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The Pogo You Love, Now Better Than Ever

A lot has changed since Pogo first arrived over 20 years ago. Internet speeds have increased, technologies have come and gone and we’re all more connected than ever. That’s why we’re teaming up with our amazing community to make sure Pogo keeps up with the times.

We’ve heard you loud and clear, and together we’re building a brand-new Pogo experience! Everything you love most about Pogo is getting better as we step into the future. You can see for yourself in an all-new video sneak peek starring Joyce. Catch up with her as she looks back at Pogo through the ages and makes the switch.

Watch the New Pogo Video Teaser 

Once you’re done watching, be sure to scroll down to see our upcoming roadmap and find out how you can join Pogo Early Access.

Thanks for spending so much time with Pogo! We’ve got even more fun in store as we continue to build and expand Pogo in the years to come.

-Your Friends at Pogo


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  • Hi, I agree with some others, love the new format, but hoping Canasta, Jungle Gin and Spades come over. Also, I like playing with robots, so hope that feature doesn’t go away.

  • I am still “practicing” with the new site, but the more I use it, the more I like it :). Navigation is much easier and everything is so much faster. Great job, Pogo team!!

  • please consider redoing dominos for html

  • I was an early access and the new site is easier to navigate. But with the games I loved to play gone, and they have been gone, there isn’t much incentive for me to continue on. It was always about the great games and chat.

    • Hello dbld!
      Great news for you as more HD games are in development as well as chat. Stay tuned for more info!

  • I would be happy if our minis were seen and we could change their backgrounds, clothes, etc. like we’ve always been able to do.

  • I hope jungle gin
    dominoes all in HD. I love the HD because I don’t like to talk to other ppl, because ppl are more rude than they were 29 years ago

    • Hello Judy,
      Thank you for your game requests. I appreciate you being a part of Pogo.

      • If you want game requests please please add more coins to sweet tooth town because some of us cant go on to new levels without them.

  • Cute video! :) I’ve lost some of my favorite games but still enjoy quite a few…hope they stick around! Please keep Jungle Gin and Spades. I miss World Class Solitaire and Mah Jong Garden.

    • Hello HERBKDR!
      World Class Solitaire and Mahjong Garden are available now in the new HD format.
      Thank you for watching the video!

  • Great job on the video! I still find the old site easier to navigate and a bit easier on the eyes. I think the icons on the new one are still a bit large. I’m Hoping to see My Mini, Jungle Gin, Spades, and Chat on the new Pogo. :)


    • Indeed you will have Crazy Cakes back in December! Yippy!

      • It would be great if u could have the old pogo and games and a place for the new pogo and the new pogo Games … Then your members that have been with pogo for many years will be happier. I know I will that is why we joined in the begging . Please think about it. I met a lady from California and we are still friends and keep in touch. oh well, think about it. The games were more fun and its fun to play and be able to talk.

      • Yay! I liked this one, too!
        What about Makeover Madness – that was wild, but I loved it on crazy mode. :-)

  • Will you be bringing Word Whomp Whackdown back????


  • Am 90 and new things are hard for us old people. almost blind so pogo is my day. hope we will still have the old for
    mat for my about 8 hours a day.

    • Hi MojoP!
      Thank you so much for being a part of Pogo. I really appreciate you being a part of this and I am honored you spend your day on Pogo!

  • I still use a PC and in the teaser it did not show one. Call me old school but I still prefer to play multiplayer games as well as individual games that still allowed us to have interaction (chat with the other players)….Yes Yes I have read that chat is being worked on but so was the new reward system that we were to get a sneak peek into last Dec. as per blog Oct.9,2018, blog # 89. I renewed based on the promises so here is hoping they are kept.

    • Hello SMurph!
      The new reward system IS being worked on and I apologize for the delay in the sneak peek. I will let you all know more information just as soon as i am able. :)
      Thanks for watching the video! It does show tablets and mobile devices being use. However, Pogo is not getting rid of the PC desktop ability. It’s just an added bonus that players can play on these other devices. Yay!

  • I hope you have some of our favorite games like Canasta, Jungle Gin, Boggle Bash, etc. I’m tired of these games where you have to hunt for pictures of stuff that make no sense. My eyes aren’t what they use to be and it’s not fun when you can’t find stuff. Please don’t lose those few games left that I enjoy playing

  • Hi, just a quick question, Are they going too fix the HD game if you walk off for 15 minutes or so you need reload or get kicked out of the game?? That is so annoying!! I may go cook, fold laundry, eyes needs brief break come back have reload! new format is ok miss some features such as side chat, mini mall, picking rooms to go in with friends, know this a trail format, but we love chatting in rooms.
    I did enjoy the video!

    • Hello Luvmetender60,
      Thank you for your question, I will let the team know this is happening to you.
      Thank you for watching the video. Please know that more features are being added to Early Access. The Pogo Insider is the best place to keep ahead of all news and information. Thank you!

  • I wish we could still win tokens on the HD games. That’s the only part I don’t like. I know there are challenges and token specials (Thursday and Sunday), but that’s not enough. I want my tokens!!

  • Can you add lottso to the list of games to bring back.


  • I love Pogo overall, however I miss Pinochle, Thousand Island Solitaire and Word Whomp Whackdown and I also miss getting tokens for playing games. I do hope this will be sorted in the new Pogo.

  • I love Pogo overall, however I do not see Solitaire Gardens on early Access. Is it going to be added. I real like playing Solitaire Gardens. I which Pogo would bring back the Tokens.

  • I love Mahjong Escape. I do not see that one either. I am hoping it will still be available. I play it every day!!! Some of the new mahjong games seem harder to click on the tiles. I also hope that will be fixed as well. I love mahjong!!

  • I am at a stage where I have to decide on renewing my Club Pogo membership. However, I am no longer clear what the features of the Club bring right now for a site in transition. There are not firm details provided in this regard. It is called a Club, but it appears the changes made are to just make Pogo a basic tablet or phone website. Please advice.

    As a public company, Pogo has an obligation to inform members of specific facts. Thank you for the details a public company should be providing to paying Club Member customers.

    Thank you for a reply.

    • Hello Bwaymama14,

      Thank you so much for your question and thank you for being a Club Pogo member.

      Here is a direct link to the newly updated Club benefits page located on Early Access.

      As you may already know, Early Access is in development. As new content becomes available to players, I will let you all know more details here on the Blog page. The team is working hard and there is a lot more to come.

      Thanks again for asking and for being a part of Pogo

  • Please bring back Lottso.


  • Pogo is a great game site,but I miss getting tokens for the HD games.It takes a long time to collect tokens.Will we ever get them for HD games?

    • Hello Velvet,
      Unfortunately Tokens will not be available for the HD games. Thank you for asking.

  • I find the fomat harder to negotiate. Guess I am getting old and don’t like change.

    • I agree that the new format is more difficult to negotiate. I like being able to see all my favorites listed down the center of the screen in the order I designate and the number of players in each game. The new format (it seems to me) is geared more toward players who like to play independently of others. For example, to see how many players are playing a game, you have to actually go into the game, favorites are now just a list of games we designate and the list is too short so you have to scroll down, and finally, no chat IN the game. It seems to me that the “new” POGO is targeted to younger, solitary players. For those of us who have been Club members for many years (almost 14 for me), POGO is as much a social experience as entertainment. That’s why our mini, tokens, badges, and chat are important.

      • Hello lhaines0331,
        Please keep in mind that Early Access is still in development and new features and games are being worked on as we speak. Thank you for being a part of Pogo!

  • On the new format, yes, it looks nice, but it’s a bit confusing. I know the new site is still being worked on, and I am hoping we will be able to navigate to badge albums like the current site does. I have been working on going through albums that still need some badges done to complete the album, but on the new site, I didn’t find that navigation possible….hopefully, not YET! :-)
    Also — have you all considered the possibility of allowing members to GET RID of challenges they purchased and exchange them for another? I’ve bought several over the years that I am never going to do (don’t know what I was thinking at that time, haha), and I would really like to exchange them for a comparably priced challenge in a game I WILL play. Just my thoughts…. Thanks!

  • The new site is fantastic and I’m very thankful that we’ve been given the opportunity to help shape it. As time goes on, I’m certain everyone will grow to love it. With that said and with the remaining Flash games going away at a rather quick pace I have one request that I’d like to throw out there. Many of your long term members such as myself have not always been able to be as active on Pogo to get the Weekly Challenges completed over the years. I myself truly would love the opportunity to get as MANY badges as I can before the rest of the Flash games disappear.

    A lot of us would be beyond thankful if Pogo would allow us to complete more than two personal badges weekly before the rest of the Flash games disappear. I understand this seems like a big request, but as someone who’s been with you guys for 16 years now I feel it’s a reasonable request. Even if it’s just a week marathon of completing as many personal challenges as you can, it would put a lot of people at ease and allow us to collect the badges for the Flash games that will soon disappear completely. Please?!

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion, Tammy! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new Early Access experience.

  • I wish you would bring back cribbage to Pogo. I really enjoyed playing it with friends and miss it.

  • i did check out early access & the new Pogo video
    & its wonderful & looks like a lot of fun is coming our way : )
    Ty team Pogo i cant wait!
    i would like interactive games to be added to the new venue plz
    like: Lottso, Dice City Roller, Everyone Wins Bingo, Pogo Bowl,
    BOGGLE Bash, Canasta etc., so we can continue to play with our
    family & friends that live far, far away from us & enjoy chatting
    along as we do now.
    and of course let us keep our mini & mini items so we can bring
    it along & continue w/our mini fun : )
    Pogo has been a wonderful, fun experience b/c of our ability to
    make friends, have minis & play fun games.
    plz keep it as wonderful as it has been.
    Ty for listening & have a Happy Thanksgiving-;{@

  • will you have limit texas holdem? I hope so_ many people played it.

  • wondering if big city adventures and undiscovered world will be joining hd. i miss playing those. enjoyed majong sanctuary but finished the levels. will more be added? otherwise i enjoy playing early access games!

  • Will Dice City Roller ever be back? or lottso?

  • where can I find favorites on the new site

    • Hello momlochel18,

      To find your favorites, click on the pink heart located on the top right of the game page. This will create a drop-down list and you can select to play your favorite HD game! Now you can add more than 10 games to your favorites list. You can use the new “See More Favorites” option to view every game you’ve favorited in one handy page.

  • I have been a member for 12 years and I do understand that with technology constantly evolving there were changes that needed to be made in order for us to keep the playing. However, I am having a hard time adjusting to the new set up. I like some of the changes but most of the games I have enjoyed over the years are not part of that yet and we dont have our minis that we have all come to enjoy. As others have said, it would be nice if we had the option to choose which site we wanted to use. I do thank you and all those that are hard at work making the site possible each and every day.

  • While the commercial looks great, sadly so far the new Pogo does not. :( So many games are gone & it looks like more will be leaving. I don’t want to choose one of 50 game characters as my avatar. I loved earning tokens & buying things for my avatar. I have nothing against change when it’s for the better but at this point I’m very disappointed. I’m sure you are trying your best but so far it’s not looking good…. Sorry but that’s my opinion.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Gwendabear. Please know that Early Access is still in development and new features and games are being worked on. Thanks again.

  • Is Thousand Island Solitaire ever coming back?

  • Please keep Boggle Bash. I play that first every time. Don’t forget about us old folks who don’t see so good anymore. The search games are hard to see with these tired old eyes. Love the minis – changing outfits with the seasons. Won’t miss chat very much, some people are just rude.

  • Hi,

    The new website is good. I miss crazy cakes, hairdesser game, and roller dice. Are we getting them back.

  • Hope you keep bingo Luau, we have a great group of friends that we have made and we sure enjoy that.

  • I am a very competitive person and used to like see where I stood in Word Whomp, whether it was 1st or 25th, I just like to see my standing. Will this ever come back?

  • I am still hoping to see Lottso come back. Please?

  • what about monopoly slots is it gonna be on the new for mat

  • Hello
    Me too I hope the games jungle gin, canasta and dominoes all in HD

    thank you for all the new very beautiful games in HD

  • dear pogo_ liama could you please tell me if these games will be in the new pogo. games are draw poker, dominoes, risk, canasta, jungle gin, and spades. thank you romeo199310

  • I also hope you will keep jungle gin & a few more .I didn’t see pogo bowl on the new site.I am not a big fan of it yet. will try to get used to it. I have been a member for almost 15years.