace it? It would make me feel better. I do love my Pogo and playing games here and have for many years. Happy Birthday Pogo!

    • Hi Brewncorn36,

      The Jackpot Spinner found in older games will remain in those games. It is just being adjusted and will be awarding only tokens. Thank you.

  • I won $50 quite some time ago on the “spinner” – so that was great – also won the “wallpaper” – etc. What happens now that a “money” option is no longer in the mix? What will be offered instead? Should be gems or something of that nature, I would think.

    • Hello Elainie49,
      The Jackpot Spinner found in older games is also being adjusted and will be awarding only tokens.

  • I’m sad it is all going away. I never won but always thought maybe this time. But Life is all about changes. Who thought vinyls would go away, then 8-tracks, then cassettes, and I am guessing with streaming that CD’s and DVD’s will also go away. But I love Pogo and I am already so addicted to Mahjong Sanctuary and Quinns Aquarium. Looking forward to Pogo’s new path to the future :)

  • I don’t think I even knew about “a daily drawing” and I’ve been here forever. Maybe a senior blond moment??????

  • Guess I am a creature of habit. I know the new to come will make some happy but some of the changes disappoint me and I am in dread but hopefully not for long. I am disabled and the challenges give me something to do on high pain days but I miss the days of spending all day playing and chatting with friends. I hope my 130,000,000 tokens I earn stay because it is the only thing in my whole life I have ever earned millions of anything! Gives me pride in knowing my 20 years with Pogo has some long lasting reward. I never won anything other than 10 gems once but I had all the wallpaper and screensavers anyone would ever want to have lol. Now you have me walking down memory lane lol. I remember when I would refresh room lists for hours waiting to get into my favorite room in some games lol. Always got mad when neighbor flushed toilet and the dial up would reset hhahaha.

    Pogo isn’t a gaming site… it is a part of my life!

  • I won tons of “wallpaper”, and gems X4 !! Fun! But with time everything changes .. sigh! (:

  • Change is always good; embrace the changes!

  • I’m sad to read this, as I’m not a fan of change. But, heck….I never won any of the prize drawings and I’ve been around since 2003. But I did win gems a few times in the jackpot spinner, so I’m sorry to see these things disappear. Let’s hope for some gratifying replacements. Fun times at the Mini Contest today; I hope there are more to come.

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