Pogo Insider – December 7, 2016

Hello there and happy December to all of you!

December has arrived and there are a number of things we’re working on at the Pogo Studios for this great month and beyond. One of these great things includes what you are reading right here!

The Pogo Insider is the new weekly blog written by me, Pogo_Llama! I’ll take you through the inner workings of the Pogo Team and give you as many sneak peaks as I am able. We’ve set up an official forum link for this blog, so please go there with all of your questions, requests and feedback regarding Pogo Insider.

We’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming up this month for you. Let’s break it down!

  • Our Holiday Celebration, 12 Days of Pogo
  • More Challenges and Badges
  • Holiday Mini Items
  • A Brand-New Game

That’s right: we have a new game! Our little elves have been working overtime to bring lots of F-U-N to our Pogonians! I’ll tell you more about it in a moment. But first, let’s start with another game we all know and love.

Mahjong Escape Update

One thing that I’m really excited about is the newest episode release for Mahjong Escape, which features Chicago. Having lived there for a bit, I found Chicago to be one awesome city full of rich history. Take a trip with Mahjong Escape and start at its beginning with the Algonquian settlements and go through the cities’ population explosion, the Great Fire to the inner city revival. I guess that’s the spot where deep-dish pizza resides, too! Want to see a preview of some of those Badges? Here we go!

mjechicago12 mjechicago11 mjechicago10 mjechicago09 mjechicago08 mjechicago07 mjechicago06 mjechicago05 mjechicago04 mjechicago03 mjechicago02 mjechicago01

Insider Peek at Badge Art

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to concept a Badge? What’s the thought process behind it and where do they really come from? I asked Tony, one of our super talented Pogo artists, how he worked on the concept and design of an upcoming Badge for Sparks.

“The graphics from the Sparks game inspired the setting and story for this badge. The castles and vibrant colors were a perfect fit for a classic romantic fairy tale. This tale has Princesses, Prince Charming and magic. But it’s not what it seems. Wait until the end.”

Here’s a sneak-peek at the yet unnamed Badge for Sparks! That’s right, it’s so new that it doesn’t even have a name!

A Brand-New Game: Poppit! Bingo

I’m a huge fan of bingo. Did you know it used to be called beano?! Back in the day, I used to play bingo with my grandparents and it brings back fantastic memories. Yesterday, our brand-new game, Poppit! Bingo, has just been released right here on Pogo! We’ve been so excited to announce this and as a special Behind the Scenes, we’d like to share with you a Question and Answer session I recently had with the Producer of the game, Jody. You can check it out right here. Remember, Poppit! Bingo is currently available to Club Pogo member’s for early access so you must be a Pogo Club member to play.

There have been a few questions regarding XP in Poppit! Bingo. XP determines your rank, unlocks and power-ups in the game. You gain XP by playing the game and this leads you to unlock more of the game to play. Another question we’ve seen is about the chat rooms in Poppit! Bingo. Please understand that if you join an empty chat room, this does NOT mean you’re joining an empty room to play in. These are two different things. The chat room is just that, the room you’re chatting in. If you have more questions, please join us tomorrow for the Poppit! Bingo Fireside Chat at 11AM PDT or post your question in the Poppit! Bingo forum section.

Chrome Update

Chrome will release Chrome 55 on December 6th and it will switch up how you access Flash. If you’d like to continue to play Flash games using Google Chrome, make sure you visit our how-to instructional article on updating your settings in Google Chrome.

Fireside Chats

Fireside chats have started on a regular basis. We’ll be hosting a Fireside Chat at least once a month; check out the Daily Events page for information on topic and chatroom. Please note: the next Amazing Mini show will be held on December 22, 2016.

questions_headerEvery week, I’d like to answer a few of your questions. These are two that I found posted a lot in the forums. To submit your question, please go here and I’ll select two every week. Here are a few questions I found asked a number of times on the forum.


  1. On Tuesdays, after site maintenance, why can’t I see my purchased Badges and episodes?
    Site maintenance is done every Tuesday in the early morning hours. This includes updating the store and when this happens, we have to take down the games for a bit. Once we come back up, sometimes things appear as missing, but fear not: they will come back! We apologize for any inconvenience.
  2. My game’s not loading, what can I do?
    There are several troubleshooting tips that may solve your problem. We suggest you go here first.  However, if you are unable to load your games after trying those, we suggest you go to help.pogo.com and submit a ticket to Customer Support. There you can detail your problem and work with one of our Customer Experience reps to get back in game again.

December’s going to be an amazing month, and we’re so excited you’re here. I can’t wait to update you all next Tuesday with more behind-the-scenes info and details about upcoming Pogo events. See you next week!

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