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The Pogo 20th Birthday Mini Collage Is Here!

As part of the big Pogo 20th Birthday Celebration, we put together a collage featuring a colossal number of Minis from members like you! Obviously, we weren’t able to fit every Pogo player in – or we’d be working on it for years to come – but we did manage to capture quite a few of you together in one massive celebratory group photo. Take a look!

Click here to download the Pogo 20th Birthday Mini Collage!

To use as your computer’s wallpaper:

Step 1. Click link

Step 2. Once wallpaper opens up, right click and select “save as”

Step 3. Name the file and save to desktop

Step 4. From your desktop, right click on the image and select “set as desktop background”

Step 5. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who participated and got dressed up for the occasion.  We can’t thank you enough for TWENTY YEARS of support!

We’re excited for the next twenty years of gaming with the best community ever! This year is extra special for us, because we’re building toward a bright new future for Pogo, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

-Your Friends at Pogo

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