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Pogo Early Access: One Site, Many Sizes!

When we set out to build a new Pogo, we wanted to make it easier and faster to use. We know changes always take some getting used to, so let’s take a closer look and what makes Pogo Early Access different.

One of the biggest changes is that the new site is responsive. If you’re playing on your desktop or laptop and maximize your browser window, Pogo will expand to fill the space. If you decide to reduce the size of your browser window, Pogo will automatically adjust to fit. This is true across devices as well, including smartphones and tablets. Pogo adapts to fit your screen!

When there is space, you’ll see all the options – Games, Challenges and Community – up top in the menu bar.

On smaller screens, or when you reduce the width of your browser window, the navigation options condense to a single button in the top left. 

If you click it, you’ll find all the important links for Games, Challenges and Community.

You’ll also notice that your profile has moved from its old location on Pogo Classic. On Early Access, start by tapping your avatar in the top-right of the navigation menu.

From there, you can access the “My Profile” link.

Don’t forget to customize your profile with some fun facts about yourself. You can also change your avatar and quote anytime you like.


We’re very excited to build a modern Pogo experience that works across so many different screen sizes and devices. The goal is to let you enjoy Pogo in as many ways as possible, from your trusty desktop or laptop to your smartphone or tablet.

Pogo Early Access is expanding with more games, features and improvements all the time! Keep following the blog for the latest news and be sure to visit the Early Access site regularly.

If you haven’t made the switch yet, just look for the blue ribbon at the very top of Pogo. You can toggle to Pogo Early Access and start exploring. See you there!

-Your Friends at Pogo

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  • I’ve been playing on both, new and old. Personally, i do not like the new. Not because i don’t like change. There’s just so much missing. I feel it’s not very user friendly. Navigation is a pain. I realize the old can’t stay but the new is lacking SOOOOO much that the old has. I’ve switched back to the old platform until i can’t play it any more. Chat, mini’s and a few other key reasons i play on pogo, are not on the new. Therefore, i do not like it. The color used for the main screen is much darker & uninviting to say the least.
    The only thing i DO like about the new site is that i can play several games that i can not play on the old site. Like, quinn’s aquarium & cookie connect. They are impossible on the old site for me.
    If the chat, mini’s & several other things, aren’t implemented into the new site, i honestly don’t think i will be renewing my membership & will stick to the free games. It’s a shame after all these years to see this =( technology isn’t always a good thing but alas, progress & “improve” is the way =) thank you for all your hard work. We do appreciate it <3 even if it's not what we want lol <3

    • Hi SaphirEys,

      Thank you so much for taking your time to comment on my blog with your thoughts on Early Access.
      Your favorite Java or Flash games, and features, may not be gone forever. The team and I are here listening and reading your game requests for potential future HD transfer. Games like the player favorite, Jungle Gin, which will be released in January 2020. We also have a number of new and transferred games in the works. I will always keep you posted on the Pogo Insider with all developments.

      Thanks again for reaching out to me about your feelings on the retirements. I am here and listening to you all.

      Pogo Llama

  • I have been a member of pogo for almost 14 years and I very upset POGO BOWL and CANASTA are retiring…I been paying 39.99 for that long…I was away from pogo for about 4 years off and on due to my canasta diagnosis….But I am back and had a really close and dear friend join….Its not fair for all the players that play in leagues to have to find another game for the leagues….I don’t understand why Jungle Gin is going to HD format, why can’t pogo bowl and canasta be that way too…Please reconsider this….

    Thank you

  • Please develop a spades game for the new pogo.

  • I am not pleased with the new setup. At least give us back the home page. I hate to leave Pogo but it is a possibility. Sorry!

  • It sounds like POGO is listening to its members. I have enjoyed POGO for many years and have made many friends here. We meet every night yer round to play games and share our lives..most are widowed. Winning tokens and earning mini mall items (and gifting them) was important to me. I loved dressing my mini for the various holidays. Earning tokens was fun…especially on Spooky slots when POGO would loosen the slots for October and we would rake in the tokens. Whats the point of winning now? All you get is a “stamp”. I still play on Classic POGO because the new POGO just seems to be endless challenges and badges with no exciting reward. Just my thoughts..thank you for letting me vent.

    • Hi Betsybug777,
      Thank you for taking the time to share with me your story and your comment. I really appreciate it.

  • I don’t like your new pogo. No mini, no chat, no tokens, the games I was like are not in the new pogo. I’m playing since 2009, I think I’ll don’ play longer in “new pogo”. There are some sites like it. I will miss the old pogo. My english is not good, I’m French, and all my french friends are thinking like me about your “new pogo.

  • I have been a paying member of pogo since it came out! back in the day there was a group of us that played in the same room daily those people became close (internet) friends of mine and gave me the courage to leave a very bad marriage! Because of that group of people I moved 1100 miles away from my problem and started a whole new life. Soon after that move it became Ea and I was forced to change my user name. I lost contact with those people. Here I sit almost 20 years later spent ALOT of money on gems to purchase badge albums and mix and match badges. The last few years have been busy for me and I don’t always get the time I would like to work on those badges, now I am seeing alot of those badges can’t be played because the game had been removed or has switched to HD. I have tried the early access and I must say that when the day comes that I log in and it is the “new and improved” version I will NOT be renewing my membership. After all these years I will be given pogo up for good because I personal do not like all the changes and most of the things I have enjoyed from the site has or is going to disappear. Good luck pogo but I think you are going to see a major drop in your users.

    • Hello sweetcajunleo_,

      Thank you for messaging me with your thoughts regarding Early Access. I appreciate you sharing your story and I’m so glad the Pogo community was there for you during such a difficult time in your life.

      It is my hope that you do not cancel your Pogo membership. You’re an appreciated part of the Pogo Community and it would be a heartfelt loss to us. However, if you do choose to cancel, I suggest that you come back from time to time and check out all the new things we have on the way. As a registered user, you can enjoy some games and be up to date.

      The Pogo team and I understand you are upset due to some of your favorite Flash games retiring. This decision was made as Java and Flash are being phased out across the Internet. While the retirement date of Flash is stated as end of 2020, please understand that the makers of Flash, Adobe, are retiring features within Flash prior to that. These features may be needed to play Pogo games. The Pogo team is working overtime to transfer over player-favorite Flash and Java games before this happens. This also means they need resources to do so and supporting Java and Flash games are not conducive to that.

      The even better news is your favorite Java or Flash games may not be gone forever. The team and I are here listening and reading your game requests for potential future HD transfer. Games like the player favorite, Jungle Gin, which will be released in January 2020. We also have a number of new and transferred games in the works. I will always keep you posted on the Pogo Insider with all game developments.

      Thanks again for reaching out to me about your feelings on the Flash game retirements. I am here and listening to you all.

      Pogo Llama

  • I agree with a lot of what people are complaining about. The new site is hard to navigate and has WAY TO MUCH ON THE HOME PAGE. It would be nice if we could put our favourites on home page like the old pogo. I am not impressed with all the games that are being taken away. I am getting tired of all these hidden object games. That seems to be what your main priority is for game play. I don’t like the new word games. I am glad to see that you brought back jigsaw treasure hunter. I really miss the chat games. I agree with people let us keep our avatars and give us back our tokens in all games. It’s bad enough you took away our jps in all the games and most of purchasing items with our tokens. You are also getting WAY OUT OF HAND with the gem expense of badges. With the exchange rate for our dollar its getting impossible to buy gems if you are Canadian. If you buy the highest package of gems it works out to be VERY VERY VERY costly! It would really be nice if you would start rewarding people who buy gems. You need to start respecting your customers pogo and rewarding them better!

    • Hello minnie3666,
      Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate you being a part of Pogo and am here to listen.

  • Every morning when I wake up and sign on I do Trivial Pursuit to test my memory. I will be unhappy if this disappears. I also enjoy all the card games so I hope Jungle Gin and Canasta and all the solitare games will be on the new version.

  • I really hope they continue to reintroduce the more unique variety of games they once had. I’m not a fan of match 3 and hidden object, and for awhile, it seems that was pogo’s primary focus. I can play those for free on other sites, I was willing to pay to play on pogo for the variety of unique games to keep my mind active and engaged.

  • I really don’t have any problem with the new format of Pogo other than the fact that you are not including my favorite game, that I play almost every day, Solitaire Garden. It is one of the few games offered that continually moves up in new levels. Unlike Tri-Peaks, world class, and first class which repeat and Jet Set which I also really like but only moves up slowly when new levels are added (currently I am caught up). It should also be noted that I only buy gems to play on Solitaire Garden. I will have to consider how much I play the other games on the site in order to decide whether I will sign up for another year once Solitaire Garden is taken down. Anyway, that is just my 2 cents worth.
    Thanks for listening.

  • Hate to see Jungle Gin Go,as it is my favorite games

  • Not to excited about this new look. I prefer all games listed rather than graphics.
    Is there any way i can look at all games in the main menu like it used to be.
    I’m too old for changes.

  • I would love to see the new side with all hd games and keep the old side and redo the games and bring them back so you would have an old pogo and a new pogo.

  • I’m a firm believer that simpler is better. what was so wrong wit the old format? why not just tweak it a bit? I miss the vertical list of favorites, the tokens which often allowed us to challenge ourselves and reach a certain amount by a certain day.
    This version may be “better” by geek standards, but as a regular user, you took a good site and, as far as I can see, there is little or no improvfememnt. The best thing, you can do in my mind, is allow the user to choose one of BOTH sites….I think it will be a big mistake to remove the original site..I for one, will no longer play OR pay for the new site.
    And why was there no consideration of small things?? Like I had just purchased a ton of tokens for Solitaire Garden and you decide not to bring S,G over to the new site!!! It seems you guys made these changes for, I am sure, some reason. but I don’t think it was to please your paying audience!!
    Again, please allow us the option of keeping and using our old Pogo version~~~. !! Thanks. DiNY