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See What’s in Store with the Pogo Early Access Roadmap

The new Pogo is really starting to shape up! With the help of our amazing Early Access players, we’ve been working hard on new features, games and more.

There is a lot more work to be done, and we wanted to give everyone a preview of what we have in store. With that in mind, we put together a handy roadmap highlighting upcoming additions to the Early Access experience. Let’s dive in.


Phase 1: More Ways to Play

Pick up where you left off and find new Challenges to play in your favorite games.

  • Recently Played Carousel – This handy new carousel showcases the last few games you played, so you can quickly get back to the action.
  • Challenge Central – Explore the latest and greatest Challenges. Filter and sort through 1,000+ Challenges to find the perfect match for any gaming mood. On the new Pogo, Challenge Central takes the place of Badge Central.

Phase 2: Make Yourself at Home

It’s time to settle in and get comfortable! Take a quick tour and pick out your first avatar.

  • Site Tours – Meet Joyce, an experienced Pogo player and your guide to the new site. She’ll show you around and even help you earn new Badges.
  • Avatars – Choose from 50 avatars featuring the Pogo gang. Pick your favorite or switch things up as often as you want!

Phase 3: Say Hello to New Games

Connect and chat with your Pogo friends as you play new Early Access Exclusives.

  • Chat – Connect with friends, make new gaming buddies and cheer each other on as you chase down the latest Challenges.
  • Exclusive Games – Pogo Early Access has games not available on Pogo Classic. Play the newest releases

And we’re just getting started! We’ll be announcing more features, games and updates coming to Pogo Early Access. Together, we’re building a brand-new Pogo site for everyone!

As always, a huge thanks goes to our Early Access players for helping us build and shape the future of Pogo. Please continue to share your feedback — we’re reading all of it!

We’ll be opening the Early Access doors to more and more players with each phase. Sign up below for a chance to join the action and help shape the future.

Sign up for Pogo Early Access

Thanks again!

-Your Friends at Pogo

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