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Where Minis Fit in the Future of Pogo

I’ve been enjoying all the feedback on Early Access and I’m so glad to see so many of you are as excited about the future of Pogo as we are.

After we shared our upcoming roadmap, a number of you raised concerns about the fate of Minis, especially with a new avatar system in the horizon. I want you to know that all that feedback has been shared with the Pogo team. I’ll be keeping you updated here on the blog and on the forums with any new developments.

I know many of you take great pride in your Minis. It’s easy to see why. Everyone here at Pogo loves seeing the imaginative, hilarious and inspiring Mini creations that come from the community. We’re definitely looking at ways of bringing that kind of creative expression to the new Pogo.

My Mini has been an extension of myself where I can get a bit more personal with the Pogo Community. I enjoy being able to dress up for the different seasons and sharing a motivating line for all players to read.

Thank you and remember that you do matter!

  • Pogo Llama

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  • I love the mini’s. I stay with Pogo because of the games and the mini me.

  • This would make the new Pogo the best game site around maybe even in the world!!!. Thank you for listening…and my mini thanks you…:)

  • I love the Minis! I just wish there were more rooms where we could enjoy each other’s mini’s.
    Boggle Bash is one of the few where our mini is displayed if we win a round or the game. I love
    seeing how everyone dresses their mini’s especially for the holidays. Thank you for keeping the
    mini’s. Now just bring back the mini mall with new items.

  • Please keep the mini’s, when I open up pogo, that’s the first thing I do is dress my mini and pick a background, my sister who lives in N. C. does the same. I’ve traveled all over the world and dress accordingly for each country! Thanks for all you do!

  • SAVE our MINI’S

  • Mini’s is what changes your day moods and the seasons.And all the wonderful holidays.Would be a shame to get rid of them after all these years. Love them….

  • I love the mini’s also, and truly hope that EA does not take away some of our favorite things. It is an expression of who I am, and where I live. Please Please, leave the mini’s alone. Thanks for all the other cool updates.

  • Love my minis. It reminds me of my paper doll days and dressing them up. Please keep our minis.

  • My husband and I both are members of Pogo and would love to see Welltris added as one of our games. We loved the Tetris and Welltris games both. Please, please add Welltris to our games menu.
    Thank you so much for listening to our wants and wishes…yeah Pogo

  • Hopefully you folks can incorporate a choice for us . . . to design our own mini’s OR to just select your Avatar . . . Respectfully, one of your old, original (from the onset) happy Pogo gamer.

  • please do not get rid of our minis, they are a part of us and its fun to dress them as we like

  • Please please keep the minis, one of the best things about pogo! The minis and Boggle Bash are my favourites!! So much fun dressing up my mini for the seasons, for special occasions, indoors or out, it’s an adult version of paper dolls, anyone out there old enough to remember paper dolls, lol?


  • If you move to Avatars, I hope you incorporate a way to customize them. Thanks

  • I’m probably one of a handful who doesn’t care. Yes the minis are cute, but it really doesn’t make a difference to me wheather they are kept or long as we can use tokens to buy outfits, as that is all tokens are worth using them for.


  • Please don’t take the minis.That’s whats makes POGO.

  • Please keep Minis we all just love them. All of us who play Pogo. Thank You.

  • I totally agree about keeping the minis love that instead of the avatar. I hope that you continue this. Also I do like the old version of pogo main page, it is easier to get around, the new one I am not really excited about, sorry. Maybe just keep both as most of the time it is hard to get around to doing the badges. Thanks for listening.

  • Pogo won’t be POGO without our minis. I’ve shared the link to my profile with friends and family specifically for them to see my mini. Many of them decided to join Club Pogo because of ability to create a MINI, not just a run of the mill avatar. PLEASE, PLEASE let us keep our minis! Thank you!

  • I love minis. Please bring them back!

  • I have gifts for my mini that i have been given by dearest friends that have now passed away, Please do not take these or the mini away.

  • I love my mini and I love dressing her up PLEASE do not take the mini away

  • Yes “Save our MINIS” I’m 77 but my mini and outfits take me back to when I was a child playing with paper dolls. Couldn’t wait for the McCalls mag to come so I could cut out Betsy McCall. Pleeezzzee keep our minis….and the side bar chat column. I have lost touch with friends due to the new game structure. Thanks for listening….now let us see results. HAGD

  • i agree with all the comments please keep our minis.