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Share Your Voice and Help Shape the Future of Pogo

The new Pogo is really coming together, thanks in no small part to the feedback and help of our Early Access players. We’ve already been blown away by the participation…

  • Over 50,000 of you signed up to participate in Early Access
  • 6,000 Early Access Players have logged over 10,000 hours on the new site so far
  • Over 1,500 forum posts and 500 blog comments

…and the great feedback from players!

We can’t thank all of you enough for checking out the new site and sharing your feedback. Please keep it up!

We’ve got a lot more in store for you as we add new features and games in preparation for the Fall debut. Don’t worry – you won’t be going in alone. A friendly Pogo player named Joyce has been exploring every nook and cranny of the new site. Joyce will take you on a quick tour of the new homepage, Challenge Central and the new games pages. If you go too fast and miss anything, you can click the “Replay the Tour” links at the bottom of the site. Be sure to stick around until the end of each tour to earn a Badge.

We’ll be getting to know Joyce even better soon. Rumor has it she’s even visiting the Pogo Insider for a Q&A.

Want to share your voice and help shape the future of Pogo? Sign up below for your chance to join Early Access.

Sign Up for Early Access

We’ll be inviting more and more players to the Early Access Experience as we approach fall.

We know you have questions, so we’ve been answering the most common ones. Be sure to take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) thread on the Forums for more information. Still got questions? Post ’em in the Forums!

More to come soon!

-Your Friends at Pogo


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If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, we are unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • i sure hope you bring back eurchre , you are arent you . ??? so many of us would love that . thank you

  • please bring back thousand island solitaire

  • Well, I have been a member since 2003. I don’t care for the new home page. The Badge Central, can’t remember what you are calling it now. But, I also don’t care for it, either. It’ll take getting used to. But it’s nice that we can switch to the old way in the home page. Oh, yeah now it won’t let you go back to the Classic way. I do have a suggestion: Make a Power-Up page. Where you can go in & buy the Power-Ups for all the games. That would be awesome. I hope you bring back Flower Daze & keep the guy just the way he was. Reminds me of the times I grew up in. But you’s are doing a good job. I just have issues with some games. Have a Wonderful Day.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Boop!

    • Bring back pinochle and the old games. Just don’t like what is going on. I have been a member since 2005 and just think we need to keep as many games as we can. You are doing good but just want to see more of the games. Thanks

  • I have been a member to Club Pogo since it all began, not on this name but another and I absolutely love it. Change is good and I am looking forward to seeing the new Pogo. Kudos to you all!! Although my favorite game (Quick Quack) was taken away, I love the variety of different games moving forward. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much for your awesome attitude and for being a part of Pogo, BlueEyedAngel044!!!!

  • Please improve the chat feature on the new games. Too hard to see it when it’s below the game and no private chat feature. Also consider adding a lobby so you can find and play friends (specifically Scrabble).

    • Yes, agree about “chat”. It was the main reason I first joined. I also agree about the “lobby” for Scrabble. Like in Monopoly World would be great. Please keep it about making friends while playing and improve chat.

    • I agree having chat under the game is not good we cant see whos come on or talk to them

  • I love being part of Pogo early access. Finding your favorite games is so easy and I really like that you can see the last games you have played. Great Job!!!! Can’t wait to see what is coming next.

  • Any Keno HD games

    • Keno pop was one of my few favorites. we “made” a family over 4 years and now theres not many games to chat in and we have all split up. We LOVED keno pop

  • when you delete ALL flash and java ..will we lose the movement in our action badges a lot of players are concerned when this transition takes place

  • Please bring back our Jigsaw Puzzles.

    • I would love to see Jigsaw Puzzles back. I think this is the first badge I ranked out in. But I would always go back to play it. I just love this game. Thanks for considering.

  • How do u know if u have been selected to Early Access?

    • Hi DevilsM,
      If you have Early Access, you will receive an email with instructions. Thank you!

      • I signed up for it by have never received an email.

        • Hi Marg,
          Thanks so much for signing up for Early Access! Please understand there are a limited number of slots available. We’ll be inviting more people in as we get closer to our launch. Thanks for your excitement and interest in the future of Pogo. We appreciate you being a part of Pogo all these years. And yes, we do value your opinion.

  • Please add back Texas Holdem, like the one that was removed July 31, 2019, I loved that game. If there is any way you all can get that done, that would be great.

    • Bring back Texas Holdem

    • My husband also misses Texas Holdem where he would play with people. It keeps his mind active. We hope you will put that one back on. Thank you for the HD games. They are alot of fun. We have been on since the beginning of Pogo. Joy and Hoko

    • Yes bring Texas Holdem back…..PLEASE


  • I must say I was leery about what was to come, not wanting to let go of Classic Pogo, I felt like my Pogo world was turning upside down and even felt devastated. Early Access changed all that! I love that I can see details in a game that I never took notice of before and the navigation took no time to get use to. I can’t wait for it to come all together now. lol
    Thanks Pogo!

  • I enjoyed the jigsaw puzzles, hope you add them to the list of games.

  • Hi one game I miss is lottso, is that on your list?. and I miss Shopping for Clothes, and will you work on the tournaments soon, our team is still playing, waiting for it to change, Thank you POGO for the great game site,

  • I would like to see euchre, texas hold ’em, and, cribbage back. Also, would like to be able to win the tokens for i.e., crossword cove. I, too, am a long time club member. I do enjoy Club Pogo.

  • I miss dominora canasta jungle jin bowling

  • Please bring back Spooky Slots

  • Please bring back Pinochle. Thanks!

  • I love the new layout..You have worked so hard to give us a progressive site. I hope we will see some of our favourites back, like Thousand Island solitaire and canasta and dominoes and peggle slots. Thank you!

  • Any hope for a Boardwalk Seaball type game?

  • Why did you not post any negative post? we need to see some of them too!!

  • I’m really disappointed in Pogo and have been for a long time. As a customer, I really could care less about having a new site when there are so many other things that should be your focus instead. How about games that aren’t al the same? Or new games that people actually want instead of the same seek and find over and over. Every single one of the games I loved have been cut. Of course its important to almost move towards the future, especially with flash going away, but you’re doing it in the worst way. Not to mention the newer chat system. Its horrible. This site was always so big about being friendly and meeting people to play games with and that’s impossible to do when you can’t even see the chat window while playing a game. All in all, I most definitely won’t be renewing my subscription if things don’t change for the better.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback, frkyxdevil99. I am here and the team here at Pogo is listening to the community.

  • hi pogo can u please bring back 8 ball and 9 ball pool

  • Hey Pogo:

    Way to go ever since I have become an EARLY ACCESS PLAYER I have practically left the old one. The way to select the games, the art work, bigger game name squares are totally perfect and easier to use. Love the new format it is also more modern and up to date. Cannot wait until the entire site is finished. LOVE NEW POGO. Thanks for doing it I am one happy Pogo player with it. IT IS TOTALLY PERFECT IN ALL WAYS.

  • I sure hope you bring back a lot of the retired games ! I miss them! And please let us have the badges on the games that were retired. I want to finish all my albums and some games retired and i can’t get those badges! So please help! I have been a member for a long time then i took a break for a while and when i came back all my favorite games were gone. I couldn’t believe it. So please bring them back

  • i would like to be able to hear the sounds but if i keep changing my volume on my pc and then go to another site i keep forgetting to turn it back up instead of just an off or on can there be a sliding scale to the volume control on the new games

  • it seems like firefox keeps making changes to there browser and then in return pogo is being blocked on the things it does and if i dont turn on flash i dont get the friends or who is on pogo or the chat to load will you be changing chat options to something else so that it will not require flash in the future

  • Have been a member since 2002. I really miss a lot of them that you have gotten rid of but do enjoy some of the new ones, Would like Jigsaw Det. and Dice
    City Rollers back. Thank you.

  • Please bring back Lottso!

  • Pleas ADD POOL . FUN GAME..

  • please please let us keep our minis and chat on the side. :) i really dont want an avatar even tho i like the pogo characters. we like to be creative especially during holidays. and llama you have been a judge before so you have seen alot of creativity.

  • Wish you would bring back some of the older games that the mainstay of your site would like to play again.

  • Please don’t lose Spades…Canasta…Jungle Gin…No Limit Texas Hold Em’… Terrific games…Even Poppit Sprint…Battleship:NC…

  • Yeah bring back thousand island solitaire!!!!!!

  • Please bring back “QWERTY”. It stimulates ones mind. Thank you.

  • Please please please bring back bridge! I know I’m not alone in wanting to play it again on Pogo.

    Thanks so much!

  • I miss Lottso!

  • Bring back Texas Holdem


  • Enjoy the Monthly Marathons and the extra challenges.
    One suggestion that I ask you PLEASE try to get the way they
    were …. the chat on the side PLEASE. You indicate great place
    to play games and meet friends, but cannot chat with them very
    easy while playing without having to keeping scrolling game view
    up to see chat !!!

    ALSO, cannot check if other friends we’re waiting for to join us
    without leaving the game. Would be GREAT to have it as it was,
    you can continue to play and check friends’ list for ones that
    signed on. That would be a HUGE advantage. Otherwise, doing well
    with most of the changes. Thanking you.

  • One of the comments talks about chat below the screen being hard to see and I agree especially if I am on my laptop. I also really like having private chat available and hope that this option will be made available.

  • there is a lot of games u can bring back in hd like cribbage, 8 ball 9 ball pool ,dcr ,and a few more games.thanks !!


  • Please add more levels to poppit Bingo. I got 200 then it stops Love that game Thank you

  • pleas bring back the pool game please

  • I would like to see more challenges in Word Whomp and World Class Solitare. I love those 2 games.

  • Would love to see Dice City Rollers come back Any chance???

  • I signed up for early access but I haven’t seen anything different unless I’m doing something wrong.

    • Hi Grizgranny,
      Thanks so much for signing up for Early Access! Please understand there are a limited number of slots available. We’ll be inviting more people in as we get closer to our launch. Thanks for your excitement and interest in the future of Pogo. We appreciate you being a part of Pogo.

  • Please bring back texas holdem just like the old version please ….