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Pogo Daily Sudoku Q&A with Pogo Clement

Pogo Llama: Hi Pogo Clement, it’s so good to see you here again. I know you’ve been working really hard on a number of games including Pogo Daily Sudoku and I’m so excited to dig in to the game with you. I’m also excited to have a new daily game here on Pogo. How many new puzzles do you get every day with this game?

Pogo Clement: Hi everyone, it’s been a while! Yeah, I’m currently working on a couple of games including Pogo Daily Sudoku in collaboration with CoolGames. There’ll be 3 puzzles available for you guys every day, in various difficulties.

Pogo Llama: Oh that is fun! Three times the fun, in fact. Can you tell me about the power-ups that are in the game? How many are there and what do they do?

Pogo Clement: There’ll be 5 power-ups you can use in a puzzle. Hint helps you solve a cell; Magic Lamp helps you solve 9 cells at time, one in each region; Freeze Time will stop the timer for 30 seconds so you can get more time bonus when you finish a puzzle; Magic Eye will light up all cells with the number you select so it’s easier for you solve other empty cells.

In Pogo Daily Sudoku, you lose 1 life if you input a wrong answer in a cell, and you lose the game when you lose all 3 lives. The Extra Lives power-up gives you another 3 lives when you lose, so you can continue conquering the puzzle.

Each day the game will unlock 3 puzzles. If you miss a day, that day will remain locked. You can use a Key to unlock a previous day. If you can’t wait for the next day, you can also use a Key to unlock any future day in the current month.

Pogo Llama: I love all the options and I can already see how I’ll strategize my use of them. I really enjoy seeing some of the friendly Pogo characters in the game. Can you tell me about the art in this game? I’m looking at the game screen right now and I like the pensive looks on their faces. Well done!

Pogo Clement: You know, while we like solving sudoku puzzles, it can be boring if numbers are the only thing to look at all day long, so we decided to ask Pam, Spike, and Nestor join the game! Thanks to CoolGames for the effort to put them together. Our characters go well with the game interface and we’re very pleased with the end result. We hope you guys like it as much as we do!

Pogo Llama: Speaking of art, I see there are some themes you can unlock. How do you unlock a theme? There’s definitely a theme within the themes! Haha!

Pogo Clement: Each month there are 3 themes to unlock: 1 uncommon theme, 1 rare theme, and 1 epic theme. Each of these themes requires different numbers of completed puzzles in the month to unlock, regardless of difficulty. So don’t miss any day! Or use Keys to unlock other days in the month so you can work on the puzzles and unlock those themes!

Pogo Llama: What’s the difference between Pencil Mode and Pen Mode? Which is your favourite Mode to play on?

Pogo Clement: If you’re sure of the answer for a cell, you can use Pen Mode to put in the number directly. Remember how I said you’ll lose a life if you get the answer wrong? No worries! You can use Pencil Mode to mark all the possibilities in a cell without losing a life. When you know the answer for sure after a while, switch to Pen Mode again and put down the answer.

Pogo Llama: I hadn’t ever played sudoku until we released Pogo Sudoku last year, so now I’m very excited to add Pogo Daily Sudoku into my routine. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Pogo Daily Sudoku?

Pogo Clement: Yeah, here are a few tips from me. The quicker you can solve the puzzles, the more time bonus you’ll get. Of course, feel free to ignore the timer if you just want to relax and not crazy about the time bonus.If you’re playing on mobile devices, remember to play the game in landscape mode. You can also go to the Settings menu and choose how you want to play the game: switch to Cell First if you want to choose a cell first and then choose the number to fill in; switch to Number First if you want to choose a number first and then decide which cell to fill in that number.Hope these are useful. Good luck with the puzzles!

Pogo Llama: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions about the newest game here in Pogo!

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