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Discover Challenge Central on Pogo Early Access

Early Access is packed with the best parts of Pogo. We wanted to build a new experience that puts the things you love most front and center and gives games the big, bold treatment they deserve.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the bigger changes on Early Access – the Challenge Central page!

On the new Pogo, Challenge Central takes the place of Badge Central. Located under the “Challenges” tab on the top menu bar, this is where you can find and explore the huge library of Challenges available for Pogo’s HTML5-powered games.

When you visit Challenge Central, you’ll discover the latest Daily and Weekly Challenges up top. If you scroll down, you’ll see an assortment of featured Mix-n-Match Challenges. The Active Challenges carousel helps you keep up with your progress and see how much time you have left.

Want a better preview of the Badge reward? Tap each Weekly, Personal and Mix-n-Match Challenge tile to see a preview.

But what if you don’t see a Challenge you’re looking for? With the “Browse All Challenges” button, you can dive deep into the archives.

Thanks to handy filtering and sorting options, it’s easy to find Challenges for specific games, or even identify gaps in your Badge collection.

We’ve got a lot more in the works, including new ways to view your Badge collection. Stay tuned to the Pogo Blog for the latest news on games, features and improvements coming to Early Access!

If you haven’t made the switch yet, just look for the blue ribbon at the very top of Pogo. You can toggle to Pogo Early Access and start exploring. See you there!

-Your Friends at Pogo

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  • very confusing on most part

  • Just wanted to say it will take me some time to get used to the “new” POGO. For the most part, it seems great! I just played the new Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD and I love the size of the puzzle pieces and the puzzles are beautiful. BUT what about those graphics…….It is so bright that it is hard to find where the pieces will go because they have a really bright ring around them. Can you tone it down just a little when you select the puzzle pieces. Thanks for everything you guys do. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • I really like the Classic Pogo better. It is easier to view. Instead of Early Access, try giving some more levels for some of the old games. I have some where all the levels were won. Please bring back the Mini’s. Everyone loves those. Are you going to put the Tournament in the Early Access? I love Pogo the way it is. Been a member since 2005.

  • please do not take away solitaire gardens!!!!

  • are there plans to change badge access once in a game. I did a mix-n-match badge and wanted to activate a new one, but had to leave game to go to the badge pages. old pogo was better where we could see the badges available for that game while IN the game. Thanks :)

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion, MXMAMASB1! Early Access is still in development and feedback like yours is appreciated very much!

  • i noticed on your new thing there is not a friends list. how are we suppose to contact them? do we lose them too?

    • Hello allseasonsfour,

      Thank you so much for your question! Yes, there is a friends list on Early Access. If you click on the people icon, it’ll take you back to Pogo Classic and you will still have access to your friends list. Additionally, when your friends are online, you will see a notification next to the people icon on Early Access.

      We’re rolling out more features and updating current ones all the time. So please keep checking back for the latest. :)

  • Scrabble was by far the most popular game on Pogo. So popular and played by so many that it was called America’s favorite game. However, that is no longer the case because the new format has completely ruined scrabble. Very few play scrabble now. I love scrabble as do many others and used to play it everyday under the old format, but now I practically never play it. Please set up scrabble under the old format again. As a popular saying goes, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

    • Hello superbpoetgames,
      Thank you for your feedback about the new Scrabble. Can you please tell me what specifically you’re finding to be a challenge with the new Scrabble? Detailed feedback is very helpful and appreciated.

      Unfortunately, we had to make the switch from the Flash version to the HD version as Flash is being deprecated across the Internet. This means when Flash goes away, Scrabble would not be playable in the Flash format.

      Thank you for your comment and please let me know what you’re having troubles with on the new Scrabble.

  • I’ve been attempting to use the “new” POGO because I enjoy playing all the different types of games and the challenges provided. Since I have a small monitor it’s difficult to view all the games listed in a “type” as the icons are so large. Is there a way to get a quick listing somewhere that I’m missing? The graphics are really fun. Mar.Garden characters are truly beautiful!

    • Hi lynner,

      Thank you so much for such a positive outlook on things. I’m so glad you enjoying playing all different types of games and challenges. It does make things just a bit more interesting, right?!

      As of right now, there is not a textual listing of the games on Early Access. However, it is feedback I’m gathering from players and I’m happy to pass this along to the rest of the team for you.

      Thanks for your comment and for enjoying Early Access!

  • if flash is going, will I still be able to play games that seem to require it, have been member for long long time and am old. don’t know that I understand all that is going on. just want to be able to play canasta, and majong… will I be able to with new pogo??

    • Hi Hwbrue,

      First off, thank you so much for being a part of Pogo.

      Unfortunately, yes, Flash is being removed from the Internet. This is something Pogo has no control over as it’s in the hands of the owner of Flash. The positive side of all of this is that there has been notice of this so Pogo has been creating new games in HTML 5 (also referred to as HD) which is the new technology that games and other websites Internet-wide are now using.

      Our team is working hard and fast to transport over the most popular Pogo games to this new technology. (For example, we just released Payday FreeCell HD, Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD, and Crazy Cakes 2 is set to come in December). As soon as I hear a definite YES on the games, I make an announcement on the Pogo Insider blog which is a biweekly Pogo blog published every other Tuesday. The next Pogo Insider is due out on December 3.

      That all being said, I will let you know when/if Canasta will be making its way to an HD/HTML 5 format. We do have a number of Mahjong games already in the new format so you will be able to play those without Flash.

      I hope that’s helped clear up any confusion. Please let me know if you have further questions. Thanks again for being a part of the Pogo community.

      All the best and happy holidays!
      Pogo Llama

  • My main concern is losing my mini. That will take all the fun out of it for me. I agree with the others about the older card games like pinochle,gin etc. They are more challenging then hunting objects. I’ve been a member since 2003 and if I lose my mini I don’t think I’ll renew again.

  • I’d really like to see the minis to come back with the new pogo

  • I really wish you had kept My Badge Collection page easy to get to. I find this new way too confusing to deal with. :(

  • I realize you’re working hard, but I can’t find anything even with your video…I want a legible, readable home page, not huge, in-your-face photos. Too confusing. I need words so I can run down the list and decide what I’m in the mood to play.

  • Early on in this transition, it was mentioned that instead of badges, we would be getting “rewards”, or something to that effect. I haven’t seen it mentioned lately, and I’m wondering just what these “rewards” are going to be. And please, keep canasta and jungle gin.

    • Hello Alixia,

      You are correct and the Pogo team is are working on a new reward system that will replace the the current token system. When I have more information on the future of Tokens and the reward system, I will let you know here in the blog. Thank you for your question.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Is Texas Hold’em ever coming back?

  • please bring back wordwhomp whackdown!

  • Please don’t make things more complicated and take what badges we have paid and won away. Me and other family members have been with POGO over 10 years and love it.Thank you!

  • i don’t understand why the amount of challenges do not show for challenges in the new Early Access.
    I have to go back to Pogo Classic to see how much I can win. Is this something to be fixed in the futrure

    • Hello Supvictx,
      The Flash Challenges are still housed on Pogo Classic while only HTML 5 Challenges can be found on Early Access. Thank you for asking.

  • Am I being punished because i still play on Windows 7. Some of my games are playing wacky, such as,
    Stack’em, Poppit bingo & Lottso. All 3 very slow and I have tried them on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Explorer. The moves seem to float and takes for ever to make a second move and then the game totally stops? I cannot afford a new puter or pay for an upgrade. Been playing for almost 20 years on this site.

    • Hello Duchess,

      Thank you for your question and I can assure you there is no punishment here on Pogo. We do recommend using Windows 10 for Early Access and the HD games. For a full list of recommended computer specifications, please see the FAQ on our forums. Thank you so much.

  • I find all the new games are sooooo much alike.

  • WoW, this is the 4th time I have tried to ask this question (it is even deleted in the ‘Your posts’ section in the Forums.)
    In the ‘NEW’ Jigsaw Hunter game are the puzzle pieces going to stay this shape or is discussion being mades to change their shape? Tabs & notches are hard to see & the rectangle shape is not pleasing to the eye.

    • Hi Sillychick,
      Thanks for your feedback on Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD. I’ll let the team know your thoughts. Thanks!

  • please bring back adventures hidden object game

  • I want Pinochle back, spades, hearts, jungle gin and canasta.

  • i just wish ya would leave stuff as is. Don,t care much for change.

  • If you are bringing back old games, how about Buckaroo Blackjack? All kidding aside, you have to include private chat, which is viewable while playing the game.

  • i miss pinachle and pool please bring them back

  • very confusing on most part