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We’re Opening Pogo Early Access to Even More Players!

If you see a blue ribbon at the top of Pogo, that means you’re invited to Pogo Early Access!

Follow the link in the ribbon to switch to the brand-new site we’re creating and get an advanced look at the future of Pogo. Take the tour and play some of your favorite games, bigger and bolder than ever.

Returning to Pogo Classic is easy – you can find a matching ribbon at the top of the Pogo Early Access site.

Switch back and forth as often as you want. All game progress and purchases made on Early Access carry over to Pogo Classic. Looking for older Flash-based games? You can use the “Flash Games” link under the “Games” drop-down menu on Early Access, or simply return to Pogo Classic.

We’re going to open the door to more and more players in the coming weeks and months. If you don’t see the ribbon now, you will soon!

Thanks for all of your support and feedback,

-Your Friends at Pogo

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

Comments for this blog will be turned off on Friday at 4PM Pacific time.

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  • are we gonna be able to chat in the games on the new pogo like we do the classic pogo…bc every early access I have played you cant chat and I like chatting with friends as I play

  • will there be chat rooms in the new games soon?

  • I’m hoping that you will have chat fixed. I’m tired of playing by myself. No card games like gin, spades, or pool, fortune bingo, etc. I would also like it if I could decide on weather or not to have a full screen. As of now you can’t do that. These things are important.

  • I am really enjoying the Early Access. At first it was a little confusing, but after using it, I all comes together. I do miss seeing my mini. But other than that, I do like it much better. Great job!!!!!!

  • after reading opinions in forums, I will not be trying early access…don’t want to get disappointed any earlier than I have to…sorry for being grumpy but the new site doesn’t sound good with the comments from a ton of people…hagd anyway (even though I won’t see this comment replied to)…just getting it off my chest

    • Hi Shmr341!
      Please let me know how you feel once you give Early Access a good thorough try. You never know! :) And keep in mind, it’s in development and features are being worked on.

  • Nice layout and easy to maneuver about.

    However, when you click on a game you want to play, you have no idea what room you are going to, let alone you can’t see your friends in the room because everything is focused on the game. You cannot chat either. Bummer!

    Basically, you really are by yourself playing your game with no one to chat with but yourself lol

    Hope this changes!

  • Thanks so much for all of your up-dated information to many of us pogo players, my one and only complaint so far with the new Early Access is the chat is not being able to be at the sides of all new games on the site. If you switch it to the side where all pogo people can meet new friends and chat with all friends, this would be 100 percent fantastic.
    Thank You Very Much.

    • You’re quite welcome, Lava!
      Chat is currently in development so please make sure to keep reading the Pogo insider for more information. Here’s an article with more information, as well.

  • I have filled out the questionnaire at least 30 times and I still can’t get into the early access.. Everyone I know on pogo has been able to get into it.
    I don’t understand the problem that I can’t see it like everyone else

    • Hi Cathy!

      Thanks so much for signing up for Early Access! Please understand there are a limited number of slots available. We’ll be inviting more people in as we get closer to our launch. Thanks for your excitement and interest in the future of Pogo!

    • Hi, I felt the same way and one day, the access was at the top of my page to see the new site You can get the 3 new badges. So, I can encourage you to wait, it’s coming. Have a good day.



  • why is it NOT open to everyone??? only the chosen few!!!

    • Hi littlelulu!

      Thanks so much for signing up for Early Access! Please understand there are a limited number of slots available. We’ll be inviting more people in as we get closer to our launch. Thanks for your excitement and interest in the future of Pogo!

  • Plz is there any more talk about adding chat?

  • I would appreciate it if you brought CRIBBAGE back to POGO ACCESS or even to POGO classic…
    Thanks.., Patsy

  • So far, I do not like the new version of POGO early access is showing. It is a lot harder to read the home page etc It is harder to see the games listings And NO MINI’s…. Cannot see “my collection” etc to see my albums so I can decide what I want to play next

  • cant wait to see the changes …. been a Pogo player for a while and it is relaxing to sit and play just to unwind …. Thanks Pogo for the best game site out there

  • After exploring the new Pogo, I prefer the Classic Pogo. It;s a lot easier to fine the games, friends, Pogo mail. etc. In the new Pogo, it;s right in your face when you go to it, the games are to large on the screen, but the color is great.

    Pogo Classic is more friendly user, and I;m glad that your keeping the option open that we can use either of them.

    You asked for use to give your feedback, and I;m sorry if it’s not all positive.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback, Lani! I do appreciate it and can’t wait for you to see what Early Access has in store. Please remember it’s in early development with more features on the way! :)

  • are all the badges we earned going to transfer over? i’m one of those people that love to collect them

  • i have been playing in pogo early access…..the only thing i dont care for is that there is no chat in any of the games any more….only games i have seen it in is the flash games which have not been made HD …..its no fun anymore……you used to be able to play and talk with all your friends….we would all meet in a room and talk away and play… it seems like your all by yourself and no interaction with anyone….what fun is that……are you going to be bringing the chat back ….i think more people will be quitting and moving on to something else where they can talk with their friends….i know all of us feel really bad about this….alot of us have been members for years…..please bring the chat back in the games…..thank you

  • i am excited for all the new looks, graphics, and the new games and releases. i love my pogo! But please can we keep our minis. i love expressing my self and don’t want to lose it. Keep up all the great work. thank you gmott129

  • I got new computer windows 10 I believe. Now I dont get the forums . Is there a another site to get the forums. the ones I do get ARE VERY OLD like sept. thank you Sue. The pogo is quite different I hope is as good as the former pogo.

    • Hello SO4hatch,
      You can reach the Pogo forums by clicking here. Are you able to access them through that link?

  • Wish we could get to our Badge Collection on the Early Access! Disappointed it is not there yet

    • Yes I too miss being able to look at my badge albums. I also want to ask if the 3 challenges a week is going to continue? I prefer 2 personally.

      • Thank you for your question, Ray! The 3 Challenges will be remaining for the current time. I’ll keep you posted if that changes.

  • I hope I get this soon would love to try it out

  • please put CHAT option on the right of the screen again so we can play and talk

  • I just want to come home relax and enjoy playing my game I spend hundreds on power-ups and always have enjoyed pogo. I am one that hates change. Please make the transition easy.

  • I just signed up for the early access to see if the chat is enabled to the side of the screen, instead of at the bottom of the playing screen.. As I’ve left feedback before, as did others, I hope that Pogo knows the importance of being able to chat and play at the same time. I’ve stopped playing the HD games for this reason.

    This is very important to all of our Pogo members. It’s what makes Pogo unique. Please do not take that uniqueness away.

    Thanks from a loyal fan.

  • gloriahanna love the new look !!!

  • I am enjoying playing games in Early Access. There is one little thing that I miss, though. I enjoy editing my Favorites list. I put games I play a lot or that I have an active challenge toward the top of the list. I hope editing the favorite list will be added to the new Pogo site. Thank you.

    • Hello Mamatu3!

      I have great news for you as you are able to edit your favorites list. :)
      To find your favorites, click on the pink heart located on the top right of the game page. This will create a drop-down list and you can select to play your favorite HD game. Now you can add more than 10 games to your favorites list. You can use the new “See More Favorites” option to view every game you’ve favorited in one handy page.

      Thank you for being a part of Early Access!

  • Hi Pogo Llama. I do like the new layout of the early access. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I do miss my mini as well and the layout of the badge albums. I know it is a work in progress. Keep up the good work!!

  • Thank you for choosing me! This is so awesome! What a great job you have done, way to go, pogo team!!

  • really really want pinochle brought back–that was one of the reasons i joined pogo years ago–please bring it back

  • Well…
    i did it!
    i went into early access & survived to tell about it LOL
    it was >>>> drum roll plz…FUN : )
    Pogo team has done it again, great job!
    it was scary at first, mysterious & spooky i thought
    oh, Halloween themed LOL
    and im having so much fun going in & out that i cant stay
    in one place as im checking every li’l nook & cranny LOL
    i know its in early development & more features R on the way
    such as chat etc.
    i would now like my mini & mini items to follow me into
    this new venue plz then my joy will be complete : )
    pogo team is amazing & can make it happen.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to get early access to pogo’s transformation. It looks so strange but maybe I just have to get use to the new layout. I surely miss the old games and I think it’ll be a little difficult to adjust to the new layout. I’d like to address the following in hopes that maybe they can amend the feature later on. I’d like to be able to change my profile pic, can we alphabetize the “favorite” games we pic and I’d like to know if we must continue clicking on another hyperlink to take us to play the “flash” games?
    I’m honored to be chosen for this gracious opportunity.

    Kindest Regards

  • I was wondering if you going to bring back thousandiland solitarie soon? I hope so .I really injoyed playing it.

  • I am so excited about our new site…I participate in early access and I go back to the old site to add more badges to add with the already available HD Challenges! The Artwork Is fantastic and I Love the new Larger Screen! It is fun fun fun and I can’t hardly wait to see what is coming our way next! Thanks so much for making Club Pogo the best gaming site ever! Club Pogo is in a Class all it’s own! Better than any site I have ever visited! I am so overjoyed to be a part of this Great Merger with EA! Thanks again! It is a place to go when those sleepless nights come on and it is always a pick me up and fun! God Bless!

  • l have been on pogo many years i don’t play like a lot of people mostly a few hours at night i like marhjong escape but i never do the machine one we need more time for us senior people please think about changing the time longer for us.Thank you pogo

  • What is the blue check mark by some people name mean?

    • Hi CuriousMar!

      That’s the “Played the New Pogo” mark appearing next to every player participating in Pogo Early Access. Please click here for more information.

  • please bring back pool and checkers

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