Play SCRABBLE and Tri-Peaks Solitaire in Full Screen!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for full screen! You asked for more full screen games and we delivered. SCRABBLE and Tri-Peaks Solitaire join our hidden object games with a full screen mode just for Club Pogo members.

We also decided to do something special and add some graphical enhancements. Now, when played full screen, you can practically feel the wood grain texture of the tiles in SCRABBLE or even see Tex’s 5 o’clock shadow in Tri-Peaks Solitaire.

But wait, there’s more! You can enjoy all your favorite chat features when playing these two games in full screen mode. You can even see your Pogo Minis larger and more detailed than ever before.

Full screen mode is one of the many added benefits from the hard work we’ve been doing to convert Pogo games from Java to Flash. Keep your eyes peeled, because we’ll have more full screen mode announcements in the future.

Note: when you first activate full screen mode, be sure to click the “Allow” button that appears in your browser.

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  • I am unable to play many of my favorite games because Pogo decided to change their website. I know that it is only a matter of time until I can no longer play ANY of my favorite games. I should not be obliged to update a computer which has served me well for nearly ten years. When you raise your membership fees, I guarantee you that you will lose many more players than myself. Online game sites are not worth their cost. Pogo’s demise will come when you start charging $50 annually.

  • Love it, love it, love it :)

    • Yeah great idea. All pogo has to do now is to “Full scree” the dominoes table. To have to keep moving the table around to see what is going on is ridiculous, you don’t have that problem in Super dominoes, so PLEASE pogo, ‘full screen ‘ standard dominoes.

  • love the full screen – however the allow screen keeps popping up when in the middle of a scrabble game- once is enough

  • Thank you, POGO.

  • I can full screen on Scrabble but not on Tri Peaks. Can anyone tell me why this is happening????

  • Thanks, I love the ‘FULL SCREEN’! More games need it, especially to play on AOL.

  • I LOVE the “FULL SCREEN!!” Thank you sooo much…Looking forward to this option in more of the games…Good Job, guys and gals!!!

  • I tried it in both games and it works just fine. Love it. Thanks. I have no idea of the work involved, but it would be nice in other games, too. Especially First Class Solitaire where the cards seem so small.

  • Love this new screen size. Can’t wait for First Class Solitaire to be switched over !!

  • thank you so much for full screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hats off to the developers of full screen gaming!! Thank you for this wonderful upgrade.

    (ALMOST) makes me wish that I were not ranked out. Here’s to the widespread use of full screen!

    Thanks again

  • love it !!! might need my sunglasses late at night when i play in the dark

  • I was wondering if I had somehow missed the full screen option on Tri-Peaks all this time, but I guess not. Thank you for saving me a few eyestrain headaches!

  • luv luv luv it it it, great work pogo… one thing though you can’t type and send in the large version at least not on mine… have to go to smaller version

  • Thank you. Love this new feature. Looking forward to this on all my favorite games. I hope.

  • Thanks this will be great.

  • this is great thank tou it wll helpmany people

  • thank you soooo very much, Pogo. hard for me to see. i’m hoping the new ones you are working on will be first class and maj. i’m so happy you are helping the older players that can’t see as well as they did ten years ago. ty ty ty ty

  • It would be so nice to get the First Class Solitaire also in the full screen

  • WHY ON “HIGH STAKES POOL” – Do I HAVE MAJOR problems just to START – “allow” then the entire written program several times – NOT to mention mid-game interruptions from some “OUTSIDE” site wanting permission to – Quit Honestly invade my computer?
    pogo you have made it so difficult to contact you it has become maddening, What are you hiding? NSA knows all there is about me, you however have become a bunch of hiding non-responsive group of chicken turds – I’m pretty tired of of asking, been neutered or spayed – answer requested again, again, again – Please act as if you might care, ONCE!!!

  • Please do this to all the games. Some of us have a little sight problem. I love the full page, ty again lawstusmom


  • Do something with Jungle Gin and Perfect Partners. All I get is 1/3 screen and no badges. I have completed all the ranks on Jungle Gin because I love to play Gin but no badges. I have some badges on Perfect Partners but after a Java update I now have 1/3 screen and no badges.


  • Love the new full screen but I would like to know why some of the games I only get a 1/4 page of the game so I’m unable to play them…

  • Not getting full-screen mode choice. Why?

  • Thank you, Thank you Pogo! I always had trouble in the tiny little “type” box in chat… before the message is sent. Now I can see my typo’s before I send them. WTG
    NOW if you could just fix the time lag problem on Scrabble and jungle Gin I will be a happy pogo’er

  • Now getting full screen mode in Tri Peaks, but still not in Scrabble. Anyone know why?

    • Not everyone’s games are converted at the same time, I can’t say for sure whether this is the reason or not. A lot of folks have the flash version of Mahjong while others still have the java version .

  • Love the full screen mode in Tri-Peaks and Scrabble. Thank you! Thank you! You are always trying to please the club pogo members. WTG POGO! Now you know this is coming….. Can we get it in all the games, too? That would be total perfection.

  • Love it! All games should be that way…my eyes aren’t as young as they would like to be, lol
    Thanx POGO!

  • Please keep adding the full screen feature to more games. This has really been needed for a long time. My eyes really appreciate this as do I.

  • You need to make flash player available for tablet or be able to play web version available on tablet cause I can’t play challenges on my tablet and that’s not fair

    • You need to talk to adobe pogo doesn’t make flash player or java just the games to use them

  • all the games need to be In full screen!!!! IT MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER TO SEE AND MORE FUN TO PLAY!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!

  • This is AWESOME!!!..Great job Pogo!!!

  • Love the full screen ! Please let us make a choice to make ALL games that way.

  • I have been a Pogo member for a long time but sorry to say, I won’t be renewing my subscription because I can’t see well enough to play on a postage stamp. And to play only 1 or 2 games in full screen isn’t enough to justify the money. And why can’t I play Pogo on Internet Explorer? without getting a warning to download flash player? It has just gotten too aggravating. The games are supposed to be fun.

  • when all games are flash, I will probably quit playing… my internet DOES NOT load flash games!!

  • Hello Does this mean all games will go to flash and java will be canceled? If it is that way can’t wait. Is it done yet LOL

  • My first thought on this is hooray!!!!! I have been thinking it would be nice to have all screens open up so we could play easier. How ever I first went to tri peaks and as usual when something gets fixed for the better something breaks. i cant open it pogo just sits there popping its balls. So I will reserve more comments till I get to play them. But thanks for opening up all the games you can. Would love it. Why have a 24 inch screen and play in only the middle of it Right?! This is a good thin Pogo :)

  • Thinks. But please also offer Canasta and Word Whomp on full screen I have very poor vision and it’s difficult for me to play these favorite games.

  • Because I only see out of one eye, I would greatly appreciate all the games to be full screens. I got a larger monitor and now I can not get the games to fill the space they used to.

  • I enjoy the Tri Peaks game in full screen, what are the chances of Pogo Bowl and Everyone Wins Bingo becoming full screen?


    • Scrabble hasn’t played for me since I got Windows 8.0. Yahtzee no longer plays either. I will not renew at the end of the year. Why I have to download older versions of Java or newer versions of Java….how come all the casino games, like on FB play with NO problems…?

  • love it, love it. Hope we eventually get this option in more games. Canasta, Jungle Gin

  • I always play scrabble in full screen mode because that is the only way to see the dictionary without it covering part of the game. The dictionary can be left off to the side of the screen in full screen mode.

  • WOW, Thank You pogo love it. All games should be full screen. Will be able to relax and play and not strain my eyes to see screen.

  • Love the full screen thank you pogo great job.

  • Like the full screen in Tri Peaks. But, every time my screen goes to the end of game screen it reverts to the small size. So each time I click play again I get the message that must be clicked to allow the big screen. Kind of similar to what happens in some of the Java games that I still try to play. I can usually play 2 games and then the playing field goes off the left side of the screen and I have to go home to get the game back. This will happen several times until finally it doesn’t.
    My request is that you consider the light when you develop the scenes in hidden object games. I know that making the scenes darker and murkier makes the objects harder to find, but with my decreased vision I find it very difficult to play the games. If I just had a button that would brighten the scene.

  • I have downloaded NVIDIA DRIVERS which I can use to enlarge all my games to full screen on pogo. Best of all it is free to use. It works beautifully.

  • i wish pogo bowl would be made over for fullscreen it has a small window

  • Thank you SOOO much for the full screen! Hopefully there are more games [with this option]on the way. First Class Solitaire is a BEAR for this old granny. :) It’s great to see you are still making improvements on the current games.