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Share Your Voice and Help Shape the Future of Pogo

The new Pogo is really coming together, thanks in no small part to the feedback and help of our Early Access players. We’ve already been blown away by the participation…

  • Over 50,000 of you signed up to participate in Early Access
  • 6,000 Early Access Players have logged over 10,000 hours on the new site so far
  • Over 1,500 forum posts and 500 blog comments

…and the great feedback from players!

We can’t thank all of you enough for checking out the new site and sharing your feedback. Please keep it up!

We’ve got a lot more in store for you as we add new features and games in preparation for the Fall debut. Don’t worry – you won’t be going in alone. A friendly Pogo player named Joyce has been exploring every nook and cranny of the new site. Joyce will take you on a quick tour of the new homepage, Challenge Central and the new games pages. If you go too fast and miss anything, you can click the “Replay the Tour” links at the bottom of the site. Be sure to stick around until the end of each tour to earn a Badge.

We’ll be getting to know Joyce even better soon. Rumor has it she’s even visiting the Pogo Insider for a Q&A.

Want to share your voice and help shape the future of Pogo? Sign up below for your chance to join Early Access.

Sign Up for Early Access

We’ll be inviting more and more players to the Early Access Experience as we approach fall.

We know you have questions, so we’ve been answering the most common ones. Be sure to take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) thread on the Forums for more information. Still got questions? Post ’em in the Forums!

More to come soon!

-Your Friends at Pogo


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If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, we are unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • The new format is so easy to follow. Thank you for the bookworm game. I love word games and Word Whomp is still one of my favorites. Keeps everything interesting and I can easily know where I stand on a continuing basis. Thanks for all the good work and I look forward to more games all the time.

  • My first day on early access so it will take some getting used to .. I play tournaments and I can play them on there.. do like the bigger game screens since I do have issues with my sight sometimesbut it is very bright and bright colors and light do hurt my eyes had to dim my screen on my laptop ..can’t find a few things yet but hopefully they are there like my total tokens an also My total of badges.. Not sure I like the new homepages as a whole though.. but I’ll give it time.. Had to switch back to classic after an hour.. Oh and survey cut me off before I was finished it after I hit enter to go to next question !!

  • Let me preface by saying that I absolutely LOVE Pogo and play constantly every day. :-)
    I’ve just checked out the Early Access…..gotta say I’m NOT loving the new ‘in-your-face’ page at all! :-(
    Is there a reason you MUST change things, or is it just to change for change’s sake?
    I don’t see anything wrong with what we’ve got now, seems much easier to find what you’re looking for. (I prefer to see my favourite games in written line form, right in front of me.)
    On the new page only 2 of the 3 daily challenges show up on my page, is that the same for everyone?
    I don’t need to see what I’ve played recently, I know what I’ve played…..I don’t need recommended games, it’s just a waste of space (I know what I like to play and besides, they’re all the newer games that I don’t play anyway)…..the squares are too big… looks bland and boring…..I don’t like it.

    • Hello Wsimari01,

      Thank you for your questions.

      Your first question is actually a part of the Early Access FAQ which you can find on the Pogo forum. Why are we changing things on Pogo?
      “We’ve heard your feedback over the years around visibility, navigation, game performance, and game quality. While we’ve done our best to make updates addressing these issues, only a complete website refresh will allow us to answer all your requests holistically. Early Access is the next step in our continued commitment to make Pogo your favorite place for fun, relaxation and connecting with others. We want to be the best place to play for years to come!”

      Please know that Early Access is under development and new features are being worked on for the future. Your feedback helps us! Thank you!

  • Very nice, but just a bit complicated to follow.

  • how about bringing back dice city roller and lottso also pool everyone played them rooms were always full thank you

  • I call the new format “glitz without guts.” I find the site hard to navigate, as one has to scroll through everything to find games, and many of the games I looked for didn’t seem to be available anymore. Please leave the option to return to the classic page.

  • please please please bring back texas hold em and a few other casino games – blackjack also super dominoes was my fav- i miss the old games

  • I would like the chat to be back on the side of the game instead of below it. The fact that you either have to reduce the size of the game to see chat or scroll up and down is a letdown. Pogo always touted play games and make friends but if you can’t see the chat to talk to people how do you make friends?

  • my two favorites were dice city roller and lottso,I do hope you bring them back.

  • i love pogo and have been a member since 2009 but under diff screen names. If you could please bring back Dice City Roller id appreciate it! its my FAVORITE game!

  • Thank you For the new HD games. It was time to have new games . and retire the old Some of those old games been around since Club pogo started’ Thank you for your new games.

  • My husband and I really miss Word Whomp Whackdown. Is there any chance you’ll be bringing it back in HD????? Also, can you add a button or something to un-enable the unnecessary animation in games???

  • I like that Pogo addiction solitaire was brought back. I wish that the game wasn’t slowed down by the little shimmer that happens when you complete a row. I find it a bit frustrating when any of the games has something in it that slows them down.

  • I must say I am envious of all who have been invited to be a part of the early access. Since Pogo is encouraging everyone to sign up, I have been signing up again and again without positive results. It is discouraging. I do like Pogo, and can’t wait to see the site changes.

    • Hi Rubi,
      Thanks so much for signing up for Early Access. Please understand there are a limited number of slots available. We’ll be inviting more people in as we get closer to our launch. Thanks for your excitement and interest in the future of Pogo. We appreciate you being a part of Pogo all these years. And yes, we do value your opinion.

  • You must know that Dice City Roller and Lottso along with Pool were all hits? Please bring them back as original to form as possible I miss them alot and I miss my friends.We had so much fun meeting and playing these games.

  • I miss Penguin Blocks and plain old Lotso. I used to have a lot of favorites and now I’m down to just two… Canasta and Boggle Bash.

  • My favorite game was Texas Holdem. Please bring it back. I’ve been a member for 13 years and love Pogo.

  • Please bring back Texas Holdem in HD. Miss that game!

  • Please bring back Euchre, Golf Solitaire, and Thousand Island Solitaire! They were some of my go to games!!

  • I’m hoping for a new Tournament in HD. Four of my fave pogo games were HD’d, so removed from the present Tourney list. I’d like to see the five original games plus whatever HD games are suitable for tourney playing (Tri-peaks? Mahjong Garden?). Is there a start date for all pogo to be in HD? IS all pogo going to be in HD? Cheers!

  • Please don’t get rid of Boggle Bash. It’s one of my favorite games.

  • Love the layout of the new Phase keep up the good work pogo

  • any game that involves many badges is what I look for as they could be casino games, card games or even dice games. ty,Pogo for becoming my life

  • I would lik to see the HEARTS game return

  • How do I sign up ???

  • I love the new pogo. The format is great and so are the graphics.

  • Bring back Spooky Slots!!!!!

  • we need our sport games back

  • Also I had asked that on all the spin games you would add the options to let the spins go by themselves 50 times, 30 times, etc. So many times we are interrupted by an important phone call or attending to a baby. This features comes in so handy. Please consider this option. I know you have it on one game, would like to see on all spin games. Thank you.

  • I was wondering if POGO would consider making a CD of games retired due to the internet ridding itself of JAVA/FLASH..?  POGO could still make money off of the retired games and the game players who loved those games could still play them off of a CD – AND still play at POGO to access the new updated fun games..The only difference is that the players wouldn’t be able to play against one another as in past years.. but they could play robots.. Its a win-win situation for everyone!! Is that do able?? Please let the game players and myself know.. 

    PS..I have to comment that the graphics and sound affects on the current games are phenomenal! A lot of VERY impressive thoughts and efforts went into making these games attractive and enjoyable. Thanks!


  • i would like to see people to add to solitaire garden. it would be nice to put people in the garden with the other stuff. thanks

  • If Pogo Bowl is staying on… Please put it in HD fullscreen.

  • I’m enjoying most of the new Pogo. Is there anyway you can make the Pogo characters larger in Mahjong
    Garden? Like they were before HD? I’m older now and my vision isn’t the greatest. Thanks bunches foe the new Mahjong Santuary. I LOVE it.The absolute best new game!


  • I don’t much care for the new home page but can live with it.
    The thing I dislike most is the background music on some of the games. I want to be able to turn it off but still have the sound effects of cards shuffling or moving. I just hate the music. If find it distracting and sometimes cannot hear the game because of it. That game, POPPIT BINGO, is a casein point. I can’t hear the numbers being called over the music. I don’t like the jazzy music on Pogo Addiction Solitaire at all.

  • Please bring back qwerty, LOTTSO AND DICE CITY

  • I really hope you can keep Jungle Gin

  • I have not tried the new and improved Pogo,,,one thing I would love is to be able to refuse gifts so I won’t have badges of games I truly do not like to play in albums I will never be able to finish and yes I have heard that if you do not go to gifts the badges will go away after awhile but I would like them to go away quicker. Thanks!

  • I would just like to suggest that you make the letters a darker color than light green, on the side when it tells you how your doing in a game. Im sure that there are a lot of elderly people like me that play, that also have trouble seeing the light colored letters. It would be helpful. Also i wish that you would bring back the pool game. Thank you.

  • put the chat back on the side so we can talk 2 our friends again please

  • glad to hear you will be bringing back crazy cakes, also i hope makeover madness will be among the games coming back.

  • Been on pogo a few years now and I love it. Would love to see the jigsaw puzzles back also.
    Thanks for all your hard work .

  • we need something for each holiday like spooky slots please bring that back at least. Thanks

  • Please don’t take canasta off the site please it’s my favorite game and I have been playing it for years with my friends and they are all threating to cancel membership if you take canasta away from the site so please consider keeping it for the members sake we love you pogo.

    • You took away pinochle texas holdem and a few more games we all play on a daily basic please don’t take our canasta away from us please

  • need another crossword puzzle in addition to crossword cove

  • You need a special line for WEEKLY Challenges, Daily Challenges, Special event challenges like Ghost and Trizzle events. I cannot find them in new Pogo. I love the whole page games, Finally got them to work on Firefox browser. I came back to old pogo for Ghost event and check weekly.
    Thanks for the improvements and looking forward to seeing more

  • I hope you bring back the Pool games,it was one of my favorite games.

  • I enjoy POGO also. However in reference to your gifts. When a player pushes Delete ; then it should be deleted. I enjoy closing [ finishing ] Albums. Can not do so if you place gifts [ that I can not do ]
    then I can not finish that Album.

  • I have been a member of pogo a long time i enjoy the way pogo is changing especially when you can see the last games you played keep up the good work

  • please bring back chat on the side… the pogo experience is not the same without chat that you can play and chat at same time