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A New, Better Pogo Is on the Way

Together with the Pogo community, we’re working hard to build the reimagined Pogo experience you’ve been asking for! Coming this fall, we’re bringing you more games, Challenges, Badges, and features – along with a brand-new look and feel for the website. Whether you’re using your computer, tablet or smart phone, you’ll have the freedom to play Pogo whenever and however you want (you’ll still need an internet connection, of course).

Want a sneak peek? Sign up below for a chance to take part in the Pogo Early Access Experience.

Sign Up for Pogo Early Access 

Don’t worry – there will be more opportunities to participate beyond the Early Access Experience. We’re excited to build the future of Pogo with you!

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. We know you have plenty of questions, so be sure to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions thread on the forums. If you’ve got questions of your own, don’t hesitate to ask!

-Your Friends at Pogo

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  • I’ve am a long time Club Pogo member… I love the changes. Please bring back Pinochle, Euchre, and Solitaire Addiction. I also miss the ability to earn tokens in HD. I look forward to updates.

  • Thank you Pogo for helping me keep my sanity this year and last year when I was going through cancer, I don’t know what I would have done without Pogo, it helped keep my mind off my problems. I do have some complaints, but I am not going into them now. I am just thankful that I had you to keep my mind off my problems.

    • I’m so glad Pogo has been here for you. All my best to you and healthy wishes, jhazeleyes!

    • I too have been going thru breast cancer since May and Pogo has been a blessing giving me something to do especially when I haven’t been feeling that great I would just sit and play some games to get my mind off of my situation. Thanks

      • All my positive and happy and healthy thoughts to you, happp9y! Best wishes as you go through your journey. I’m so glad Pogo is here for you.

    • god bless you with a good outcome on your cancer and pogo has been my friend also after my husband passed away

  • Thank you Pogo for this site,am playing most of the games its keep our mind busy went you are a widow or live alone Thank you very much.Merci Beaucoup POGO pour ce site.

  • Will the new format be able to take care of the Flash player ending 2020?

    • Hi TaYetti,

      Thank you so much for your question. As you know, Flash is being phased out across the internet by 2020. Unfortunately, Pogo and EA have no control over this change in web technology. However, Pogo is working to create a wider catalog of HD games which include transferring over a number of Java and Flash games. Thank you so much for your comment and for being a part of Pogo.

  • I think that it will be alot better. Thank You

  • I just renewed my membership on the 17th and this December will be 15 years.. Seen a lot of changes since then! One change I am looking forward to is Canasta. Will that be happening so? Also thanks for bring back pogo addiction solitaire! Any plans on bring back Thousand Island Solitaire?????

    Charmed I’m sure! lol

  • I really appreciate pogo games and i hope you will continue to be a site that makes our days worth waking up to.Even though I will sadly miss Pinochle, I am hopeful for it’s return this fall even if it is in a different site. i want to thank you and the EA and Pogo staff for their assist in the past years. I first started pogo in 2001 and even though I changed my pogo Screen name I have been helped with issues many times. TY.

  • Have played Pogo for 15+ years and has brought me hours of joy. Was really great when I became disabled; kept my mind off financial & other worries when had to quit working. Thanks for the years of entertainment!

  • thank you for making a change really going to miss my 2 favorite games dice city roller and beaker creatures please give us games like that again

  • First started playing pogo when it was free. The club did not exist. I joined the club when it first started. Been with then for over fifteen years now. Been the best ride I have ever been on. Met a lot of good friends. Some are gone now. Sure do miss them. My best friend from pogo moved from Washington state to my home town. We are the best ever fiend. She lost her husband a year ago. Was their for her. I am still here for her now and will for always. Thank you pogo from my heart to you’ll.