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I do love and appreciate your comments so much! They are an excellent source of feedback and I love interacting with you all through these comments. However, I do receive hundreds (yes, hundreds) of comments and I do like to take my time and read each one. I also try to respond to as many of them as possible.

This means that blog comments do take some time to be approved, however, as it takes a lot of time for me to read through the comments that I receive.

Please have patience and understand that I will get to the blog comments each week, though not always on the same day that the blog is published as I need to take time to go through all of them, on top of my other work tasks.

Also of note: I moderate blog comments just as all other blogs moderate comments, from major publications like national news outlets – and Pogo is no different. Moderating comments allows for a safe space where people can share their thoughts without threat of repercussion.  Additionally, moderation also ensures content published is of high quality and is helpful in nature. From there, I strive to do my absolute best to represent a balanced perspective (both positive and negative). Repetitive comments (meaning multiple players are posting the same comment), or unhelpful commentary (meaning it’s not actionable and no good can come from it), are not publicly shared. Again, I do read each and every comment that we receive as I go through to moderate them.
Thank you again for all of your feedback. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to hear from you, and I really look forward to reading your comments on the blog each and every week.

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