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Pogo Early Access: How to Always Find Challenge Central

We know the new Pogo brings many changes, including how you access Challenges. The new Pogo is responsive – meaning the site automatically adjusts to fit the space available in your browser window. On larger browser windows or device screens, you can simply click “Challenges” in the top navigation to access Challenge Central.

With smaller browser windows or device screens, the menu options condense to the button in the top left. When you click it, you can use the “Challenges” link within to access Challenge Central.
Thanks for playing on Early Access and be sure to share any feedback!
-Your Friends at Pogo

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  • That’s all well and good, but where are the badge books????

  • I love Pogo and all the games you provide. I do understand the changes you are going through and I know we players don’t understand all the changes you are making. I would just like to say that I do not like making a game selection from the large icon pictures that I must scroll through to find the game I desire. I MUCH prefer an alphabetical listing of all games. I also don’t understand how our badges – both those won and those we still have to play – will be displayed. Again, I don’t like to have to scroll through all my over 9,000 badges to find one that I want to play. Again I love Pogo and I don’t want to be a complainer, just want to make you aware of how I feel. Thank you.

    • Hello Queuemaster52,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know your feelings on Early Access. I appreciate the feedback and will relay it to the team.

      • Pogo Llama: I wish you would just take the old challenges structure of Pogo Classic and import it; put some 2020s graphics/appearance upgrade, but you would save a HUGE amount of time and end up with a much more usable product. Some of the concerns with the new system:

        Badge size. Cut them down to 1/4 what they are now in the upgrade. Make them into lists not vertical rows that have only 3-4 icons per screen is a disaster. Change the color scheme. Dark blue background of site with dark blue icons, and black writing??? Pogo classic has appropriate/actual design colors against a light color background. It makes them so much easier to detect. The new site turns over a badge you’ve looked at and then it displays virtually no information. Are ALL badges going to be blue??? With the old style…we got almost all the MnM badges on one page for a single game, that we could scan up and down and see all of them on one page…now it is so overwhelming that it is unusable. Looking for MnM badges, we got 25 in a single page.

        In sum: dark blue background, large size, blue badges with black writing, it is so dark, unwieldy and foreboding to use. The new site is just not welcoming at all.

    • I agree with you Queuemaster52. It is much easier ‘the old way’………

      • It is with great difficulty that we try to find the games that we have an active badges that we are working on. Sometimes I have up to 7 badges I am working on.

      • I thought it was just me. I have been having trouble also. I do like the puzzle game though. I am sorry, it seems so much easier the old way. thank you

    • I strongly agree. I have accumulated over 7700 badges over many years. The large tiles are visually attractive but are very poor when you are trying to navigate. Thebn scrolling is to put it bluntly a pain.

      Please add back in the homepage badge link as well an alphabetical game listing that is accessibe on the top level, not something that needs to be drilled down to.
      Thank you for listening.

    • Those of us who have been around for many years face that problem. I agree with you about having to scroll through all the pictures to find our games, I’m not a fan and I too like the alphabetical format. I have hundreds of badge books that I will now never get to play since a lot of the games have been upgraded and the old ones cannot be played. Progress is never easy for many of us at a certain age.

      • Thank you for your comment. I am a senior and I find this new format very difficult and may have to stop playing. I don’t think Pogo really cares.

        • We’re here for you and care about all in the Pogo Community. Thank you for being a part of it, Micsueone.

    • I’m with you, an alphabetical listing would be much easier to choose from.

    • I have to tell you that I completely agree. The game selection icons are too big in my opinion. An alphbetical listing (like we now have) is preferable rather than scrolling through all the pictures. Thanks for listing Pogo_Llama and the rest of those preparing the new site. It would be awesome if some things could remain the same. Thanks for listening to me.

    • i agree

    • Agree about preferring a printed list of the games and I do not like all that scrolling through large pictures either. Hope they can give us that option to have a list view. Also, the 3 options we have on Classic: All Favorites, Games by Category, and A-Z. Thank you for relaying our concerns to the team.

    • I agree with you 100% Quemaster52. The graphic game icon takes up way to much room and, like you, I prefer the alphabetical listing of the games.

    • I feel the same exact way

    • I don’t like the changes either. It’s hard to find what you want. My favorites are no longer listed together. Sorry, but I really dislike the new format.

    • I am also in agreement with Queuemaster52. I have been trying to figure out how to say exactly the same thing. I want to work on my Badge Albums, but apparently that will never happen as I will also not spend that much time searching. Perhaps if there can be an option of the alphabetical list or something similar to what we have and love now.? Thanks

    • YES…they are especially hard on the new upgrade for us that have vision problems and reply on the alphabetical listing of the games. I tried the Early Access page and gave up, I was so frustrated and confused with it so I went back to the regular Pogo page.


  • If I no longer have access to my mini and all the clothing, etc. and badges that I have bought what is the point in continuing my Pogo membership? Are you really getting rid of the things that drew me to this game site?

    • Hiya EVD1942,

      I truly value your passion about Pogo especially the Minis and Badges. The Pogo team is working hard on new features, games and more for Pogo Early Access and appreciate all feedback received on the new site as they continue to work on the upcoming additions to the site. The Pogo team and I appreciate your continued patience as the Pogo team continues to work on the site.

      Regarding badges, your earned badges are now available on the new Early Access site. You can find all of your earned badges present on the new “My Profile” page, on the “My Rewards” tab. Moreover, your Minis are still fully available on the classic site while we work and develop new features on the Early Access site. Please check back at for further Pogo updates and announcements regarding the Early Access site.

      • Ditto about the minis and badges. They have said they are working on the minis so am holding out hope it won’t be so bad. I do love so many games on here, but these 2 things made it even better. I am already missing the individual character we used to have on each badge. So many now seem to be cookie cutter, repeats over and over. I enjoyed the creativity and the icon choices we had with them.

        Thank you Pogo_Llama about where to find earned badges. Not a fan of where they are now or that the default shows oldest badges at top. Liked the quick links we had at the top of main page.

      • Yes, our badges are there under the “My Rewards” tab but they are extremely hard to navigate. For one thing, the “Sort by” buttons are backward – First Earned gives me my most recent badges and Last Earned gives me my older ones. For another, we have to go somewhere else completely to see the badges we’ve purchased but not earned yet. And lastly, without them separated into books it is almost impossible for those of us with thousands of badges to find any of the badges for retired games.
        I know we can no longer replay them but adding a “retired games” option to the “Games” tab would make it a little bit easier if you have no plans to let us keep our books. At least then we’d have an easier time going back and looking at some of the badges we had so much fun earning and in many cases paid for.

        • Thank you for the suggestions on Badge organization, loveroflibraries! I will pass it along to the team.

    • We have lost much more than we have gained in this change. Im also angry about losing my mini and all the things I have bought through the years. If they bring it back at some point in the future I will have lost all the items I had and now being retired I’ll never be able to replace them.

    • Ditto EVD1942 Love my mini & all the things that go with it. It is a very personal expression of feelings, moods, holidays, etc…

    • I agree with you totally EVD.

  • I really like playing the Early Access. Every day that I play, I find it easier to navigate. I have to say that you might feel like it is complicated at first, but make sure your read all the hints and instructions and you will have the hang of it in no time. Great job Pogo Team!!

  • Why does the layout have to look like Task View in Windows 10? What was wrong with layout in Classic mode?

  • Golly, I’ve been a member of Pogo almost since you guys started. It’s always been easy to navigate – until your recent updates. Yes, you’re dealing with a multitude of devices and programs that you didn’t have to worry about ten years ago. But I agree with Queuemaster above. A nice quick list of my preferred games is much less time consuming (and more soothing) than having to scroll through the unwieldy list that I see these days. (But Pogo still has the best games, bar none.)

    • Thank you for your feedback, Eclectic11! I agree with you that Pogo has the best games. ;) Which are your favorites?

  • Not sure what has changed since yesterday, I can access my account but the games won’t open ???? Very frustrating any idea why

    • Hi Button,
      Unfortunately I’m unable to troubleshoot here on the blog so I recommend reaching out to EA help.

      Thank you!

  • You say that the site automatically adjusts to fit the space available in your browser window, but on my MacBook Air it does not do this. I can’t see parts of the page and the games don’t fit right, either.

  • I don’t like having to flip back and forth from classic to early access to play all the games that I like. It seems more and more of the games I like are being discontinued and I am really considering not renewing my membership when it comes due. I understand that you have to change to keep the programming current with browsers, but I’m finding I’m playing less and less on Pogo because of all these changes.

  • dear pogo Llama, I was so upset when i first started the new pogo ,I really thought I was going to have to quit but , THAT IS NOT THE CASE i JUST KEPT GOING BACK AND BACK AND i HAVE GOT IT..If I can get anyone can get it Now I love the new pogo tyvm tazzcat183

    • Thank you soooooo much for letting me know this, Tazzcat! I’m so glad you kept going and now love it! How long have you been a part of Early Access?

  • will pogo / ea be putting ALL the games on early access ?…so thwn we have to join this early access ?

  • Is the Dominoes game going over to HD on the new side of Pogo?

    • please keep dominoes as a HD game. i agree it is easier to keep games in alphabetical order than to scroll through the games

  • Couldn’t you leave Jigsaw Treasures as an all time game? This is one of my all time favorites. Most of the ones you are putting out now i don’t play. I wish you could have left things the way they way they were. Sorry to complain but i liked Pogo just the way it was. Not understanding these new games & how to work everything. Guess i’m just not smart enough. Thank you. AmongAngels54

    • Hi AmongAngels54,
      Please never say you’re not smart enough because that’s simply just not true. You are smart and I am so happy you’re here as a part of Pogo. Do you have any specific questions on Early Access or the games? We all have questions at one time or another and that’s what we’re here for, to help. :)

  • In the classic version of Pogo, we have 3 daily challenges and 3 weekly challenges. Why don’t all of them show up in the Early Access version, or am I missing something? I’m sorry, but I truly HATE Early Access. The more I try it, the more I dislike it.

    • Hello NoOne,

      Thank you for your question and I do hope that the more you use Early Access and become familiar, the more you enjoy it. You can find Weekly, Personal and Mix-n-Match Challenges for all HTML5-powered games on Early Access. Challenges for Flash-powered games can be found on Pogo Classic.

  • The early access screen is such dark colors that it’s very hard for many of us who have issues with our sight. I sure hope mini’s and all the mini items that we’ve spent both token and Gems (which we paid money for), aren’t going away.

  • Will any of the new Pogo game’s chat features include being to set up private rooms, so just invited friends can play and chat? For MANY years I have met weekly here at Pogo with two friends and we catch up on family, kids, TV, etc., thru chat Thank you.

  • Bring back the chat bar I never know when a friend is in the room I’m in. They message me and say they were there and I miss out of talking to them

  • I still have access to my old minis an everything I had bought…I just switch things around.
    you are still working on this new site, but I am learning. you saved me after I lost my fiancé
    15 yrs ago. I still get on everyday. love the puzzles you just put up.

    • Hello Sunsh86300,
      Please accept my condolences for the loss of your beloved fiance’. I’m so glad to hear Pogo has been here for you and we will continue to be.

  • I am afraid to try early excess I am afraid I won’t get back to old pogo games someone in chat room said they can’t get back.

    • Hello IadoreyouJesus,
      Let me calm your worries by letting you know that you can toggle back n forth between Pogo Classic (that you currently know and love) and Early Access. Please check out this FAQ on how to toggle back n forth. Thank you!

  • If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Leave Pogo as it was.

  • I am one who does not like loosing Tokens, Chats and my fav. Mono. slots if it goes.and a few others too. But the Jig saw pieces will not move or if they do – they jerk around. Some other games keep saying I am already playing and stop me from my game, and on and on. Wow. I have been a member for 14 years and never been so frustrated. Please try to remake the new Pogo into the old Pogo as fast and best as you can. Happy HolidAys to you all.

  • For the generous and welcomed “gift” challenges, could you please always include the name of the game in
    the text after the gift is opened?? What the challenge requires would always be most helpful, without
    having to activate before knowing. Please pass this on if you’d be so kind. TY, PL!

  • Call me old school, but I really wish the games would at least be in alphabetical order. It’s so exhausting having to scroll and stop, search, scroll and stop, search just to find the game you want to play.

  • Please do not get rid of Pogo Bowl, please. My wife and I have been playing for yrs, we play every day. I promise you if you make too many changes you will drop in subsriptions. TY

  • I came to Pogo specifically for Canasta, if it’s not going to be on the ‘new’ and ‘improved’ Pogo, I see no real reason to stay. :(

  • I am so happy that you brought back Jigsaw Treasure Hunter. I absolutely love the “empty the drawer” feature. However, there is one small element that is really bothering me. In the old Java version of this game, it would maintain the look of a puzzle until the very last puzzle piece was in place and then it would turn into a picture. In this version all of the puzzle piece lines disappear once the puzzle piece is in place. It feels more like you are putting together a picture instead of a puzzle. Is this something that can be fixed?

  • Love that you are upgrading games. I agree, looking through icons for games is tough. List would be better. I love getting tokens as I finish a game. It makes the game more interesting and a feel I did something. Maybe you can award tokens for a finished game, no jackpot spin, just tokens.

  • We have 3 daily challenges and 3 weekly challenges, why is it only showing 2 of each on the Early Access? I’m with Indy5610, I want to be able to see my badge albums on the early access. I know I still see them on Classic which is much easier to navigate btw.

    • Hi rnmgrimes, You can find Weekly, Personal and Mix-n-Match Challenges for all HTML5-powered games on Early Access. Challenges for Flash-powered games can be found on Pogo Classic.

  • I’ve personally enjoyed playing on the Early Access site the last few months, it has honestly grown on me. I think in time when everything comes together and the major features that everyone’s missing are brought over and improved, people will also grow to like it.

  • I prefer an alphabetical listing of games……..scrolling through picture after picture is frustrating……….is there a “favorite game” listing? Maybe I could put all of my games there instead of wasting my time every time I want do play some games to relax

  • What happened to the display/posts of the prize drawing winners? or can you tell me how I enter into the prize drawings?

  • I now understand how the new site works but don’t play there much as I still play many flash games and get fed up going back and forth. Also, I spend my time doing challenges or playing in league and can’t play league in Early Access as there is no chat. As I get bored quickly, I usually have several ongoing challenges and use the Badges page in classic all the time to see my activated badges and look through my badge books for challenges I still have to play.
    I too would prefer a list in alphabetical order as stated above. I think the large icons with cartoons are more suitable for young children than for older people, many of whom do not use mobile devices so are not used to choosing from pictures

  • Hey, Pogo_Llama The new Pogo is awsome! thank you guys so much for updating to it, Will there be more game only on early access like crazy cakes?

  • I would like to see 2’s wild 5 card poker

  • Is there any chance you will ever bring Euchre and Texas Hold Em back?…that was the main reason I joined 20 yrs ago. I am seriously considering not renewing my Membership next year. I just don’t have as much fun with the new fangle games

  • How do you get to the third daily challenge. I have only been able to access the first two, and have to switch back for the third one. Also, there are many games that I must return to classic to both find and play. I do like the new format for some things, I guess that I am an old fart that is unable to change. Thanks for all that you do for us. I really do love Pogo, even with the changes.

    • Hello nrse2cons!

      You can find Weekly, Personal and Mix-n-Match Challenges for all HTML5-powered games on Early Access. Challenges for Flash-powered games can be found on Pogo Classic.
      Thank you for being here in Pogo and for coming along for the changes. :)

  • Will all of the games that retired be on the New Pogo??

    • Hi charlie,

      Our team is working hard and fast to transport over the most popular Pogo games to this new technology. (For example, we just released Payday FreeCell HD, Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD, and Crazy Cakes 2 is set to come in December). As soon as I hear a definite YES on the games, I make an announcement on the Pogo Insider blog which is a biweekly Pogo blog published every other Tuesday. The next Pogo Insider is due out on December 17. Thank you!

  • Has Solitaire Garden been added to the new layout? I have searched the solitaire games catagory. I have it in my ‘favorites’ in the old layout, but it doesn’t show up anywhere (that I can find) in the new layout. This game was the reason I came back to pogo after leaving for a year :(

    • Hello Funnycatt,

      At this time, Solitaire Gardens is available by clicking on “Games” and then on the “Flash games” section. Thank you for coming back after leaving for a year. I’m so glad you are back.

  • Just checking to see if all the monopoly games will be staying, especially Monopoly Slots. I am afraid that this will be a deal breaker for me if it is not.

  • The game screens seem very big Is it always going to take up my entire screen when I play a game

  • Is POGO Bowl going to be included in the new Pogo format?? If not, why not….

  • I really do not care for the way we have to look to get to challenges/badges we have purchased. It was much easier in classic. I find that I am spending a great deal of time scrolling to find something. I much prefer to check which badges I can work on the way it has been. Hope that some improvement can be made, at least group them by game?
    Thank you

  • With regard to the loss of minis and mini items in Early Access, is it possible to give us an explanation of why they are going instead of just telling us they will be replaced with avatars? It might help resign us to the loss if we knew why they can’t be retained.

    • Hi Darcar,

      Thank you for your feedback as we are listening. Minis are still fully available on Pogo Classic while the team works to develop new features on the Early Access site. Please check back at with my blog for all further information and announcements.

      Thank you for being a part of Pogo!

  • I couldn’t wait to have the early access to Pogo. Now that I have it I don’t like it. When you go to the Challenges for the daily we get three on the classic on the early access it only shows two. Not good.

    • Hello Bergeronm,
      You can find Weekly, Personal and Mix-n-Match Challenges for all HTML5-powered games on Early Access. Challenges for Flash-powered games can be found on Pogo Classic. Thank you!

  • you are my first log on in the am, keep it up all day and play as can, hope I can get thru the new stuff, been playing for years…. trying

  • Jungle Gin, how to let you just play Gin and not have to knock? I hate playing with the knock and can’t seem to get back to just plain JUNGLR

  • I rarely use it because all I love isn’t on Early Access. Your Challenge Central is a mess, but I did select 4 favorite badges. However, more work on your end needs to be done. The badges are not in any order and don’t understand why you think scrolling through page after page to try to find a badge that might not even be there is acceptable. It isn’t. Hate to bring up the minis because you’re not listening. We don’t want “something similar” to the Mini Mall. We WANT the existing mini mall because we’ve spent tons of dollars in there and don’t want it taken away. What I request from you is an announcement far enough in advance so that I can take pictures of the Mini Mall items/snapshots that I want to remember.

    • Hi as85382,

      Thank you for your feedback as we are listneing. Minis are still fully available on Pogo Classic while the team works to develop new features on the Early Access site. Please check back at with my blog for all further information and announcements.

      Thank you for being a part of Pogo!

  • Will Canasta and the other card games be in the new pogo?

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