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Keep an Eye out for the New Early Access Mark

Starting October 22, you’ll notice a new icon popping up around Pogo – on profiles, in forum posts, on your Friends list and even in guestbooks. That’s where you’ll see the “Played the New Pogo” mark appearing next to every player participating in Pogo Early Access.

Show off your excitement for being in on the ground floor, or just let people know you’re taking part in shaping the future of Pogo.


We know there are a lot more of you eager to try the new Pogo. If you have already signed up, we’ll be opening the doors to even more players soon. Be sure to sign up if you haven’t yet! 

Keep following the Pogo Insider for more news on Early Access and the future of Pogo.

-Your Friends at Pogo

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  • Don’t really care for it will we be able to keep Classic Pogo Lots of games I play are missing

  • My Husband and I really, really, really miss Word Whomp Whackdown. Is there any changes you’ll be bringing it back in HD??????????

  • I am one of the “Oldies but Goodies”on Pogo. LOL Been here for 15 yrs or longer.
    What amazes me are your Graphics,They are totally unique and done with top class.
    I love pogo games especially your card games.Pogo is number one in my book and a special thank you for making it even better!

  • I like the new changes but also would like to keep some of the card games you are not bringing into the new pogo

  • So far I love love love the new layout. I really enjoy how easy favorites work. I’m old and have been a member almost as long as Pogo existed. Large screens are a real blessing. Thanks for all your hard work and I can hardly wait for the next updates.

  • Please bring back the best game ever..LOTTSO!!!

  • Keep the minis add chats beside game not under please.

  • I’m a Poppit Fan!! It’s my way to Relax!! Thanks for being here!

  • So far i am not liking the new early access. The screen is tooooo big. Please give us more choices on games like bingo,card games,sudoku,jigsaw puzzle ,find a word. So tired of mahjong games,solitaire garden, cookie connect, trizzle,jewel academy. I keep playing the first games on all of them just to get through them. No fun.You guys are the greatest and I love Pogo but please change the games for us.I know your still working on the early access but please listen to us senior citizens. We play Pogo through out the whole day and for most of us its total enjoyment. Thank You for listening.

  • Can’t wait for the new pogo

  • please find a way to keep pogo bowling. it is my favorite game, and pls find a way to keep it because I have made plenty of friends with pogo bowling, ty

  • me again sorry I love the new Pogo games i had to blow the old games up to see them NO ANYMORE! also I love the graphics your hard work behind the scenes are paying off thank you!!!

  • bring back lottso

  • more hidden objects games

  • would love to see the clues and spies game again!!!

  • Is it possible that the hidden picture game could have a progress bar on the incomplete games so we can see which games need the most work.

  • Thanks for bringing this to us. Keeping my eyes out for it.

  • I have asked other players about bowling. Noone has been able to tell me if there will be bowling after the changes. keep this or another bowling game going. I love the mini’s I hope we keep those also they are a lot of fun. Thanks for all you do .

  • Most of the articles said what I was feeling, just add them all together! Once I learn how to maneuver through it all the changw qill be even better for me. Am excited for our new pogo,

  • please bring back City Dice Rollers

  • I am very excited to be a part of the Early Access Experience. I am pleased to be able to give my feedback during the development phase of things. We moved recently & two very pleasant young men came to install & explain our new fiber-optic internet. When they asked about our usage, I proudly told them… my son is an actual gamer…… But I POGO! We had a good laugh. Pogo is a very special community. I have met some wonderful people in my 4 short years here.

    It’s the seemingly little things that make Pogo so special and that set it apart, miles above the rest of the gaming sites. Logging on & being able to see everything at a glance is such a comfort. I feel distressed when I log into Early Access, I feel a little lost & don’t know which way to turn. Not because it’s new, but because of content & design.

    I love to see my Mini first thing on the Homepage. She makes me smile & warms my heart. I can see all the latest headlines, current promotions, chases or hunts & news announcements. I can see how many friends are online & if I have messages, mail or gifts, gem, coin & badge count. I can see all my favorite games & how many are playing them. I can see a selection of badges in progress or recently earned. One click & I can see a full display of all recently earned badges. I like the fact that from the (Classic) Homepage, I can access any of the above, with just 1 click.

    Our Mini community is AWESOME! We have the kindest most generous souls in the Mini world. Our Mini’s & Profiles, being able to easily Chat while playing a game, Pogo News & Blog, Badges, Gifts & Expressions, our Guestbooks, Pogo email & the Forums, these are the things that make Pogo not just a game site, but an actual “Community” of people who love to play games.

    We are a diverse community; we all have our own reasons for being here. We have wide & varied likes & dislikes but that is a good thing. There is room for everyone here. My most fervent hope is that Pogo is able to not only keep all these things that bring so much enjoyment and such a wonderful sense of community, but that they are also able to keep them easily accessible from each page, as they build our new “Home”.

    Change is hard but I am looking forward to all the good things to come & hoping with all my heart that we don’t lose the little things that mean so much to us. I believe we are lucky to have you Pogo. 😎

  • I really miss Penguin Blocks. I was just about to rank out in there and then the game quit working. Would love to see it back in the system again. I bet it would look amazing in HD. Thank you for taking this into consideration.

  • Sure wish you would find a way to bring back DICE CITY

  • ok thank you..try to bring back Pool!

  • I hope they put the other games back high stack pool back


  • Love playing Club pogo first thing in the morning while I have my first brew and breakfast. Love that you are trying to always improve and make things better. There is one thing that I would love to see improve.

    The sign in method when it logs you out. Every time I try to sign it puts back into the free account and everytime this happens I have to get contact with your support people to fix it. Being it Australia this can be really difficult to do. I would love to see pogo games go back to it own sign in.

    Also I would love to a HD version of Jungle Gin.