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Check your system to improve your game play
Below you should see some of your browser and system information in a gray box. This can help with troubleshooting certain issues. If you don’t see the gray box with all of expected information check the Java and/or Further Troubleshooting Help sections below.
The results of the Zoom Test may not be exact depending on the Browser and OS and Resolution.

Reference Guide

Below you will find information about each of the items that appear in the Browser and System information box above. Everyone’s situation is different so the fixes may vary.


1. Many issues can be resolved simply by Clearing Your Browser’s Cache.

2. Sometimes simply trying a different browser can resolve an issue. For Windows 7 users we recommend not using IE10. And some Windows 7 users may not want to use IE 11 either.

3. Typically you will want to make sure you have the latest browser available for your OS (Operating System).

You can get the latest of each supported browser here:
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Mac users can try the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. But they may not work for Java. Otherwise they can update Safari through the Mac Apps store.


Cookies Enabled should equal True. Not having Cookies enable can result in various issues from games no loading to certain features no working.

Here are some steps on how to enable cookies:
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

Do not track

Do Not Track should say undefined, null, or unspecified. Similar to Cookies, having Tracking disabled can result in various issues from games not loading to certain features not working.

Here are some steps on how to Turn Tracking on or off:
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

Resolution and Zoom

Your screen should be set to be at least 1000 pixels for the Width and 768 pixels for the Height, 1000×768 or higher.

Go here for instructions on How to adjust your screen resolution/size.

Browser Zoom

You should not use Zoom in your browser as it can cause a lot of problems with playing our games or viewing our pages. To reset Zoom in your browser to 100% simply click CTRL-0 (Hold down the Control Key and the Zero key on your keyboard at the same time).

Zoom Test: To make sure your Browser’s Zoom is set to 100%, you can use the buttons below the Browser and System Info to double check.

Google Chrome users will want to keep in mind that the Zoom settings can be set independently on different sites. The Zoom Test will test the settings for


Your OS is your Operating System. Pogo may work on most OSes that can run Java or Flash in the browser. But we typically recommend and support the Windows and Mac OSes that are fully supported by Microsoft and Apple, respectively.

You will want to keep your OS updated to help avoid certain issues.

Steps for updating OS:
Windows Updates
Mac Updates


You should always use the latest Flash update for your browser and OS. Some browsers will do the updates for you. But you still may need to be sure Flash is enabled. To further test or update Flash, go here for Flash Player Help.


You should always TRY to use the latest Java update for your browser and OS. To further test or update Java, go here to Verify Java Version.

Further Troubleshooting Help

If you would like to get some individualized help from our many experts in our forums and you don’t mind taking the time to read and FOLLOW THE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS, please check out our Individual Troubleshooting area. Each person creates their own personal topic where several members from the community will try to help resolve your issue.