Play Mahjong Safari in Full Screen!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for full screen! You asked for more full screen games and we delivered. Mahjong Safari has now joined our hidden object games, Word Whomp, Hog Heaven Slots, SCRABBLE, Tri-Peaks Solitaire, and Poppit! with a full screen mode just for Club Pogo members.

We also decided to do something special and add some graphical enhancements. Turn on Full Screen Mode in Mahjong Safari for some elephant-sized matchmaking fun.

But wait, there’s more! You can enjoy all your favorite chat features when playing Mahjong Safari in full screen mode. You can even see your Pogo Mini looking bigger than ever.

Full screen mode is one of the many added benefits from the hard work we’ve been doing to convert Pogo games from Java to Flash. Keep your eyes peeled, because we’ll have more full screen mode announcements in the future. Note: when you first activate full screen mode, be sure to click the “Allow” button that appears in your browser.

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  • Thanks for the full screen games! It helps us{I’m 67} out a lot. Please, please full screen for spades and pinochle.. also more levels. Thanks again Team Pogo!!

    • LOVE IT!!!!! so much more fun to play…Thanks

    • Thank you for the full screens but my Jungle jin and Canasta card gm. win is as small as a bd card envelop, I ware Bick’s and have lens and cannot see the cards unless I set Explorer on 150 and took putter to my SHOP and he said it was Pogo, SO WHY CANT YOU MAKE ALL GMS WITH THE OPTINN TO HAVE FULL SCREEN.I BEEN HERE FOR ABOU 10 YR. AND JUST RENEWED MY SCRIP,DID NOT INTENED TO BUT SINCE I NEVE WROT POPG I THOUGHT I’D SEE IF YOU WILL ANSWER ME..THANY YOU Rita92020

    • I love the new full screen game, thank you very much. I will love it even better when you get rid of java for good. There are so many that take 5 minutes or more to load or not at all. I’ve downloaded the new java a number of times and it doesn’t help. I’ll be looking forward to all the game on flash.

  • thank you for continuing to add full screen to games!

  • hdo urn blocker up off

  • Keep up the Good work. Close, if not more, than 50% of members have vision problems. This indeed makes playing a greater joy. Thanks Pogo

  • Thank You and my eyes thank you………………….

  • Another grateful player here…Thanks! Being able to play “full screen” adds much to the enjoyment of the game!

  • Safari has been full screen for sometime for me now, love it, love hog heaven in full too,please make sci fi slots,greenback bayou,makeover madness, crazy cakes and Pogo bowling in full screen,thanks!

  • thank you pogo for the full screen

  • wow that’s great. But how do you play the games with key board offered.

  • Safari has been full screen for awhile, why the late note? I wish all the games were available in full screen mode. I wouldn’t even play Poppit or First Class Solitaire if it wasn’t. Penguin Blocks in full screen would be nice. I understand all the upgrades and keeping things running smoothly is a huge undertaking. I’ve never complained about Pogo and I think the fun that this site provides is priceless! Thanks Pogo, :)

  • thank you pogo, we asked and you gave us what we wanted.

  • MOST games are not available for me to play as we are having major problems with Java. Consequently I am considering canceling my pogo account. Please do not automatically charge my account. We have tried everything with Java and nothing works. Am so sad. Please reply. Maybe you can help. Raincatcher 10 Joan Pristash

    • Hi raincatcher10 – sorry to hear you are having issues with Java. Java is a program from Oracle and unfortunately some people have issues with the program when playing on Pogo. If you go to the Pogo forums (look for link at bottom of the main Pogo page) and then once there do a search for Java maybe you can find an answer there.

      As far as Pogo billing your account automatically, you will have to go in to your Pogo account, after entering your password and continuing to the next page, select “Billing and Subscriptions” and it will list the options you have for billing or cancelling.

      I hope that you can find the answers to your Java issues – have a great day.

    • hi raincatcher I am having problems too tried everything am thinking of cancelling my membership

    • hello raincatcher10,

      both java JRE series 7 and series 8 recently updated.
      you dont say what browser(s) you use to play Pogo games.
      if by chance you use IE (Internet Explorer) java will NOT auto-enable java plug-in.
      NOT to be confused with java deployment tool kit plug-in.

      you do need to make sure that you have the 32bit version of java
      Pogo plays its games in 32bit.

  • an additional comment–at first i didnt like the FLASH mode, but now that i see it opens up much faster than JAVA, i now understand its advantage and agree with your plan to convert most of pogo games to FLASH.

  • I don’t play the game any more since you changed the tiles….I don’t like the new tiles on that game or Mahjong Garden.

    • I’m with you Daglo27. I have complained about the change in tiles before.. Used to love Mahjong Garden and played everyday. Now with new tiles I hate it.. Why change something that didn’t need changing. Concentrate on problems instead!!!

  • we just got a new computer and cant get our favorite games, like pinochle in a larger screen
    what can we do? We already tried zoom and screen revolutions but nothing worked


  • Love the large screens on the games I hope you will do it on more game, I have eye problems and large screens really help Thanks a lot

  • how can i see which games are full screen? is there a list of them or category?

  • maybe i can get through here I have not been able to plaay spades jungle gin and a few more can get in then cant move the cards trying to reach someone is impossible
    and getting to type in problems hasn’t done a thing

    • hello rrbs124,
      hmm jungle gin is a flash based game.
      do you have your zoom set @ 100%?

  • I am grateful to get rid of JAVA. I was always having to re-install JAVA! I could not play any more games that are JAVA. Thank you so much!

  • more, more, more full screen games

  • Thank you!!! Now will you do this to the Jigsaw puzzle games? Thanks!

  • X-L-ENT Lovin the full screen play :)

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